September is National Preparedness Month

Once again September is National Preparedness Month. Lots of things are going on and this is a great time to take advantage of available information and lots of online sales. We all need to realize that if a crisis were to occur we need to be responsible for ourselves and not rely on the government or local emergency services. Hurricane season is upon us and wildfires are breaking out in numerous locations. Drought conditions exist in parts of the country while flooding is occurring elsewhere. Beyond the dangers humanity provides Mother Nature certainly shows her wrath now and again. Never a better time than NOW to look over your preps and take stock – and look to improve those areas that are lacking.

Considering those reading this website likely are substantially more prepared than the average citizen – lets look at a few ideas on how to improve your level of preparedness this month…..



  • Throw a case of bottled spring water in the trunk of your car. This is inexpensive insurance in case of a breakdown or the radiator runs low. Available for around $2.99 for a case of 24 10 cases can be purchased for $30 and stacked in a garage corner as well.
  • Buy a few cases of canned goods to add to the larder. There are discount food stores such as Aldi and Save-A-Lot where canned goods can be purchased very inexpensively. My local Aldi’s can most all canned vegetables for .49 cents a can.
  • Peanut Butter – high in protein and calories peanut butter is a great food to store away. Go buy 4 or 5 jars anf throw them in the freezer (extends shelf life).



  • No better time to stock up on batteries than right now. SAM’s Club and Costco are great places to find standard alkaline batteries on sale. Amazon is a great source for CR123 lithium ion batteries.  Without batteries those flashlights are not of much use.
  • Speaking of flashlights – gather them up and test them. Modern technology has afforded flashlights to be brighter and more energy efficient than ever before. Make sure that there is a working flashlight in every bedroom, in the kitchen, and anywhere else you see fit. Place battery powered night lights that come on as soon as the power goes out along hallways and in bathrooms. By the way – check out this light if you are looking for an inexpensive and reliable flashlight.
  • Load up on some candles. Craft stores such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have a wide assortment and incredibly low prices. Don’t forget the lighters and matches.


“Never a better time than now to look over your preps and take stock – and look to improve those areas that are lacking.”


Shelter – 

  • Tarps are extremely useful items. Available in a variety of sizes from small to very large. They can be spread over a roof top if roof is damaged due to severe storm, falling trees, etc. Tarps can be made into effective yet simple shelters in an emergency. They can also serve to protect the floor of a tent when placed underneath.
  • A family tent can serve as a shelter in the event a home is lost or home area must be left.
  • If for some reason relocation was necessary see of there is a family member or friend that would allow you to stay with them. This may be within the same town, same general area – or 3 hours away. Planning all three would be ideal to cover all the bases.


Firearms/Protection – 

  • Firearms are a serious topic and if unfamiliar requires more information than what will be provided within this post. There are examples all over the world which show that when things go bad – bad people take advantage and good people suffer. Being armed is a critical component of protection from those that have ill intentions.
  • If you are already armed – – great! Go buy a couple boxes of ammo to put in the stash.
  • Go to the shooting range and get in some practice.
  • Want another gun? Put on on layaway at your local shop.
  • Go buy a few more magazines for your semi-auto.


“Hurricane season is upon us and wildfires are breaking out in numerous locations.”


Vehicle – 

  • Grab a couple of gas cans and get them filled up. Remember do not store your fuel inside your home or in the garage for safety reasons.
  • Check your spare tire. Is it inflated? Do you have the tools in the car to change the tire? How about a tire plug kit?
  • Keep a case of water in your trunk or in the back of your car.
  • Keep a spare set of clothes, shoes, as well as a little food just in case.
  • Put together a small survival kit and store it in your car.


These are just a few ideas to consider this month. If you are already well underway in your preps that is fantastic. If you’re just getting started there is no better time than NOW to get a move on.

Take care all –



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  1. Just curious – have you frozen PB and then taken out of the freezer and eaten? do you do anything special to it before eating it?

  2. In trying to figure out a safe light source for kids and/or older unsteady family members i stocked a few solar lights made for landscaping/garden paths. Since i don’t use them outside i am unsure of longevity but realize they are not the brightest light available. Neighbors using seem to have no problems. My grandchildren would, however, be much comforted and more content with what it would provide.
    On another note, i would like to ask for any helpful info on bulk salt storage. What about water softener salt ? Looking forward to hearing from anyone with ideas….Thanks!

  3. JBern, I’m a Peanut Butter eater and have frozen it for years. My freezer probably has 10 gallons of PB. I let it thaw before eating.


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