Recommended reading: “Economic Collapse: A Very Real Threat.”

If you are at all concerned, interested……or an American citizen – please go over to The Homestead Report and read one of JP’s latest posts – Economic Collapse: A Very Real Threat.

Why is this post important to the prepper community? Well, like many of JP’s other posts he does an excellent job of putting together information from a variety of sources showing the problems we have today with government and our political system.

In this particular post – the economy is his subject and he provides eye-opening charts and graphs, videos, and other information to get a point across.

What’s the point? My interpretation……we are screwed.

We can all continue with our food storage efforts and other preparedness projects – all the while keeping a close eye on this economy and its continued decline.

Check the post out HERE.


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  1. Rourke,

    I agree. We all need to remain aware of events around us. It is so incredibly maddening to see this being done to us intentionally. Who would have thought that the greatest nation on earth would have allowed this to happen. As you stated, I too feel we are screwed. We have most certainly passed the point of no return. The collapse IS coming.

    Thanks for the post and link! Although it looks like things are going to get alot rougher, I wish you and all of your readers the very best over the Christmas and Hanukkah season. We must continue to pray that somehow, we manage to either save or salvage this great nation!

    In Liberty,

  2. Rourke, thanks for the link, I agree with you and Zoomie and many others who have emailed me that as a nation we are in desperate times. But I truly believe our Nation will be saved (after a reset) and after a long and difficult journey. I have realized (after the events of this month) that my efforts need to be redirected towards prepping and survival and that I need to shed politics from my concentrated efforts… (it’s to late) My next post will outline why I’m changing course, I’m sure many think I’m late to the game and held hope for to long.

    Our new Philosophy at The Homestead Report:

    It’s not a single ideology, but many ideas, including a reverence for nature and a preference for country life; a desire for maximum personal self-reliance and self-sufficiency and the nurturing of family and friendships. A belief that the primary rewards for hard work should be well-being, security in all matters and a non-dependence on an outside government and it’s bureaucracies , and a simple life well lived.

    Grasp strongly those things you hold dear and shed from your life the complexities of the world around you. Live for your dreams and wake up every morning smiling and thinking “another day in paradise.”

    Our forward movement will be based on this philosophy.
    Prepare like your life depends upon it….. it very well may. JP

  3. I agree with JP’s philosophy. We don’t know exactly when the end will come or what it will look like. As a Johnny-come-lately to the survival community, I find myself ill equipped to offer much advice in that regard. I’ll leave that to those that have the experience and/or training… like Rourke and a few others that I follow.

    Self-reliance and sufficiency should be the ultimate goal for anyone in these dark days. However, I believe there will be truly unimagineable chaos and danger before we get to that point.

    My goal is to keep myself, my family, and group alive long enough to reach that state of independence. We all will face challenges unlike any we have ever faced in the past.

    In Liberty.

    P.S. blogging the politics stuff, although extremely maddening, does offer me a non-violent means of releasing my frustrations and anger. Perhaps one day when we have true Statesmen (and women) leading our country, rather than thugs driving us intentionally over a cliff, I will be able to find a new hobby that grabs me passionately.

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