Retreat Security and Small Unit Tactics: The Book

We all have a responsibility to protect ourselves, our families and our property. Police are at best minutes away and in a disaster or WROL situation they may not be coming at all. This book provides valuable information on securing your home(retreat) as well as small group security tactics.

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Just to give you an idea what is covered in this book – here are a few chapters:

  • Common Sense Ways to Make Your Retreat More Secure
  • Sound and Light Discipline
  • Defending Your Retreat Against Fire
  • Gearing Up for Patrol
  • Troop Movements
  • The Security Plan
  • Perimeter Defense
  • Urban Security
  • and more!!

Currently the paperback version is running at $10.79. A bargain for this straight forward information.

If you have a Kindle – or a cell phone/tablet with the free Kindle app – the book is only .99 cents for a limited time.






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7 thoughts on “Retreat Security and Small Unit Tactics: The Book”

  1. I will look into it. I believe the authur David is (SouthernPrepper1). Protecting your retreat, base camp etc. Is vital and knowing how to do it right could make a life or death difference.

  2. I have the book and it was basically a modern version of Rangar Benson’s Survival Retreat geared toward the modern Prepper. It’s a decent basic ‘how to’ but a far better book that goes into more depth is called “Failure of Civility”.

    • jh – Failure of Civility is the “bible” of the topic I believe. Unfortunately – it is no longer being published. I have one copy myself and have looked to find used copies with little luck. WOuld love to find a pdf version somewhere.

      For the money Kobler’s book is high value – especially if you buy the Kindle version for .99 cents.

      Appreciate you sharing your thoughts jh!


  3. Thanks all of these books sound exc. Fire is a tough one to prepare against without power to pump water. (especially if lightning storms continue to intensify as they have here in the past few years.)Any suggestions on this topic anyone?? Arlene
    PS Just placed an order from Em.Ess and told them you recommended me Rourke- hope it helps you a bit. Good sales this month.


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