Rourke’s Weekly Recommendations



Casio G-Shock Watch

Casio Illuminator Sport Watch (budget)

Timex Men’s Ironman Rugged Watch

Timex Expedition Digital Watch

Timex Women’s “Ironman Rugged” Digital Watch



ESEE 6SCP Part Serrated Model 6 Fixed Blade Knife

Shrade Extreme Survival Knife

Mora Fixed Blade Knife

KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Fighting Knife

Buck Hoodlum Survival Knife


Feel Like a Kid Again

Umarex BB Machine Pistol

Daisy 880 BB/Pellet Rifle

Avenger 36″ Blowgun with Darts





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2 thoughts on “Rourke’s Weekly Recommendations”

  1. You should add some quality spring/air piston air rifles to the list. They can drive pellets well over 1000 fps and deliver tack driving accuracy at 50 yards which make them very useful in harvesting small game. I own two RRWS side cockers, the Model 48 and Model 52. Fabulous air rifles. I also own two of their LPS-8 Magnum pistols that are very useful for handgun practice with great accuracy and 700 fps velocity.

    If the budget is a consideration springers are sold by Crosman, Gamo, and a few other companies that deliver decent accuracy and velocity for much less money.


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