Review: Dropdown Weapon Light Mount

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A few weeks ago I purchased an Off-Set Tactical Light Mount for my AR. So far – I have been very pleased. Matched up with a Streamlight Polytac LED Flashlight – this is an excellent system system for illuminating targets in night conditions.

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The mount attaches to a picatinny rail or weaver base via a single knurled knob which can be hand-tightened. It also can be tightened with a wrench – but I found that not necessary.

With this offset design – it is very easy to access the button for a momentary on/off using the hand holding the fore-grip. When maneuvering  – a simple touch to the button on the back of the Polytac shines a super bright light downrange.

4 screws hold the upper and lower halves of the rings together and engulf the flashlight. Rings are for 1″ flashlights, which is very standard. After shooting a couple of hundred rounds – I did not have any issues with the rings or mount loosening up. Would not be a bad idea to Loc-tite the rings to a flashlight if it is a dedicated system.

Wondering what lurks in the dark? I don’t anymore.

Grab the Polytac while you’re at it – great light. Rourke

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2 thoughts on “Review: Dropdown Weapon Light Mount”

  1. R ourke- I thought I was a flashlight freak- you have me beat- smile !! Always good inf. Arlene

    On a different topic ::: Our fruit trees and nuts trees are over loaded .This is usually a sign that we will be having a very hard winter !!!

  2. I was looking at the exact same setup to use on our AR’s. Idk ifbi want the added weight of the rails or not. The rifles right now are pretty lightweight.


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