Review: Ruger BX-25 Factory High Capacity Magazines

I love shooting the .22LR – low recoil, low noise, cheap and fun. The Ruger 10/22 is probably the most popular .22 ever made. I have had several and loved them all. Currently my 10/22 is set up in a more “tactical” nature – and is great fun. The biggest problem I have had is finding reliable high-capacity magazines.

If you are not familiar – the 10/22 comes with a rotary 10-rd magazine from the factory and is incredibly reliable. I have shot thousands of round through my 10/22 and a couple of factory magazines – not a single malfunction of any kind. Other aftermarket non-Ruger magazines have not been as reliable – not even close.

With this in mind I was very excited to find out Ruger has begun manufacturing their very own 25-round magazine for the 10/22. This magazine is called the BX-25.

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The magazine is built with a high-impact polymer outer shell, stainless steel feed lips, as well as stainless ordainment lugs. Of particular note is the constant force spring which allows for incredibly easy loading of all 25 rounds.

The exterior of the magazine is a little smooth for me – but not too bad. I would like to have seen a textured surface around the magazine for a more positive grip.

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So far I have shot approx 500 rounds through a total of 3 magazines. I have only experienced 1 malfunction – a failure for a round to enter the chamber. These things just flat out work. Honestly – I think that one round not working was somehow mentally created by someone I was shooting with who had BIG doubts at how well they would work (just kidding).

I have ordered several of these and will be getting more. I have a couple more Project 10/22’s planned – and these mags will most certainly be included.

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1 thought on “Review: Ruger BX-25 Factory High Capacity Magazines”

  1. We have many of these magazines and you are absolutely right Rourke. No problems at all, and they are a very robust reliable magazine. Since I have some young’uns and the 10/22 is such a lightweight and bulletproof rifle we keep them loaded -2 in case we had to bug out. I only wonder why it took Ruger so long to finally produce these. I have been using the Butler Creek Steel Lips for years and while they are good, these things are GREAT!


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