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Things to ponder from the pen of General Petraeus:

“1-53. Weapons are especially important. In some parts of the world, lack of access to weapons may forestall insurgencies. Unfortunately, there is widespread availability of weapons in many areas, with especially large surpluses in the most violent regions of the world. … Insurgents can obtain weapons through legal or illegal purchases or from foreign sources. A common tactic is to capture them from government forces. Skillful counterinsurgents cut off the flow of arms into the AO [Area of Operation] and eliminate their sources.”

“1-153. SOME OF THE BEST WEAPONS FOR COUNTERINSURGENTS DO NOT SHOOT. …the decisive battle is for the people’s minds…” [bold italics by PR]

“IMPLICATIONS. 5. The most important development in guerrilla warfare in the last two hundred years has been the rise of public opinion.”

Above quotes from the US ARMY/MARINE CORPS COUNTERINSURGENCY FIELD MANUAL by Gen Petraeus, et. al..

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2nd amendment

Panhandle Rancher sent me a link to the text of the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. This treaty – signed by John Kerry – goes into effect for the United States on December 24th, 2014. My understanding is that the treaty has no bearing on the United States as it has not been voted on by Congress. Rumors are abound that President Obama may  make some effort via Executive Order to ratify it or at least institute parts of it.

I have read then entire treaty and if you are unfamiliar let me tell you of a few particulars:

  • Article 2 provides the scope of armament covered by the treaty to include “Small arms and light weapons. “
  • Article 3 states that ammunition is also covered by the treaty and must be regulated and controlled.
  • Article 4 discusses the regulation of “parts and components” of firearms.
  • Article 5 suggests that the implementation should involve “the broadest range of conventional arms”. Did someone just say….”I am not here to take your hunting rifle or shotgun.” ?
  • Article 5 also mandates a “national control system”. More record keeping on law abiding civilians.

You know there are many that say the UN Small Arms Treaty has nothing to do with civilian ownership of firearms here in the United States. I have read through treaty twice(download your own copy for free HERE) and for the most part it is easy to come up with that opinion. The problem is I do not trust government and interpretation is often up to those in power – not the people that have to follow it. How many laws, rules, and regulations have you come across that seem pretty simple and straight forward except they are not enforced in the manner which you plainly see they should be? Can you say….”immigration”?

Here is one for you:

  • Article 6 Section 1 states that countries must “take measures to ensure that appropriate and relevant information is provided, upon request, pursuant to its national laws, to the exporting State Party, to assist the exporting State Party in conducting its national export assessment under Article 7. Such measures may include end use or end user documentation.”

Let me get this straight – if I purchase a Brazilian Taurus PT-92  Brazil may request information on the “end user” of the exported firearm? This is just one avenue that this treaty could be used to enhance and restrict gun ownership.

I cannot fathom a sudden move by the Obama Administration to restrict firearms ownership. The reality is he has had 6 years to do it including a time when both houses of Congress were under Democrat control. I believe December 24th will come, Santa Claus will deliver presents after midnight, and lots of people will be checking out their new guns they received for Christmas.

I hope…..



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  1. Obola needs some major false flag event featuring massive gun violence to provide the rationale to support this treaty. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were to occur btw now and 12/24. Semper paratus


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