Recent preps……….

Over the last few weeks  have worked on adding some preps to my “system”. You will see there is an obvious emphasis on firearms and related material due to well known reasons.

  • Added 1800 rounds of misc .223/5.56mm ammunition
  • Purchased a Bushmaster M4 Type Cabine – A2 sights with fixed, non-removalable handle


  • Added 1500 rounds of 9mm ammunition
  • Added 5000 rounds of .22LR (mostly CCI – my favorite)
  • Added 700 rounds of .30 Carbine
  • Purchased, via private sale – Springfield XD45 with 5 13-rd magazines
  • Added one Springfield XD9 16-rd magazine
  • Added two 25-rd Ruger BX-25 magazines fir Ruger 10/22
  • Added one S&W M&P15-22 25-rd magazine
  • Added 75 rounds 12 gauge #8 bird shot
  • Added  15 rounds of 12 gauge slugs
  • Couple pairs of Mechanix gloves
  • 48 AA-alkaline batteries
  • 24 AAA-alkaline batteries
  • 3 cans of Gun Scrubber
  • 4 bottles of Rem-Oil
  • 2 cans of CLP
  • subtract one S&W Model 22A  .22LR pistol (sold it)
  • 2 Magpul PMAG magazines
  • Off-Set Light Mount for Picatinny Rail
  • 400 Lumen CREE Q5 Flashlight  (not 400 lumens bright,  but good flashlight for the money)
  • Magpul Mag Link Mag Coupler, Black
  • Gerber Warrant Knife (excellent value, excellent knife)

I also picked up a few books, some additional food, and a LifeStraw water purification straw.

So…..what have YOU done recently to add to your preps?


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  1. Dang man that is impressive. This week I purchased a stripped lower, 100 rounds of 9mm and 100 rounds of 22lr CCI Velocitor.

    Stashed some OTC medical stuff. Am shopping for a revolver.

    • TOR –

      Thanks – a lot of money but luckily I bought at non-panic pricing.

      I am looking for a revolver as well. Just saw that Ruger came out with the LCR in .22 Magnum. That kinda intrigues me.


  2. I bought 3 more of the water filter straws, a one man tent for bug out bag, 24 of the hand warmers, some duct tape for BOB, The emergency sleeping BIVY bag, a bigger BOB(black not camo ,Trail Mix for BOB. Picked up an SKS , 2 20 round magazines, and a couple of hundred rounds of 7.62 x 39, and I purchased another 440 rounds of 7.62 x 54r for my New Veper. Two other preppers in the area and I are going on a weekend hike to go camping and test our BOBs.

  3. Well, I don’t think my effort will match yours, but my wife and I have been buying survival supplies at an increased pace for several weeks. I am highly regretful in failing to purchase a few weapons that I viewed online for over a year. They are now unavailable, or have doubled in price. We did manage to get a Ruger 22/45 pistol, another Rossi Circuit Judge and a Mossberg Semi-auto shotgun. On the ammo front, I picked up 400 rounds of .223 REM, 350- .45 ACP, 200- .357 MAG, 100- ,38 SPL, 200- .380 Auto, 40- .20 GA Slugs, 50- .20 GA 3BK, 50- .20 GA #2, 50- .20 GA #7, 1000- .22 LR, 400- .45 LC, 40- .12 GA PDX, 50- .12 GA #00, 25- .12 GA #1, 50- .12 GA #7 and 80- .410 PDX. We also bought about a hundred bucks worth of mixed batteries (half price) at a local store going out of business. I was given a great book for Christmas: The Ultimate Survival Manual, by Rich Johnson of Outdoor Life magazine. It covers wilderness, disaster and urban survival techniques. It also has lots of pictures, for uneducated folks like me! “For Ah cum in da Army, I cudnt spel paratruper. Now Ah r 1”. Just kidding. Keep at it, gang. I don’t see prices coming down in the near future.

  4. Since Jan 1 we’ve added:
    1,000 rounds of .45 ACP hollowpoint,
    1,000 rounds of .45ACP FMJ,
    1,000 7.62×39 FMJ,
    100 shells (military grade) 12gg 9shot,
    30 shells of .410 rifled slugs
    550 .22 hollowpoint (these will be more valuable than gold in SHTF scenerios)
    50 40cal FMJ
    50 9mm FMJ
    All very expensive.. But who can put a price on preparedness in the face of world economic uncertainty and a tyranical federal government?

  5. We’ve added about 1k rounds for both AK and AR. picked up 10 more ak mags, and 5 pmags also. Still finding pretty good prices for bulk ammo in gunbroker. Oh, also just picked up a nice Springfield xds to carry. Just want a little more stopping power on my hip

  6. I confess, I held back a little information. I just want to keep the DHS guys monitoring this site guessing. I picket up some magazines, too: BX-25 for my 10/22, 20 and 30 round mags for my Mini-14. The BX-25s were $21.99 at MidwayUSA. I saw them on GunsAmerica going for $85.00 each. Love this land that I do, but we are full of opportunists!

  7. Rourke, You Go Man! What an arsenal! Since it is support your gun dealer weekend, I went down to Minnesota Joe’s and bought 50 more rounds of .38s.
    And since it is also service weekend, I went around to the new retailers in the downtown to attempt to get them to communicate with one another in an effort to revitalize our downtown.
    Lame compared to you guys! But steps in the right direction.
    Bev 🙂

  8. wow, where did you find all of that! i can’t find crap around here. even the gun show sold out. nothing but hunting rifles left.

    • Fred –

      Actually….all of them. Although I am John Rourke by day – my alter ego is actually Superman. So – no problem for me.

      In reality – of course I can’t take everything. I have no intention to. Not sure where that question is coming from.


  9. I got ask why run? I counted 9 different items he bought that may or may not be available in the next couple of months. And if they ar may cost 10 times as much. OBTW Fred some people just don’t RUN.

  10. Lets see: Canned 6lb chicken, 4lb bacon, 2lb butter, got 5-250ml of D5W an oximeter, solved my anesthesia problem, 1000ml of sterile saline, an IV training device, a laryngescope and nasel and laryngeal intubation tubes with surgical lube a lot of PVC and fittings for my water system, 2 more IBCs and 250 liters of hydrostone, some buckets w/lids and a 55 gal drum for the fish farm. a second machete, a great $18 Cree type light w/access. Batts & charger., 20lbs rice, 24 cans veg. 2 more med books, 2 more loading dies, 14 mags, some .308 and .270WM, a few lbs of BP and fuse, 12 crossbow bolts and a new post hole digger. some 10p nails and hardware asst. Recieved a lot of goodies from MSO contest that will make up a nice cache, and whatever thats lost in the clutter that I haven’t unpacked and stored or forgotten. Sadly I had a boating accident and lost most of my guns…will have to restock. Oh also added a Vet (animal) to the group who came with 3 mos food some meds and ammo and a big berky filter, pre-posed. Shopping a 4 wheeled barrow today. There may not be gun stuff out there but all the rest is and the prices are somewhat stable. I’m not bangin’ my head against the drought, there are other things to be done. Regards, D.

  11. Many thanks to all who contribute here. Your words and insights are most instructing for those of us who are late to the prepping party and yet are believers. Semper Fi

  12. My list of recent purchases is rather disappointing compared to many of the others.. but..
    *2 30 round and 2 15 round mags for my m1 carbine
    *200 rounds 30 carbine
    *750 rounds of CCI 22’s
    *150 rounds of 12ga. bird shot
    *45 rounds 12ga 00buck
    *45 rounds 12ga slugs
    *7 shell Promag side saddle for my Mossberg
    *A Swiss Arms rechargable tactical flashlight with remote and picatinny mount… only 70 lumen but well worth the cost
    *some gun cleaning supplies
    *2 fully loaded banana-splits… which we immediately ate!

  13. Just a comment on the #8 & #9 birdshot in 12 Ga. Unless you are getting this stuff for hunting, it is not much good for defence. It won’t put a plate down at 10M with a solid hit. I consider #6 duck shot (It will drop a plate) minimal and lean toward #4 buck as my major 12 Ga. buy. Granted any 12 Ga. round will do a lot of tissue damage in close, I do not trust bird shot to put them DOWN. Regards, D.

  14. Recent preps – two large recgareable flashlights -on sale-order from Emergency supplies for more masks and dried food-plastic in case we need to live in a smaller space- to help keep the heat in from the woodstove-
    temps are below zero this week-staples of barley and rice -and lentils-
    peat pots to soon start vegetable plants from seed for the garden.Ordered more vitamins and fish antibiotics ( for us to use ) . Lots of ammo still
    available here at gun shows and in the stores. (NYS)
    Wow Rourke you prepped hard -way to go. Arlene

  15. Rourke- wow!! There must be more stuff available in your neck of the woods than here.Glad you are finding stuff- is it smart to say too much about purchases on the site?call me paranoid, but I can’t help but wonder who is watching. . .

    • Rick –

      Small change compared to many. I have spent a lot of tome looking around and networking with others.

      By the way – stuff is scattered all over. All eggs are not in one basket.


  16. @ D take and cut the top off the #8 round mix pellets with one crayon melted, use color of your choice. pour as much pellets and crayon mixture back into the shell as possible. now you have a breaching/defense round

  17. B.P.
    why don’t I just make my own breaching rounds on my 12 Ga. press? I’ve been making and shooting custom ammo for about 40 years. Not much in that dept. that you can teach this old dog….but thanks for the thought 😉
    If you want a real primer on trick loads pick up Duncan Longs’ book “Combat ammunition, everything you need to know” Charts, data, ballistic gel results, also has some good post SHTF info. Regards, D.

  18. Basically have added to my gasoline stores and added plenty of components for reloading ammo. Though I have a few different calibers I primarily load a round that is shared by both rifles and pistols I own. Streamlining components and maximizing commonality will really stretch your prep dollars. Since there is no “one” perfect round that does it all, I was careful not to box myself into that corner. For weapons that I do not load for, I have previously stocked up on. Emphasis on streamlining. I will be out this week to secure more canned foods and additional meds. Great topic and posts.

  19. Hey guys…..and hopefully not to rain on anyone’s parade here, but if I were you I’d practice better opsec/infosec regarding discussions of lead and their specific delivery systems….if you get my drift. Don’t think the NSA and other government agencies aren’t tracking these types of sites and noting who may have what and what quantities. Loose links sinks ships as it were…….

    • I appreciate your advice Granite Prepper – I think the vast majority of the “OPSEC” talk is paranoia. Goes right along with all those that said Obama was going to use executive powers to ban and confiscate guns.

      ModernSurvivalOnline needs to continue to share information, have discussions, and promote Patriotism amongst preppers.


  20. just wondering what type of pack or bag you would use to move all these items.
    Hey if your area is contaminated by hazardous what ever I guess you can stay in one place and hope that sheltering inside will work for you but lets say a quake and your bunker is closed off to you before you can get to it also unless you are already living in your bunker then i guess you are set.

  21. Sold 30 p-mags, didn’t need them when I bought them, used profit to buy 150 lbs of wheat and canned meats, and 40 lbs of beans, purchased a Condor chest rig and 3 Blackhawk cheek rests for scoped rifles. also made arrangement to have a flash hider installed on my FAL

  22. I did a lot of reading on this and other sites, saving to HDD or printing as available. We’ve buying Mountain House cases at Costco for a very good price and as always squirreling away a few cans of this and that, particularly the high end canned stuff-shrimp, clams, and berries and fruits.
    The prices of ammunition are ridiculous and this nonsense from Ovomit and his filthy ilk will go nowhere. It’ll take 6 months or more to see ammo back to normal prices, and as I don’t see a local or regional chaotic scene in the near future, I won’t worry about it. No too much, anyway. I’d like to hear from those who’d be kind enough to comment on this question: Thoughts on buying sampler packs from all the available vendors as a foundation for selction in the future. Particularly the pros and especially the cons. Many years ago I bought some “pemmican” as canned for the USArmy (it had an NSN number) and while it was edible, I wouldn’t make it my first choice.Respectfully Semper Fi Semper Vigilans

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