Recent violence and protests against the United States

Protest map as of September 14th.

Protest map as of September 14th.


You likely live in a vacuum if you have not heard of the violence erupting across the Middle East. Much of the violence has been attributed to a video which depicts Islam in a comical, disrespectful light. I have had a few people email me and ask me to comment on the situation – so here it goes:

I have watched the video and it is extremely disrespectful towards Muslims and Islam. I have been friends with Muslims and in my experience they are just like you in me – except they worship in a different way. They had no desire to kill the “infidel” and never stoned any of their women. When you here about that, that is radical Islam. The video is ridiculous and I can understand why anyone of the faith would be upset by it. If the same was done of Jesus depicting him as a pedophile and imbecile – Christians would be upset as well.

Here is the difference in my opinion: We wouldn’t March into the local Libyan or Egyptian consulate and kill people. I have no problem with protests. That is freedom of speech. But these people are getting carried away…..over a video? I question that it is really all over a video. Possibly the anniversary 9-11? Maybe the radicals needed something to do. You know what? I really doesn’t matter. As you and I sit in our offices, our living rooms, on our farms – there’s nothing we can do about what is happening thousands of miles away. I’ll tell you what really irritates me is the billions of US tax dollars that many of these same countries receive. That should stop.

But….you know what else? There is something we can do here. We can prepare. We can get ready just in case the violence somehow spills over to effect us. Could the intensity of potential terrorist attacks be influenced by what is happening? Sure. Could the violence create an increased determination for someone to let loose a chemical or biological weapon within our borders. Yes, I believe so. Could this increased determination lead to an EMP attack or dirty bomb? I doubt the radical groups need any additional excuses to carry out such a plot but recent events certainly does not lessen the chances.

So – like the politicians like to say… “vigilant”. Stock up on food. Prepare your water supplies. Practice shooting and store plenty of ammo….and live your life and value your friends and family.

Take care all –


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  1. Rourke, you are a better man than me. I am far less understanding of the Muslim cause and complaint, especially in that Christians are tortured and killed in Africa and Asia every single day. At every opportunity, Christianity is attacked by the American Main Stream Media. We (Christians) do nothing about these injustices. Nothing of grave importance, anyway. I send money to The Voice Of The Martyrs. But, the US State Department does not intercede. The United Nations is even more worthless in protecting these innocent people. Overall, the whole world patronizes Islam for fear of their violent reprisals. Israel is the only nation that completely stands up to these Muslim fanatics. Obama has been a huge supporter of Muslim countries. He backed the “Arab Spring” uprisings across North Africa and Western Asia. He supports the Palestinians over the Jews. America has buried thousands of our young men and women that gave their lives to free Muslims from their own tyrannical rulers. What good has all our patronizing done? They still hate us. They will always hate us. They are sworn to destroy us. Their guiding document, the Koran, tells them to kill and enslave us. I don’t know what the correct long term solution is. But, for now, I would cut them all off financially. I would end all humanitary aid to any country that killed our soldiers, citizens or diplomats. Personally, I can live in peace with my neighbor, no matter what color of his skin or who he calls God. I have issue with anyone who wants to push his agenda on my family, or who jeopardizes the safety of the area, because they are unwilling to accept historical facts. I pray that our leaders demonstrate some “intestinal fortitude” (****s) before Sharia Law replaces the Ten Commandments as our moral standards.

    • Irish-7,

      I do not disagree with much of what you said. Seems like the only time the US , UN or anyone else intercedes with trouble overseas is when oil and money is involved.


  2. Rourke, You expressed the Radical Muslim issue in an exemplary manner. Thanks. Yes the difference is the radicals wish to eliminate the jewish people and the Christians and will do so if we do not wake up and stop indirectly funding terrorism. We need to support Israel and Christians worldwide.

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