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  1. You eagerly wait for the next edition of the Emergency Essentials catalog to come in the mail.
  2. You kept the last 15 editions of the catalog even though they advertise the same things over and over again.
  3. 20,000 rounds of ammunition still doesn’t seem like enough.
  4. You know when you are down to 18,787 rounds
  5. You will drive to the store to buy a 5 pound bag of rice for dinner even though you have 300 pounds stored in buckets in your basement.
  6. You complain about your wife’s clothes cluttering the closet but you can barely walk in your basement due to shelves of food and supplies.
  7. You have busted your lip with a bucket opener while trying to open the damn things. Come on…admit it! Okay…I admit it….that particular sealed lid kicked my ass!
  8. You price compare a 50 pound bag of hard red wheat to a 45 pound bucket…and then spend more than 3 hours thinking about where you will put it.
  9. You actually know what a 3 Sisters Garden is.
  10. You have internally debated with yourself on whether or not you could eat your pet.
  11. You have thought about places to bury your mono vault.
  12. You no longer have time to look at all the cool prepping websites you have found while surfing the web.
  13. You scratch your head in curiosity and think WTF?! when you see preppers on TV.
  14. You know the silver content of your coins.
  15. You can name, off the top of your head, more than 4 companies that sell long-term food in #10 cans.
  16. You read the descriptions of each model of Berkey Water Filters at least 6 times before you purchased.
  17. You own a Berkey and you still read the descriptions.
  18. Deep down inside you always wonder if zombies are real…or at least wish they were.

Got any you want to add?




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