Save the M855!

The BATF is getting ready to make a decision regarding the banning of the common military round the M855. The M855 is being targeted due to it’s steel tip and a reputation for being “armor piercing”.

Here is the reality if the round is banned:

  • First – if the M855 is banned plenty of .223 and 5.56 ammunition will be available. This is NOT a ban on all ammunition of those calibers.
  • Second – if the M855 ammunition is banned I have little doubt the cost of all other .223/5.56 ammunition will increase in price. Why? Simple supply and demand. The demand will be the same or higher while the overall supply of ammunition will decrease due to the absence of the M855.
  • Lastly – if the round is banned it will provide an incentive for more action similar in nature. This means keep stocking up.

Let your voice be heard!

Let Congress know that you will not stand for this intrusion on our 2nd Amendment rights.


Take care all –


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21 thoughts on “Save the M855!”

  1. Write every representative you have, ask your friends and family to do the same, and do so the same way our current administration ask their constituents to vote; “Vote early and Vote often…”

  2. This is just another way for this lawless regime to take away our rights. Just hope we can hold on long enough till the 2016 elections. I don’t know about you but I can see continuity of gov’t or martial law before Obama will let his grip loosen! He must have some pretty powerful dirt on the Republicans and some Dems. They sure are afraid to stand up to him and Valerie Jarrett. That weak ass Boehner could put a stop to all this if he got a set!

  3. I’m curious how many of you even owned this ammo before the controversy? I wouldn’t expect to hear from those who haven’t. Still, every stick removed weakens the dam.

    • Panhandle – 180 rounds – that’s it. Honestly I did not know much about it and with the M855 costing more than the XM193 I had little interest in it. I did pick up a box of 120 rounds the other day at Gander Mountain. After I thought – “Why did I just buy this?”. Answer is simple – anytime someone suggests I should have something I instantly want it. Victim of modern society.

  4. Done my friend….I just read the letter from the 288reps from the House….hopefully this will put a stop to this nonsense bs!!!!!

  5. DONE!!!! And im registered to stay in the fight! This is why i subscribe to your Mailing list rourke! Dam fine job! THANK YOU SIR!!!

  6. Not only called my Senators and Reps but went to my Reps local office and talked to them and they are in agreement, no ammo ban.


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