Review: Magpul MOE Grip for AR Platform

To be honest I often scoffed at the idea of spending my hard earned money on an aftermarket grip for my AR. I mean – it’s a just a grip, right? The standard AR grip has been around for decades and should be just fine.

Well, several months ago I happen to have a few extra bills padding my wallet(rare occurrence) and was down in Columbia, SC at Palmetto State Armory. They had an entire section of the store dedicated to Magpul accessories and I checked out the Magpul MOE Grip.

standard AR grip

The Magpul MOE grip felt decent in the hand so I bought it. Once I got home I installed the grip on my Stag AR. Again, felt pretty good but nothing spectacular. A couple observations include:

  • Fills my hands more than the standard. I do not have large hands so initially was not sure if this was a good thing.
  • Ridges on the front and back provide some decent friction to secure the AR in the hand.
  • Has storage compartment but I do not use this feature.
  • There is a lip at the bottom of the grip which does help securement.
  • The “beavertail” portion that rides up the rear of the gun behind the safety and under the buffer tube provides a different feel. Good? I¬†wasn’t sure initially.
Magpul MOE grip

I have attended two tactical carbine classes since installing the Magpul MOE grip. Although early on I felt like the standard AR grip was just fine – I have truly come to appreciate the Magpul. I very much underappreciated the importance of “grip” on the AR. During all methods of movement I found that the Magpul grip increased my connection with the rifle. That is a good thing, right?

With the Magpul MOE grip costing around $20 any benefit it provides is worth the minimal price.

By the way – the grip was easy to install. No issues at installation nor since. Construction is on par with other Magpul accessories which means very good.


– Rourke

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1 thought on “Review: Magpul MOE Grip for AR Platform”

  1. Sounds pretty sweet rourke, I’m on the mailing list for them, they have really good prices, but have often wondered about the quality of their merchandise, so it’s good to see a review on them. Hey on a personal note I wanted to ask your opinion about a new AR I want to buy, it’s the sig 5.56 DMR, I’m getting the gun for 1780.00 it comes with a nice scope, bipod, and some other nice upgrades, is this a good gun in your opinion? I own 25 other guns but this will be my first AR. I have a sks and a soviet sniper riffle, but there pretty old and wanted a modern reliable fighting weapon. I’ll be getting a russion AK in a few months as well to complete my collection, but I want to make sure my 5.56 is up to par???


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