Recent fitness gains….

Over the last several weeks I have made some strides working out. Fitness is an aspect of preparedness not often discussed – unless you are a frequent visitor to Ryan’s site.

Started getting up and running in the morning. Not long distance – about a mile. Really gets the metabolism going. I continue to do Crossfit and I coach a Cardio HIIT class on Tuesday nights. I have been feeling like lifting heavy so that’s what I have been doing.

Bench press – 280 for 1 rep. Front squat – 245 for 1 rep. For whatever reason I like front squats more than back. Back squat 265 for 1 rep. Deadlift – 365 for 1 rep. Clean – 1 rep of 185…..barely.

Ball Slams!!!!

I find as I get older working out is getting more and more important. Not necessarily always weightlifting or Crossfit but ANYTHING – running, walking, biking, HIIT, etc.

If interested in reading a little more on my thoughts on fitness – check out my FITNESS page here on ModernSurvivalOnline.

– – – Rourke

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  1. I too believe in being physically, mentally and spiritually fit. I have been training all of my life and at 67 I still keep training. My Doctor told me to stop lifting the heavy weights like I did in my 20s thru 50s and I told him it was no problem as I can’t lift like the good old muscle head days…..

    Being an old vet and retired LEO, personal responsibility in maintaining one’s physical self is very crucial to enjoying retirement and being able to protect your loved ones. I have 2 acres that keep me in shape, I’m constantly up and down the hills, my wife and I enjoy biking, hiking, shooting, weight training and our grandchildren.

    My 90 year old Dad who still works out 3 days a week and is a volunteer with the Chula Vista PD’s RSVP program gave me advice when I retired. He told me the secret to living a long health life was to “Stay off the Couch” and never stop moving. Plus a good Scotch and water every evening and staying in the game of life.

    All of his friends have long passed because once they retired they just laid around on the couch, watched TV and got so fat they eventually couldn’t get off the couch and a couple literally died on their couch.

    Just wanted to throw in my two cents worth and the commend you for all of your great articles and life survival tips.
    Best to all,
    Wm Bruce Edwards

  2. To me exercise is part of life, just like water, food and rest are. When you take this approach it is a lot easier to stay with it. You need it to live approach!!!

    Also what is up with the knee that requires a brace?

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