Red Dawn 2012 arriving November 21st……..”Wolverines!!!!!!”

I haven’t been this excited about a movie since my parents went out of town and some buddies had a copy of…….uh….nevermind. Anyways – long overdue, the remake of Red Dawn will be hitting the theaters on November 21st. I am really excited and will be seeing it that weekend.

I have already heard the criticism about the bad guys being North Korea rather than China. I know, I know…..kinda crazy. IT’S A MOVIE!!! Jed is a trained military man, not like in the original when they were untrained teenagers. I know that too. Regardless – I am looking forward to seeing it.


Here are a couple of movie trailers to give you a sneak preview:



While we are at it – how about a BLAST FROM THE PAST-here is the official movie trailer from the original Red Dawn.



I watch Red Dawn at least 4-5 times per year. Looking forward to November 21st.


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  1. In the original Red Dawn they had a “step side pick-up” truck but in the new one, they are using one of the more common “fleet side pick-up”. I have owned both and for my money the step side makes the most sense. It give you the ability to access gear in the front of the bed without climbing in to the bed. Another advantage is the the step sides allow rider to mount the bed of the truck in three places. The step side is a bit short on what I call covered space but I believe the trade-off is worth the effort. My brother in law has a international scout with a factory 4 cylinder diesel engine that was being used in forklift it has fairly good on fuel mileage. This would be a good option if anyone offered it.
    Other options that work are a steel rack like the ones contractors used these can be tarpped to provide a dry sleeping area or passenger area. A flying observes seat high-up on top of the cab could provide a way to spot hostiles before that can see you. extra lights go without saying.

  2. Well on election day the Russians have moved Seirra-2 class subs off the coast of Kings Bay, Ga. and likely every major city on both coast within 200 miles. Do you know how much warning we would have if they launched??

    The Red Dawns 1984 and 2012 are just examples of what could happen and how fast they could happen. Do you think for one minute China and Russia won’t come looking for pay back if we renig on our debt to them??

  3. If you have Netflix streaming, or can find it somewhere else.. check out “Tomorrow, when the war began”… Australian version of “red Dawn” made just a few years ago… close on the plot line… not a bad remake in itself.

    • tmm –

      I have watched Tomorrow, When the War Began” a few times. My understanding is it is the first of a series and was developed from a book series. Worth watching – especially on Netflix. Red Dawn far better.

      Thanks – Rourke

  4. My favorite quote is on a statue at the high school from that wordy beggar Teddy Roosevelt – “Far better off is he that attempts mighty things, than he who must take rank with those poor, timid individuals that know neither victory nor defeat!”
    My second favorite is from an Airborne Ranger friend of mine – “We’re going to Hell to regroup, KR. BE there!”

  5. I agree with TR above. In fact, after the outcome of this election, its never been more apparent. The real Red Dawn will be the people vs the Obama gov’t, and that movie isnt going to be too pretty.

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