Sensible Prepper Conference Saturday 9am-5pm April 2, 2011

Here is the information on the upcoming preparedness conference in Greenville South Carolina.  If you are interested in attending – please email Sootch and let him know.

Hope to see you there –


Cherrydale Church 2300 Old Buncombe Road

Greenville, SC, 29609-4324

Sat: 8:00 am 6:00 pm
Sensible Prepper Conference
We are holding an all day conference addressing many issues of prepardness. We have an outstanding line up of Speakers that will inspire you, a chance to network with people in your area, displays of needed gear, and much more. Lunch will be avaliable along with snacks and drinks throughout the day. A Schedule of Events and list of Speakers will be posted soon. There will be a $3.00 admission to help defray the cost.
General Information
*****May be changed at anytime
8-9am Registration & Networking (States)
9:00-9:10 Welcome : Sootch00
9:10-9:50 Southerprepper1 (Food Storage)
9:50-10:30 Engineer775 (Water)
10:30-11:00 Skinnymedic (Trama)
11:00-11:15 Question & Answer
11:15-11:45 Eastcoastpatriot (Survival Skills)
11:45-12:45 Lunch
12:45-1:00 Modernsurvivalonline (Blog)
1:00-1:40 Sootch00 (Mindset)
1:40-2:05 Question & Answer
2:05-2:45 Southernprepper1 (Security)
2:45-3:25 Engineer775 (Energy)
3:25-3:40 Break/ network
3:40-4:00 Eastcoastpatriot (Survival Skills 2)
4:00-4:20 Skinnymedic (Medical)
4:20-4:40 Question & Answer (All Speakers)
4:40-5:00 Closing Words and Thank you
5:00-5:30 Networking
5:30-6:30 Hydromissions (Start a Christian Prepper Group)
To inspire people to prepare and network with others of like mind.

God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. II Timothy 1:7

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  1. I truly wish that I could attend this conference. Perhaps, and I hope that, this conference will be DVD’d or something. The info DVD’d from this conference could be a valuable asset to our survival/bug-out supply paks.

    This is a good time to plan bug-out and emergency drills. Even if you believe that you are stocked-up with supplies and so forth, if haven’t had a drill(s) yet, consider yourself NOT prepared. Whether you plan to ‘survive-in-place’ or ‘bug-out’, a dry-run or drill will teach you a lot about yourself, other people and the survival processes.

    The first I drill that I attended was a ‘just-show-up-with-your-lists’ gathering. What appeared at first to be a brief gathering turned out to take over an hour to just calm down, get serious and get organized. It took another hour to establish team leaders for food, water, medical care/supplies, environment control, energy control, communications, transportation (in case some one got stranded, Plan B relocation, etc.) and security watch. The “Plan B” discussions included the possiblities and need for a second bug-out location and if there would be unexpected or additional people.

    The drills that followed were improved upon from what was learned in the previous drills. It was somewhat of a surprise to hear that many are planning to take first-aid, swimming, boating, fishing, hunting and camping courses for the first time in their lives this summer. Many Community Centers offer short training courses.

    Most of the people that I’ve met have spent their lives behind a desk or at home from the comfort of their couch with modern technology. Now several are prepping for a different reality.

    Although I plan to ‘survive-in-place’, I have attended different drills in the event that I have to bug-out. Kind of a Plan B. I am still shopping for a second homestead location for a bug-out, my Plan C. 🙂

    From the wheelchair, good night and good luck.

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