Rourke’s Weekly Recommendations

Every week I throw out a few recommendations on things such as movies, books, knives, flashlights – all kinds of stuff. Some of these are not related to preparedness whatsoever – rather, just stuff I like. Most are available on Amazon but not all. I have a particular fondness for movies as one of my favorite things to do is to sit back and watch a good one.

So – for this week……here is my list:


Books (non-fiction)

31 Days to Survival

The Prepper’s Cookbook: 300 Recipes

Where There Is No Doctor 


Books (fiction)

Refuge: After the Collapse

The Darkness After: A Novel

77 Days in September


Movies/TV Shows

Blue Bloods: Season 1 – awesome show with Tom Selleck.


A Night in Old Mexico



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  1. You should look for Wartime Farm a BBC TV series from 2012.

    They cover a wide range of topics about life on a farm in WW2.
    Topics include farming and livestock in emergencies.
    Refugees, and housing them ( straw bail homes and home fired clay tile roofs ).
    Imrpovised tools and toys.

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