Recent visit with JP from The Homestead Report

JP and I did some shooting - Choate stocks on both the M1 Carbine and Ruger 10/22

This past weekend I had an opportunity to visit with JP from The Homestead Report. Having been a reader of JP’s blog for a several weeks – I was excited to get together with a fellow prepper and someone of like-mind. The Homestead is located down a long winding country road in Georgia well into the Boonies.

"Bobo" - pet and protector of The Homestead

As I pulled onto the property I was great by the dog above – Bobo. JP actually has two dogs which are great tools out in the country.  4 legged alarm systems.

Garden area -fenced in to protect from deer.

During my tour of the area JP took me by their garden area. Probably at least 4 times the size of my garden –  I am jealous. A portion of the fenced in garden area has been covered in thick black plastic to kill off a grass infestation.  I have done the same with my garden area’s as well. This past year was JP’s first harvest.

Propane tank on property.

JP has a whole-house generator that runs on gas. A large supply of propane can be stored there on the property. Although not typically threatened with winter storms and mass power outages – it happens from time to time.

Variety of hoses for irrigation.
JP and I did some shooting - Choate stocks on both the M1 Carbine and Ruger 10/22

Pictured above is a good supply of hose to irrigate and move water around on JP’s homestead. JP says care has to be given to make certain the well on the property is not run dry.

While visiting JP I broke out some armament. We shot some .22LR and .30 Carbine. Fun!! JP maintains a decent armory as Sasquatch has been seen in the area!

JP shooting a Smith & Wesson M&P9 9mm

Talking shop – JP and I discussed a variety of topics. Preparedness and a concern for the future was the mainstay of conversation. A like-minded belief that there is trouble awaiting this country from a variety of sources. We discussed the Occupy Wall Street “situation”, firearms, the economy, hunting, fishing, etc. Good times.

Bonfire at The Homestead
Rourke and JP

JP is a very smart man. His blog is just now taking hold and is very unique. He mixes his experience with life in the country with his very intelligent take on politics and world events. He is living a dream that many of us have by giving up the typical “normal” life of the 9-5 job and making a dramatic lifestyle change. Spending time on JP’s land was peaceful – just felt right.

I hope someday to make a similiar lifestyle change.

See JP’s blog HERE.


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  1. Thanks much for the kind write-up and link. We greatly enjoyed your visit and your sons hard work, they made me realize how much help a couple of farm hands can be. This lifestyle change (for me anyway) is proving to have a steep learning curve but we are learning and enjoying it immensely. Being new to prepping and with current events as they are there is certainly some concern over our late start and not being prepared enough for some of the more likely SHIFT events (that now seem almost inevitable). But with sites like and others it is certainly easier now to learn what the most important aspects of survival are and how to better prepare for tough times….. again.. thanks.. and your welcome here any time you wish to visit- JP

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