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Streamlight PolyTac LED HD Tactical Flashlight

TrustFire 1000 LED 5 Mode Flashlight plus Battery and Charger

Helotex G2 Tactical Light


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How to Safely Shelter in Place During a Pandemic

Prepper Priorities

Stocking Up Causes Shortages?

Because that makes sense….




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  1. Recently purchased 1000 rounds of brass cased Summit 55 grain in steel ammo cans for 4.24.00 shipped. Those stripper clips aren’t worth jack to me so that stuff you are peddling is pricey IMHO.

  2. There is always a better deal out there CaptTurbo. I am not peddling – I am recommending.

    Looks like you got a good deal! About a penny a round cheaper and every penny counts. I have never heard of Summit – .223 or 5.56? Where is it made?

    Thanks – Rourke

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