Review: eFoods taste test – Seasoned Mashed Potatoes

I recently ordered some eFoods samples to try out. I have heard many good things from readers as well as others that I have met about the taste, quality, storage life – and cost.

My sample pack arrived and one of the foods ordered was Seasoned Instant Potatoes. Potatoes are one of my favorite foods so I was really interested to see how this selection would measure up.

As you can see by the date on the foil pack РeFoods have a long shelf life. Packaging appears very high quality Рnice graphics with all the normal stuff like nutritional content and ingredients.

Following the instructions (adding water) couldn’t have been any simpler. I heated and stirred until well mixed and smooth.

Now – for the ultimate taste test…….my 7 year old picky son. I called Chris in the kitchen and asked him if he would like to try the potatoes. He did. He got a spoon and scooped some up.

As you can see – he loved them. I put some in a bowl for him and he took them in the living room to finish off. I tried them myself and thought they were very good. Honestly – they tasted like gourmet potatoes you would get at a really nice steak house.

Well…….that’s it. If you are interested in checking out eFoods product – click HERE.

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I have a couple more samples and will let you know what I think. Next up is Chicken Noodle Soup.

Take care all – Rourke

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  1. I have actually tried these same potato’s and they are great. I liked the consistency and the texture of them. I thought they had great flavor too. efoods has some great stuff.

  2. Hey Rourke! My husband and I also ordered some samples from Efoods and we really liked thier soup. It was the brocolli cheese one and it was GREAT! I recommend Efoods. Very tasty!

  3. Rourke, your boy is a doll! LOL
    I got soup with mine.
    I tried the Italian veg? I think that was the name.
    It was good. In the future, I think I will add the soup to some extra veggies like carrots or potatoes if I have them as the soup is very rich and hearty and could actually be added to more things like that and be really good.
    thanks for recommending eFoods.

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