Reminder……Giveaway: Kelly Kettle Trekker

Here is a reminder……..

I recently published a review on the Kelly Kettle cook system. Great product. Emergency Essentials and I have teamed up to give a Kelly Kettle Trekker away to one lucky reader.


Here is how to enter:

  • Leave a comment to this post sharing your most recent preparedness efforts. It may be you bought a bunch of candles, maybe you planted your garden, or maybe you ordered some books. Whatever you have recently done to move you forward in prep’s just mention it here. All comments will count as one entry(one comment per person please). Comments to the last announcement still count.
  • Mention ModernSurvivalOnline and this giveaway on a forum, social media, your own blog, or some other website – and each mention with a link to MSO will count as an entry. If you do this just send me an email at emergencycd (at) and give me the links/information as to what you did. Each link pointing to ModernSurvivalOnline earns an entry into the contest.

Any emails sent please include “contest entry” as the subject.


A drawing will be held on May 5th and the winner will be announced on Wednesday May 6th. I will post a couple reminders between now and then.

The Kelly Kettle Trekker is a very nice and useful survival tool.

Special thanks to Emergency Essentials for sponsoring the giveaway.

Good luck everyone!





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  1. I stocked up on canned cat food and toilet paper – the rest of my stocks is pretty good. Good thing I did because the next day I broke my right ankle (can’t drive) and am laid up for 8 to 12 weeks – it pays to be prepared.

  2. Just put in the garden with the hope of a blessed and abundant harvest for canning. Also getting first harvest of “guerrilla planted” asparagus along the sunny edge of the wooded property!

  3. I hunted down a canning pressure cooker, cleaned out 4 small 3 gallon barrels with screw on lids I picked up from a local Greek foods place that held olives. The barrel will be used to hold dry goods and clothing in case of bad weather while camping or in a bug out situation, I currently have around a dozen of these barrels.

  4. Ironically I’ve done a lot recently to be more prepared:

    Get the garden beds all ready for production, add to our reserves of emergency funds, increase the accuracy and reliability of our main rifle, and teach the kids about planting a garden. It’s been great.

  5. Recently, we’ve been working on a lot of skills for our “preps”. Dah Hubz has taken a great interest in slingshots. Myself, lately, I’m concentrating oun water, so this would be perfect right now for us!

  6. My latest prep was the purchase of a gravity water filtet based on 2 5 gallon buckets. I have considered the purchase of a rocket stove. The kettle trecker would serve the purpose plus hot water for coffee.

  7. Recently went hiking at Fort Pillow with a good friend. Needed to get outside and away from day to day grind for a few hours. But not only that, I needed to change my gear setup. Like ur back pain John, I’ve been having a on/off again battle with a case of Plantars Fasciitis. Its not bad but it hampers my efforts at fitness, because the only way to recover, is to stop my running. So I had to rethink my pack setup for my BOB. Change how its packed what I pack etc. Hiked about 12 miles with my new setup and gear load. Worked pretty good, didn’t have any heel pain the next morning. I’m realizing more and more, that my age is now becoming a factor in my preparedness plan, I’m in good shape exercise regular, eat healthy, and stay fit, but the body just don’t hold up like it used to. Sobering thoughts, that MY physical condition, might be a detriment, to my family in a TEOTWAWKI, situation.

  8. Contest Entry:

    Spring is growing season. My wife had me prepare the South garden for planting last week… This week I look forward to the North and West garden.

    Week before last, I loaded 1,100 .223 rounds. Plenty to get back in practice and — some to keep.

    Preparedness is something that needs to be a state of mind – not an afterthought.

  9. Husband, son, an I went to the shooting range to test some rifles that we borrowed to see which suits us better. Have rearranged my canned goods to the bigger shelving unit(took an inventory). trying to see where new garden would be best situated. Good start to spring.

  10. Hey John. You’re responsible for calling my attention to what may or may take place. Ever since then I buy multiple items on sale(that will store) and buy one,get ones,extra ammo,extra LP,(to cook outside)etc. I’m retired on a small benefit and S/S. Any time I have have extra money, I’m looking for all the deals that I can put in my stash. My wife works, so she pays most regular household bills. Prepping has got a bad rap lately, but it just make sense, unlike what comes out of Washington. Thanks so much for insight, Gene Turner

  11. I recently took inventory and documentation of my gear…Food, Water, Shelter, Sanitation & Hygiene, and Personal Protection, etc..

  12. I just finished planting this year’s garden can hardly wait for it to start producing so I will be able to can and freeze for the winter table. Hard work but oh so worth it … now working on adding a hanging system to use the vertical space as well in my postage stamp sized yard. Just a reminder no space is to small to garden … my lot is 66′ x 70′ and almost the entire area minus the house footprint grows something to eat.

  13. Prepping seems to be an ongoing activity in our household. Continuing to hit the thrift stores and am still finding a number of 100% wool sweaters for around $3 each (you know you or someone you know will need them when it hits). Water Purification is a top priority and have purchased a number of Sawyer Mini Water Filtration Systems for vehicles and 72 hr kits. Making sure the wife and kids know where everything is and how to use them. Not much good having if no one knows where it is or how it works. Continuing to acquire information (up to 31.8 GB of data) and copying all to Jump Drives for use on my solar charged 7″ Tablet when needed.

    Keep up the great information and dialogue. I always look forward to reading your thoughts and those of others.

  14. I have been making a first aid/natural herbal medicine notebook. This way I get the material I want in it, that is in my area, or in most of the US. It seems when you buy some books, there is only a little bit of useful info. So I am making my own notebook, with added photos that I find. I search several sites, and then add the info to my personal notebook. The Kelly Kettle would be a wonderful addition to my stuff. I think it is a wonderful piece of kit.

  15. Purchased a 3 point cultivator for the garden today. Works great in weeding in between the rows.

  16. Planted my fist Garden tower. Started putting emergency fire starting kits. Planning on planting 2 more garden towers.

  17. I started a new diet last week to get in better shape and to my utter amazement lost 7 pounds already, harvested basil and made pesto (our growing season starts early here in So Texas), we’ll have tomatoes next week, all heirloom, also placed an order with Emergency Essentials.

  18. Bought my retreat back in February, live there full time now. Fixing it up slowly, but surely.

  19. Last Saturday took a four hour had to hand combat class preparing for the STHTF. Next up is knife combat and then pistol close quarter combat.

  20. Yesterday I decided to stop thinking about how to prepare and STARTED to prepare. Rice, beans and oil were purchased and I started my garden with heirloom seeds I bought last year while in my thinking mode. Putting aside “outside noise” from family members etc. and really starting has made me feel empowered not helpless and I will not quit. Past thoughts of how to use precious extra money for supplies have been put into real action. It’s never too late to start – just do it!

  21. Most recently bought the boys to build a solar powered USB charger. Or, more accurately, they taught me patience and how to solder without a sobering iron…

  22. I took 3 of the grandsons fishing and camping last weekend. They are city slickers as is their dad. I wanted them to learn multiple ways to fish. We used poles, a net, a string with a hook and also caught minnows and crawdads. After I taught them to build a fire and we had fish they cleaned and cooked, with my assistance and then made Smores. At my age I may need them to take care of me or I might not be here for them.

  23. I have been hiking 3 Xweek up a steep hill last 2 wks, trying to get in better shape, I also added some cucumbers in 4 separate pots in addition to my already planted garden. I have revisited my BOB, and exchanged some clothing &chkd other supplies. Would love to have this in my bag!!

  24. I recently devised a pocket size survival kit for my family. In that kit, I placed a credit card survival knife which fits nicely in an Altoids tin or a tobacco tin. I also placed 2 ” Snare-vival traps” Then I allowed each person to add what else they thought they would need for survival. all added some source for fire starting. My grandson decided he needed a source to gather water and to boil it, so he placed some heavy duty aluminum foil to his kit. Others added cotton balls as tinder. We all, now have, a kit we are comfortable with, that easy to carry daily and could help us stay alive in an emergency.

  25. Since we live in earthquake country, we keep an emergency food supply, batteries, etc. etc. on hand all the time. This would be very useful to add to the collection.

    • Grandson had so much fun making his pocket survival kit, he now wants to develop his own BOB and learn how to use everything in it. He is 7 years old and he and I have lots of Ideas but most of mine have too much seriousness to it and he wants more things to play with. If anyone has any thoughts on the subject, I would love to hear from you. I want his BOB to have purpose but also provide some fun in difficult times.

  26. Wow, since winter’s gone we’ve done so much! Most are normal things I see in the comments already, but in addition we’ve actually planted clover, morning glories, and grave vines for our hens to eat. We still give them feed, but last year they really tried to take down (eat!) the leaves from our grape vines and the blooms from our morning glories. Now they can graze on their favorite fresh foods by themselves. We went through our older food during winter and replaced with newer, updated all family members’ bugout bags (as some kiddies got bigger), and have camped out in our backyard, family-style, for a week at a time without power as a worst case scenario test.

  27. bought a Harbor Freight Solar Kit – keeping 3 batteries fully charged – 2000-4000 inverter connected and use for 110 needs. Works great – now to get more and bigger panels bigger bigger more more more – solar is fun

  28. also, have 6 laying hens and 3 months ago started with 10 day old chicks – so will have 16 layers come September!!! Funny how many scraps you have that the chickens can eat – cuts the feed bill down. They free range for a few hours daily. Fun to watch.

  29. I recently increased my food and water stored items. Went to Costco and bought Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup in 6-pack cartons. Pricing was much better than individual cans at our local Tom Thumb supermarket. I have never tried growing potatoes in containers but this year I planted two 10 gallon pots with two different varieties. They are huge. Hope they start flowering soon so we can try a few “new potatoes”. Also have zucchini and cucumbers in the back yard getting close to harvest size. Have already been picking strawberries!


  30. My husband planted a garden and I ordered 80 pounds of chicken to have for storage. Thanks for your valued information.

  31. I took my wife and kids camping this weekend and had them do all of our cooking on alternative means instead of using the big stove my wife prefers. the boys loved it and my wife can now use a couple different stove types.

  32. on Sunday, we had a training with other liked-minded people – made great new friends, contacts and shared ideas. Very Productive! Then we followed up with some canoeing – this is a great fun family activity, but also helps instill water safety and water transportation skills in families.

  33. I have begun caching the drop dead essentials in different locations. I highly doubt that I will be at home with a surplus of supplies when I need them most. At least I will have the bare essentials to get back to home base if need be.

  34. I began saving dryer lint and old candle pieces to make firestarter extenders. Just pack the lint into egg cartons (the paper ones); after you get at least one row filled, cut the row away and either dip in melted candle wax (can also use paraffin wax, but using candle and tart remnants is free) or pour the wax over. When the whole thing is well saturated, set aside to dry. After it’s all dry, cut the row into individual “eggs” and store in plastic bags. To light, just pull up a small “wick” to light and VOILA! you have a nice, long lasting starter FREE!!!!

  35. I’ve been deciding what to plant in the garden this week. Since this is the first time in years to do this, we are starting small: tomatoes, green beans, carrots and cucumber.

  36. Funny to see how everyone is planting a garden where here in SW Florida I just ripped mine out and put everything though the shredder. Then I laid down a bunch of leaf mulch which I am covering with wood chips from my chipper to take the garden through the heat of summer keeping the weeds out while building the soil.
    I’ve been prepping my home for years. It’s fully grid tied, battery backed solar powered. I make more power then I can use so I have 48 cu ft of freezer space not counting the kitchen fridge / freezer. They are loaded with meat, fish, and garden grown veggies. Put in hurricane glass a couple years ago all around the house and next will come security doors. Those darned things are expensive! Best to all.

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