Recent firearms training…..

This past weekend I attended a pistol and carbine training course. It was fantastic and I learned much more than I expected. Between different stances and tweaks to my grip holding my M&P9 – I saw a dramatic improvement in recoil control and accuracy. 

A more thorough, full review will be coming. My instructor is just now opening a new firearms training service in the Charlotte, NC area and looks to offer  great combination of training AND customer service – at great prices. I want to tell more – but will wait for the review.


Looking forward to my next class.


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  1. The forward grip hand looks great! I changed from a vertical grip to a horizontal and it made a ton of difference! Keep up the good work mate!

  2. I’ve taken four different handgun classes since obtaining my permit in ’11…attended many IDPA matches locally, passed the SafetyOfficer courses for both NRA and IDPA. This last June I attended two different rifle classes as I just acquired my first AR-15…lots of details, things to practice…and all a ton of fun as well!!

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