Recent video stirs controversy…..

My recent posting of a YouTube video showing several girls getting questioned by police due to their open carrying of a firearm stirred up some comments. You may have noticed that I did not comment on the video when initially published. This was on purpose as I was really curious what everyone would think about it.

Much like every other possible issue that exists – people had very different opinions:

Commentors “Guy” and “Navy91” voiced an opinion that they were doing nothing illegal and was within their rights to open carry.

“Tabitha” added that the people being questioned had the right to NOT show an ID to the officer due to not performing an illegal act.

“Tim” added that the officer was doing his job and likely could have been nicer – but was probably irritated due to being filmed.

“Joan” questioned why the girls would be carrying a gun into Wal-Mart at all and suggested that they could have left them in the car. She felt the officer did his job and did just fine.

“Solomon” provided his opinion that open carry is just flat out not tactically smart and should not be done.

“Jm” emphasized the rights of the law abiding citizen – multiple times.

“Kevin” felt that the police officer was on a power trip.

“Irish-7” just flat out made a lot of sense.

and I am sure as I write this the comments are still rolling in.

open carry?

If you haven’t watched the video please go HERE to get a better understanding as to what we are all referring to.


Here is my take:

I do not like open carry. I think open carry instigates and creates negative situations for gun owners. It is flat out bad for the reputation of gun owners and gun rights and I do not see that it serves any purpose that could not be filled by concealed carry. Of course there may be a few situations where open carry could resolve a situation with just the gun being visible – but overall I do not agree with it. The drawbacks outweigh the benefits.

Now, the officer was flat out a jerk – period. The FACT is those girls were not doing anything illegal. The officer I am sure was well aware of the law and whether or not he likes it he must enforce it. Now – do I believe he should have the right to ask for an ID for someone walking through Wal-Mart with a firearm? I struggle with that one. Again – I do not believe open carry should be legal, however if it IS legal and they are doing no wrong it is overbearing and unjust to just go around and ask for ID’s.

Lastly – let me point this out – the filmmakers were jerks as well. In a real world situation where the officer was not “set up” to be video taped by multiple people, he may have just approached the open-carry people, asked for an ID, asked them why they were carrying a firearm, and then would have let them on their way. What is an officer to do when he gets a call from a citizen has a concern about multiple people carry guns in a Wal-Mart? He must investigate it!

It is a tough situation and many made some great points on both sides of the argument. I am a very firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment – make no mistake about it. The ability to protect ourselves from each other as well as a tyrannical government is imperative to the Republic.

Good discussion folks. Thanks everyone for their input.



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  1. IMHO the officer was a jerk and could have done his job much better. Having said that, we don’t know what the call came in like, so we don’t know what he was expecting to find. Given the way some people react to seeing a gun, I can see a call coming into the PD that there are several people with guns in Wal-Mart and we need help now! This leads to my next point.

    I am not a proponent of open carry, right wrong or indifferent, it causes us all problems. In todays society, where shootings are becoming the norm, we need to set an example. I carry 24/7, but do so concealed. Even when I was a police officer, I did not open carry when out of uniform. First of all, I don’t want someone to know I have a weapon and I don’t want to cause issues. If the open carry folks keep it up, there are going to be more and more places like Starbucks that say no guns allowed. If you think you are safer carrying open, your wrong. Anyone bent on doing you harm, seeing you are carrying, will just shoot or knife you in the back. You have exposed your defense. Remember OPSEC.

  2. I don’t really think the officer was a jerk, he was pretty even keeled even though he probably overly detained them and didn’t really need their IDs. He responded to a call, which was probably an unnecessary one in the first place, and its his duty to be sure people are safe. A couple of young girls giggling the whole time they’re being questioned by a LEO probably aren’t mature enough to be carrying guns anywhere in the first place.

    HOWEVER, why would you open carry in a public retailer of any sort. If I’m a bad guy, you’d be the first person I shot. There are tons of things that are LEGAL in public, but just out of common courtesy smart/decent people just don’t do them. i.e. I don’t go shopping without a shirt on – there is an entire website making fun of people who shop at Wal-Mart in inappropriate, but legal, public attire. What idiots. They give other gun owners a bad name, and frankly give the anti-gun whack jobs ammunition to use against the rest of us.

  3. Here in Colorado we have this: 16-3-103. Stopping of suspect. (1) A peace officer may stop any person who he reasonably suspects is committing, has committed, or is about to commit a crime and may require him to give his name and address, identification if available, and an explanation of his actions. A peace officer shall not require any person who is stopped pursuant to this section to produce or divulge such person’s social security number. The stopping shall not constitute an arrest.
    “If available” and it doesn’t need to be a drivers license, a CCP works just fine, same for a passport.

    If you OC, you should expect to have a meeting with law enforcement at some point, you should know what the laws and limits are so you have a good encounter instead of a you tube sensation video.

  4. If it is legal in a person’s state, then yes, I think they should be able to open carry. But… I agree that it will cause problems such as in the video. I wish it didn’t, but that’s the way it is. The problem with the police, and the attention that the girls drew to themselves are why I don’t open carry. As you pointed out Rourke, in general people are much better served by carrying concealed. Plus, it seems to me like the people in the video were trying to instigate a situation that they could put on Youtube.

    Thanks for the subject! It was an interesting discussion!

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