REVIEW: Hiperfire HIPERTOUCH 24 Drop-In AR-15 Trigger

I have owned my Stag Model 2L for several years now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Modification have consisted of some furniture upgrades, optics – and that is about it. I recently came across a review on the Hiperfire line of AR aftermarket triggers and became very intrigued. I contacted the company and they agreed to send me their HIPERTOUCH 24 Drop-In Trigger for evaluation.

Yes – I received the Hipertouch 25 Trigger at no charge. As always – an honest opinion you will receive.

Let me make a couple of honest admissions here:

#1. I have never installed any aftermarket trigger in any AR’s. My knowledge of them is very limited.

#2. I was really concerned during the installation process some random spring would fly off into the general area of my workspace never to be seen again.


On with the review:

The Company: HiperFire is a new company(2013) in the firearms accessories market and has create quite a rumble in the AR trigger market. HiperFire has totally reengineered and redesigned the AR trigger to create a high performance, affordable, and customizable trigger unlike any seen previously. HiperFire appears dedicated to bringing value-filled products with top class performance.


The Product – Hipertouch 24: Immediately looking at the Hipertouch 24 one significant difference in design is obvious – the toggle springs. Unlike on a stock trigger the Hipertouch 24 has an additional 2 springs running from the hammer to the disconnector (see picture below). I truly appreciate the engineering that went into not only re-inventing the “wheel” – but improving it as well.


As stated I am no expert on AR triggers however what I  have learned is that the unique design of the Hipertouch 24 provides for a lighter trigger pull AND a stronger hammer strike for positive ignition. Often the method used to lighten the trigger pull in other triggers is to simply lighten springs. This can create a situation where hammer velocity decreases and  light primer hits can occur. Not good. The engineering by Hipertouch has solved this problem.


Installation: I am not going to bore you with the step by step details of removal of the stock trigger and installation of the Hipertouch 24. The included instructions worked extremely well and I also referenced the video below from the Hipertouch YouTube Channel. Let me summarize: For a novice such as myself having never performed a trigger installation – it was easy to do and I had no problems at all.

One important thing to consider during the installation process is selecting a set of springs for your desired trigger pull. The heavier the spring tension – the lighter the trigger pull. It is easy for people to get it backwards and think for a lighter pull install the lighter springs. Just remember – and it is plainly indicated in the manual and match the color of the springs for your intended pull. I choose the 4 pound springs as this firearm is for defensive purposes. Other springs can pull as low as 2 pounds.


Performance/Operation: Having only ever fired stock triggers in all AR’s I have ever shot I was extremely curious to feel the difference. What an amazing difference!

Now – let me see if I can explain what I feel with this new trigger. Lighter it is by a fair margin. When I pull the trigger with enough pressure to get it to move – it fires. It is as simple as that. I felt no difference in pressure during the short travel. No creep, and no overtravel. I pull the trigger with approx 4 pounds of force and it fires. Isn’t that how it is supposed to work? After the hammer falls the trigger is released and a distinct reset is felt. Nice. One difference between the Hipertouch and the stock trigger is there is no slack to take up prior to beginning to feel tension on the trigger. The pressure is the same from the beginning of the pull all the way until the hammer drops.

Hipertouch 24 installed in my Stag

In actual shooting I was absolutely thrilled with the Hipertouch 24. The pull was so much smoother and lighter. I have graduated to the Isolates grip when shooting my AR and was able to keep multiple shots on target when firing in quick succession. The trigger certainly allowed for faster follow up shots and more accuracy. Faster, more accurate shots? What more could I ask for?


Summary: Hiperfire has created an incredible trigger that enhances not only the performance of the AR platform – but increases the fun aspect of shooting as well. The reality is that for the preparedness-minded shooter who trains with their AR and wants to have every possible advantage possible in a firefight would do well to look at the Hipertouch 24 trigger system. You will not be disappointed.

For more information visit Hiperfire’s website at


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4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Hiperfire HIPERTOUCH 24 Drop-In AR-15 Trigger”

  1. I shot an AR with the HIPERTOUCH 24 installed and loved it once I got used to it…. its an extremely light pull compared to stock…

    • al –

      I would not call this a hair trigger. Typical AR triggers run around 6-8 pounds of pull. SOmeone that is used to that weight would certainly consider a 4 pound pull to be “light” – I know I did. I agree with Mr. Gault a tad heavier – 4.5 to 5 pounds would be good. I believe a new trigger is coming out soon to get to this kind of poundage.

      Regardless – I do not consider this trigger pull too light for defensive purposes.

      Thanks – Rourke

  2. al-uhrich, I would call this a hair trigger. I’m no expert on the HIPERTOUCH 24 but from what I understand you can adjust the lightness of the trigger by changing springs. I believe the one I shot had the stiffest springs and I was shocked at how light & short the trigger pull was. Ideally I would prefer a tad heavier pull and I’ve heard rumors that that is in the works.


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