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What a stressful week. Flew by and now the weekend is almost over. Spent Saturday running kids around and then out for dinner with friends – then the “after-party”. I pretty much got nothing done that I had hoped for.

I have recently connected with a group of 5 like-minded individuals. We have met on a few occasions and will be doing so again this week. I am hoping that the five of us will gel – and develop a support system which will be mutually beneficial for all. What exactly is the goal of the group? That is still developing. Looks like we all live within 30 miles or so of each other – so that is good. We all have our individual goals and objectives. We will be working to get to know each other better and see what happens from there.

As far as specific preps recently – its been slow.



I did pick up 2500 rounds of .22LR CCI Mini-Mag’s via a partnered deal. They are now sold out. I bought a H&R Pardner 12 gauge shotgun off my nephew.  Looks like the H&R is a Chinese copy of a Remington 870 with many parts interchangeable. Looking to make this a project gun and working on identifying the parts replacement to be done.


I also picked up a new Choate Ruger 10/22 M4-style stock. I am looking to also pick up a new Ruger 10/22 but they are prety much absent from shelves. So – I may take one of my current 10/22’s and start my newest 10/22 Project. I am loving this stock. Check out Choate’s website for more info.

I picked up a couple hundred more rounds of 5.56 along with 100 rounds of 9mm. When I picked up the shotgun I also got an assortment of shells including 00-buck, slugs and bird shot.

I also picked up some knee pads (not jokes please).  Knee pads are very useful whenever have to kneel down on a hard surface.

That’s about it.

What preps have YOU gotten recently?

– Rourke

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  1. My biggest purchase this week was 2 ceramic Berkey water filters. So now I have 4 of those and I feel comfortable with my water purifacation. Added 6 packs of 3-0 silk suture packs and 2 packs of absobable sutures Lidocane with Epinephrine and without. Hit up my local goodwill found a small pressure cooker brought it home tested it out on some greenbeans it works great, can’t beat that for 2.00. picked up 1 20rd box .270 1 100rd box 9mm and 1 50rd box .40 s&w. Found 5 five gallon kerosene jugs at the county dumpster, someone had set them off beside the dumpster one half full of kerosene. I thought to myself as I looked them over for cracks and holes some people will always be sheeple. Also someone set out a carpet shampooer brought it home too tried it out works great.

  2. We bought an H&R 12 ga Pardner Pump last year as our home defense shotgun. My wife and I finally got a chance to shoot it while on vacation at our ranch a couple of weekends back. It seemed to shoot well for us. My wife was pretty nervous about it at first, but ended up taking 5-6 shots with it so I think that helped her get over her recoil fears. The gun is kinda heavy compared to some other shotguns so the recoil isn’t bad. We’ll test it out some more on our next trip to our ranch.

    I went to the local gun shop on Friday (Larry’s Pistol & Pawn which is pretty much the biggest dealer in North Alabama) and was surprised at the inventory they had. They didn’t have as much stock and ammo as they used to before the run. But they did have all the major caliber ammo in stock including 9mm, .40S&W, .45ACP, .308, .30-30, .223/5.56, .22LR, .30-06, 7.62×39, etc. Most ammo had a limit of one case or 2-3 boxes (depending on how much they had) per person per day but they did have it all. He also had the big 1000 ct boxes of large and small pistol primers. I probably should have bought some of those. They had some AK and 10/22 high cap mags but didn’t see any AR-15 mags. They had a rack full of AR-15’s (Windham, S&W, Colt, DPMS, etc.), maybe a half-dozen or so Mosin-Nagants, some AK-47s (mostly WASR-10’s though), lots of shotguns and bolt action rifles, and a decent selection of semi-auto pistols still. He didn’t have any Ruger 10/22’s, but he had a decent Marlin .22 rifle… really holding out for a 10/22 though. It encouraged me that there was still stuff available here. Not sure how long it will last.

    Our major “prep” for the week was buying a top-of-the-line hot plate to allow my wife to use her new pressure canner since it doesn’t work on our glass topped stove at our primary residence.

    • RocketCityPrepper –

      Practice….practice….practice. Definently get your wife used to the H&R. I have yet to have my own wife shoot any of my shotguns. Rather, I have concentrated on basic marksmanship shooting .22LR pistols and rifles.

      I think he shotgun will be next.

      Thanks and take care – Rourke

  3. Within the last month decided to get more training through the red cross (shelter management & disaster assessment), took a grid down medical class, bought more medical supplies, worked on upgrading to general ham license, bought some spare parts for our primary defense firearms, rotated out a bunch of outdated MREs, found a source of firewood for free, got in touch with local community garden to increase our garden & try out a few new things. We’ve decided to move toward learning and using than just buying stuff – especially not to turn into the typical guns/ammo prepper that are everywhere today, also we started on a exercise program and lastly starting to network with others on a local level.

  4. I feel your pain, hauled a queen size box spring and mattress home on top of my wrangler yesterday. Looking forward to organizing our food storage and canning supplies on the shelving I just finished. Keep up the great work!

  5. I found a stash of about 400 rounds of 5.56 that I had “lost” about a year ago. Haha, like a kid at Christmas because some of it was my “good” ammo (Hornady Superformance BTHP). Received the scope I had ordered and a pair of WileyX glasses. Rourke, good call on the knee pads. People don’t think about the possibility of kneeling down hard on a sharp rock/glass/stick (possibly while being shot at) and having it puncture your skin, or worse cut/damage a tendon. You look kind of gay, but it beats not having two good knees.

    • Jesse –

      Experience teaches. Many games of paintball have ended with scuffed up knee’s from kneeling behind bunkers and crawling. Knee pads are a big help.


  6. My brother and I, closed on 20 acres in montana. Has creek , big trees , every big game animal in north america (justification to carry my super redhawk Alaskan in 454 cassull).Resceived 1000 large rifle primers that were backordered . Also 200 rds of 223 tula, know its crap but I think its a investment. Nothing wrong with kneepads (unless they earn you a promotion, sorry couldnt resist) If you trash a knee in bad times yer screwed. thanks for the read.

  7. Received a couple C-mags (good price $430 for 2) from back order, 200 fletches for arrows and cross bow bolts, gathered the makings of an air canon, some un-named items for the TAC shed and assembled a few cache tubes. Neighbors dropped off a breaker box for the solar battery shack. Pretty light month actually.

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