Recent preps……

My weeks are usually busier than a one-arm paper hanger, this week has been no different.

Ammunition seems to becoming a little more available – at least .223 and 5.56. In the past week or so I picked up close to 400 rounds averaging $10 for a box of 20. Cost is higher than several months ago – but cheaper than many places. I also picked up one box of 50 rounds 45 ACP. 

I put a Para Expert 1911 .45 on lay-a-way at my local gun shop. I love Glocks, XD’s and M&P’s – but nothing quite feels like a 1911. Hope to get it in a month or so.

Went to some yard sales on Saturday and picked up a Magellan eXplorist 200 Handheld GPS Receiver for $20.00. Also bought an old Realistic Weather Radio that receives shortwave as well as AM/FM bands – for $2.00. Not bad.

I also ordered a small hand-held BAOFENG UV-5R Ham radio. This is my second Ham radio and need to learn a lot more about them – even to listen. I am getting there. At only $40 – they are a great deal.

I need to work on some areas that have degraded – namely:

  • toilet paper
  • food (certain items have dropped below minimum levels)
  • need some good hiking shoes (to replace worn ones)
  • put together a couple of seed banks (just used the one I had stored away to rotate the seeds)
  • Store more water – too much emphasis on filtration 

No miracles -but steps in the right direction.

How about you? What have YOU done lately?


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  1. We’ve put buying firearms/ammo on the back shelf and instead are using that money for training in medical, food prep, car upgrade and upgrading our evacuation kits – thought about getting a 1911 over the winter, but that money has been rejustified into a pair of Keen hiking boots for each of us & lighter weight sleeping bag for her that has better insulation. Have a friend teaching me how to reload ammo, have two plots in a community garden to supplement our home raised beds. G/F is starting to learn how to raise bees and chickens though a member at the community garden. Finally, I got us kicked out of a “prepper group” for questioning the real intention of the group & being a negative energy because I didn’t subscribe to typical conspiracy/patriot beliefs they wanted their minions to have I think we’re off to a good start of the summer.

  2. Hey j.h. sounds to me like you’ve got a good sense approach to this prepping thing. I would hope that my tendency to questioning other folks “real intentions” would land me in the same place. I say those who intentionally blind and deaf/mute themselves just to be accepted by the “group” are bound to suffer a bad fate when it becomes obvious that the leadership was close minded to the numerous resources that could have made the organization wiser and more flexible. I’ll watch this spot for more of your solid thinking…….. along with many others.
    Semper Fi
    James in Colorado

  3. Rourke, the Baofengs are great little radios, while fairly easy to program directly from the keypad I would suggest getting the software and cable for computer programming. You can then setup a list of freqs and tones required and have it at your disposal should you need to program more to the same setup.

  4. I’ve bought a BAOFENG UV-5R Ham radio like yours but with the media and cable. The instructions are apparently for someone that knows what they are doing. I apparently don’t. I would (for the present) just like to listen but con’t even figure that out. I don’t think I need my hand held, just some straight forward information that a regular person can understand.

    I buy quite a bit of prepper merchandise on Amazon. Bought a nice sleeping bag,quite happy with it BUT VERY UNHAPPY WITH VENDOR. Seems as they had three different prices for the bag I ordered. Highest price was Amazon, middle price was from their website and lowest was brochure with shipped bag effective for the month I purchased the bag. I’ve been in retail for longer the most of your readers and we ALWAYS gave lowest price. Contacted the vendor and was told tough luck and do not contact again about purchase.

    Read an article about “demand pricing” a couple weeks ago and it was talking about Amazon and several others that would take in your history (cookies) and could either lower or RAISE the price accordingly in conjunction of what the market would bear. SO CONSUMER BEWARE !!!!!!

  5. j.h. – the same thing happened to me. I guess it’s human nature – when you first set out on a project everyone is on board, but as you learn more and do more, well people get different ideas and start going in differet directions. It takes real leadership to keep a group focused on basic core values. Hopefully the next group you join will be able to learn something from this experience of yours. Thanks for sharing.

  6. OK – what I did lately: changed out all my bags (BOB, car, etc) from winter to summer, been attending gardening classes at the county extension office, and – oh yea, built a 6′ tall privacy without a building permit and now have to appear before the zoneing commission to apply for a dimensional waiver else remove said fence. Silly me – building permit…(slap forehead).

  7. Bugged out in October 2007 from D.C. so, no need to plan for that…. Bought a M-91 Mosin from the local gun store this past week for $110.00 included the pointy end (bayonet), sling, cleaning kit/tools and ammo pouches. Ordered 800 rounds of ammo from two sellers, plus a bi-pod and flash suppressor for a Mini-30 (I measured both barrels and the are the same OD). Buy up ammo whenever you find it, yes hoard it for a really rainy day. Around the farmstead there is always more to do than there is time. And don’t waste your money on silver or gold, buy good hand tools to grow food instead including meat, eggs and milk and people will be throwing coins at you for something to eat…

  8. reading all these post encourages me- I know I am not the only one trying to plan ahead.There is always much to do- between gardening , taking care of critters, getting the wood pile back up to snuff, and earning a living.. . . .

  9. I have been trying to gather medical and dental supplies, but I don’t seem to be able to find a descent source. How do the rest of you put aside prescription medicine and how do you buy things like lidocaine?

  10. Steve, Look back thru the comments on my “Un-thought of” articles. there is a source for Lido in there, also some Antibiotics ideas in my articles. D.

  11. Just came in from a HOT two days of work with one of the team here for the weekend.
    Replaced the engineer stakes in the fence corners with 8′ 4x4s (will mount 12V IR floods on them)
    Sunk the uprights for the water house(6×8)that abutts the 6×8 solar battery house and plumbed the pitcher pump into the well system.
    Constructed the 9′ water tower next to the water house with the cage and 275 gallon solar tank on top.(took 3 of us, two ladders and the roof racks on the jeep roof to get it in place)It’s up, yeah!!!! Now need to plumb the pull-chain shower head and the deep sink.
    Bought a couple hundred .green tip .223 and some reloading components for the weatherby, and picked up two more Gen 2 NVDs at a VERY good price. Spending $$$ like a crazy person, I don’t need any green T.P.
    Mail delivered a second Barska 3-9×42 IR scope for the Weatherby, a gill net, 20 cup percolater and most of the MSO contest prizes. Hit the Mil surplus store for some mil spec elbo/knee pads, splinter pattern T and floppy hat.
    Grow beds are booming with tomatoes, cayanne, sweet peas, mint, strawberries, chives and 5 buckets of potatoes, also two blueberry bushes and three bannana trees. The 6 chicks are ready to move to their run.
    Jeezzz I am fried and need to hydrate. Regards, D.

  12. We have been very busy here, prepping and learning self-reliance has become an all consuming, exhausting and totally enjoyable pass-time for my wife and I. We’ve added only slightly to our armaments,a folding, pistol-grip stock (Choate)and tactical foregrip (Mossberg)for my Mossberg 500. Also picked up a Choate pistol-grip stock for my M1 carbine and 200 rounds of 30-carbine for the same. Picked up a NcStar laser-sight and a game camera which will not only be entertaining and informative but also helpful towards this falls hunting season. Most of our preps are gardening related. We planted a good size garden consisting of corn, green beans, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelon. We also constructed 5 raised beds and planted strawberries, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, radishes and cantaloupe. We just completed and planted a large corn only garden and could get as much as 2000 ears of sweet corn. We will sell/barter some, process some for our food stocks and use some to fatten our local deer population. Needless to say, we will be expanding our canning operations considerably this year.

    John Gault … somewhere in Georgia…

  13. Here are some links that may be of help with your new radio. There great radios by the way, Especially for the money.

    This is a good ham radio primer.

  14. Talk around the world with your cell phone. Turn it into a ham radio.
    Get your ticket (license) and check out Echolink.
    Eezzy peezzy.

  15. Just moved from San Jose Kalifornia to Bedford Texas and getting started. Left a great deal of my preps with my daughters. “My Recent Preps” Purchased a Big Berkey, set my potatoes in the garden and modified some pvc containers and garden bed to try my hand at Mittleider style of gardening with my bucket container style. They got a lot of gophers out here in DFW. Just got a 9mm lee hand loader, bought some back up silver rods for my CS generator, got a case of DAK ham this week.

  16. Regarding good, strong hiking books I recommend you consider army surplus paratrooper boots.
    I bought a pair of German army para boots, used, for the equivalent of US$60. They are strong enough to support the ankles of a combat-laden German para after he’s jumped from an aircraft, and their tongue is sewn inside the eyes so they are sealed and waterproof to their tops, about three inches above the ankle. As second-hand they have been softened for me by some German para so they are very comfy, and I’m pleased with mine.

  17. Please post your seed bank menu you may have insights and ideas that I don’t have. I want to build my seed bank but I’m not sure what to buy. The biggest issue is GMO seeds that will not produce seeds that will grow anything.

  18. Your post makes me want to get crackin on my supplies again too ~ as said above, same things have depleted and need to be restocked. My storage area right now is a 2nd bedroom as I’m kinda in a limbo situation right now ~ living in a 2 bdrm guesthouse while I try to find a property w some acreage and low enough for single income to purchase; running into catch 22 ~ if property is low enough for me to purchase, it also has reasons then that it won’t finance. (I have to do a FHA 3.5% loan) anyhoo the way around this is to find short sales and be patient ~ so Im in the waiting game on a short sale for an 1 acre place 2 story farm house ; and possibly another. Frustrates me (besides the above LOL) but I so want to get started on my aquaponics greenhouse plans and chickens etc and (boo hoo) can’t yet. But I can store up on other supplies. My 2nd bdrm looks like a campers / survivalists store LOL 😉 Thx for the re-boot in that area 🙂

    Well… very busy here. Sold my condo and paid off my homestead (big sigh of relief).
    Bought and assembled chicken hutch and run and now watching over 6 chicks (Reds).
    Bought and loaded my back-up freezer with about 50 lbs of chicken, ground pork and beef, sausage, salmon and cajun crab cakes in anticipation of a long canning weekend.( I’ll be eating the salmon and crab)
    Received a M4 air soft (training) rifle that I immediately used to run a neighbors intrusive pit bull out of my property.
    Received a MPPT charge controller for my back-up solar cells, I’ll soon be able to test that 400W system out.
    Received a dozen carbon arrows for my compound bow and a brake bleeder vac pump.
    Received a .22 conversion kit for my AR and concluded a burial test on a shotgun that has been under ground for a few months in heavy rain (no PVC, just a plastic wrap. came thru fine)
    Strategically situating some 20″ high raised grow beds to double as cover.
    I have two garages full of tools and misc. equipment that was moved and stacked from my old home that I must now sort through and store away in some sort of order.
    gotta go call my lawn guy to pressure clean the fish farm tanks. Regards, D.

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