September is National Preparedness Month

Ever since I was a kid this time of the year always put me in “prep” mode. A few days of cooler weather hints that Fall and Winter are approaching – and hunting season. Being from the northeast the winter provided snow storms and power outages.

I remember one particularly large winter storm – possibly 1977. We woke up in our single story home to find snow drifts keeping us prisoner. From what I remember my brother climbed out a window and shoveled out the front door. The next day my mother and I walked to the grocery store with a sled to carry the groceries back. I was about 7 years old.

Historic Photo from Blizzard of 1977

Growing up with the threat of this kind of weather yearly has always made me identify this time of the year as “get ready time”. With that said – this month several articles are going to focus on basic prepping for common disasters.

This month I am looking at my preps and seeing where I have to improve. I am re-prioritizing to shore up areas. I suggest that you do the same. No better time than the present. How are your food, water, shelter, power, medical, and defensive preps? Are there some inexpensive and fast things that you can do over the next 30 days to better your position?

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9 thoughts on “September is National Preparedness Month”

  1. Yep, we go south in the winter , people ask ” Where ya from” I always say southern Ohio. then laugh at myself as if being from the southern part of Ohio really matters.
    I’ll start things off by going out are running the gen. and putting a load on it today.

  2. Rourke-thanks for the photo-we remember it well as our daughter was 2 !! Today
    I checked the many flashlights in our home and replaced any that were weak and
    added extra batteries with every flashlight -now I know how many we have left in the spare supply. This month will watch for battery sales and re-stock.
    I noticed that one of our chain drug stores RITE AID has a decent sized section
    for Preparedness items. ( dry food, safety goggles, plastic gloves, first aid items, masks etc.) and a big general kit $169.00. Most of their items were a bit pricey.I thought it was a sign of things to come that they even had such a display.
    Looking forward to your articles this month !!! Arlene

  3. Well, I thought I’d start things off right today by beginning work on building the secret hidden incognito prep storage room I’ve been plotting for a while now.
    Can’t tell you everything or I’d have to kill you, but it involves a false wall and many other little tricks I used to dream about when I was a kid that I’d have in my home when I grew up. Who knew that the times might actually require such?
    Anyway, once it’s all finished, I’m going to spend the fall and winter a-fillin’ ‘er up!
    Isn’t it funny how some of those life events from childhood was the equivalent of what adventurists would pay to endure? The tornado explosion of 1974 here in Alabama comes to mind…

    Be aware and go prepare.


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