Review: ProMag Polymer AR 30-rd Magazine


During my recent trip to my bug out location in Georgia I had the opportunity to test a new ProMag polymer 30 round AR magazine. I paid $17.99 at my local gun shop. With the current demand on magazines for AR’s there have been several companies that have come out with new versions of the infamous 30 rounder. ProMag’s polymer 30 round version at first look appears to be a close copy of the Magpul PMAG.


With limited ammunition I only shot 60 rounds through the ProMag. 30 rounds were steel-cased Tula and 30 rounds were brass-cased PMC. No problems with the feeding. I mentioned the reliability first because I figured that is what you would want to know, right?


The ProMag does have a non-tilt follower and a removable base-plate for complete cleaning – just like a PMAG. The material which the magazine is constructed with does feel somewhat more pliable and softer than the PMAG, though there was no test specifically done for this. It just seems softer to me.


One problem – and this could be a big one if you fail to test your mags with your particular AR before they are NEEDED(which you should not do) – was with their removal from my Bushmaster – as well as my Stag Arms. When I pushed the magazine release button the mag would drop an inch or so – then get caught on something. After looking at what could be happening I found the “bullet direction” engraving on the magazine-catch side was very deep. In fact,  it was probably 3-4 times deeper than on the PMAG. Once I shaved the edge down just a bit on the engraving it fit and was removed with no problem.


Overall, the ProMag worked just fine within this very limited test. The magazine appears to be very high quality with excellent molding. The magazine catch problem is a definite issue although easily resolved. Unless my Bushmaster and Stag are rare instances – I would hope ProMag would make some adjustments in the manufacturing process to correct.

Although magazine availability is improving….I am still stocking up for another time when supply diminishes – regardless of the reason.


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1 thought on “Review: ProMag Polymer AR 30-rd Magazine”

  1. I ordered a pro mag extended magazine for a Taurus tcp738 from Euless guns and ammo in Euless texas and it never worked. I have 4 magazines and yours was the only one that was (totally) defective. I will write a full experience report on the shoddy quality of your product line as for the purpose of notification alerts to my gun club, affiliated shooting orginazations as well as my counterparts in the the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife, and my United States Veteran associated contacts.
    Your statement “made in America” must mean nothing to you apparantly. I expected to purchase a product better than Chinese manufacturing.

    Disappointed customer.


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