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I was recently re-introduced to the Safety Solutions Acadamy Podcast by Kelly from I actually had found SSA several weeks ago  and have listedned to several of their podcasts – which are geared towards self-defense (for the most part). I have found them entertaining and very useful.

I’d like to describe SSA – but can’t do as good a job as what I read right on their website – so – via their website:

At Safety Solutions Academy, we strive to provide the information, education and training that will improve your life.  The SSA Podcast offers simple tips, the SSA website provides access to more in depth resources, and our courses focus on the mindset, skills and tactics to help you survive a violent encounter.  Our goal is to provide you with what you need to avoid, detect, and/or dominate a violent encounter.  Whether you are an armed citizen, a law enforcement officer, or military personnel, SSA would like to help you prepare.

I have enjoyed listening to many of the podcasts. If you get a chance – check it out.


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