Recent event a “wake up” call

The other day I had something happen that was kind of a “wake up” call.

A co-worker – who was on vacation in process of moving – called me at work. This is how the conversation went:

Co-worker: “Are you sitting at your desk?”

Rourke: “Yes – why?”

Co-worker: “I need you to bring up bring up”

Rourke: “Done. It’s up.”

Co-worker: “What’s going on?”

Rourke: “What do you mean? What’s up?”

Co-worker: “I am standing outside my apartment and there are planes everywhere. I have never seen so many planes in the sky at one time. Something must be going on.”

Rourke: “Well, I don’t see anything. I am sure they are just going to Charlotte.”

Co-worker: “Rourke – I am counting 15 planes coming from all different directions all heading the same way.”

Rourke: “That is a lot. If you hear of anything call me. If I hear of anything I will let you know.”

From that point we hung up.

I decided to go to my regular information site – and see what I could find.

I clicked on the “US” tab and there was a news announcement stating that there was a large fuel explosion at the Miami International Airport. I thought that maybe that was it – but doubted it. I called my friend back and told him about it.

Co-worker: “That might be it. We just saw 5 fighters go by flying the opposite way the planes are heading.”

Rourke: “You sure they were fighters?”

Co-worker: “No doubt about it. They were flying higher than the other planes but you could see them.”

I told him I had to go. Honestly I was getting nervous wondering if something significant was happening. I called my wife and when she answered this is how it went down:

Rourke: “Lisa – I need you to listen to me and if you do not understand you need to let me know.” I went on to explain everything my co-worker had told me.

“If something has happened an you get wind of it – I need you to go pick up up youngest – then go get the oldest – and go straight home. This will be your responsibility. I will drive straight home and meet you there.”

Mrs. Rourke: “OK – what do you think it is?”

Rourke: “Probably nothing at all. Keep in mind that as long as we have cell phone service we can stay in communication – but if we do not have cell phones – just go to the elementary school and then to the middle school – then home. I will be there as soon as I can.”

She agreed and that was it.

Now – as I am sure you are aware it was nothing – a false alarm. Luckily. This “event” got my blood flowing and got me thinking as well. I need to get my wife on board with preparedness.

She puts up with me, my blog, and the extra food and such – but she is certainly not a believer. If…..when something significant happens I need her to be ready and know what to do. Right now – the rest of the family is way to dependent on me.

Time to have THE TALK and see if I can get her to swallow the red pill.

Wish me luck.


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20 thoughts on “Recent event a “wake up” call”

  1. I hope that she understands that it is out of love that you want her to be ready. It is vital that the whole family be on board with the plan and understands their part in it. I sure hope that it all goes over well and she understands where you are coming from. Good luck man.

  2. I’ve found that it works to every few days, find a news story of some local disaster or SHTF in another part of the country. Talk to the wife about the article and then, “what would we do if that happened here?” It really opens her eyes to the fact that you are not overreacting and that it CAN happen “here.”

    Great post!

  3. WOW! That sure would have gotten me into alert mode…holy cow (did you get to find out what it was?)
    I would have the same problem with my Mrs.. over the last few months I have tried talking about little things here and there as to not get the “your crazy, Mr.!” look. But with all that sad stuff goin on in the world right now she tends to be a littel more open to certain ideas and we have been storing food and basic neccessities anyway since we got married, but to talk to her about the need for an emergency plan when out of the home is still faaaaaar away. For some reason she thinks that all that uprising and civil disorder in Africa could never happen here in Germany. Problem is that if Europe, for whatever reason, is goin BOOM! we are stuck right in the middle of it…probably couldn’t even make it to the next sea port 🙁

    • M.Kleinert –

      Never found out what it was. The guy might have been outside at just the right time – who knows. Maybe there was something but it was not publicized.

      Thanks – Rourke

  4. If your wife already “puts up” with you storing extra food and being prepared in other ways, she is probably half way there already. My wife and I kinda took the red pill together. We watch a lot of documentaries online and news from international sources. When we started seeing the trends around us, we both felt there was no choice but to prepare. We each have our own ideas about just what we are preparing for, but the more we work on this together, the more we are developing a singular focus.

  5. As I have heard before, “You can take it orally or have it rectally inserted but you WILL be taking the red pill”.

    Good luck with “The Talk” Rourke, my ex-wfe took it well after her first hurricane (my third) and agreed that “some” extra supplies would be ok (we lived on a military base at the time). On 9/11 after the FAA closed the skies, I had the “good fortune” to be driving -285 around Atlanta and was cringing after Hartsfield opened all five runways to incoming traffic. One plane every 15 seconds, after that morning’s events, made me a bit nervous.

    M.Kleinert I hope your wife sees the light soon. The recent riots/unrest in France, Greece and Spain should have shown the need for some sort of emergency plan or idea.

  6. Strange things going on these days, Rourke. I’m really not too sure what to make of what went down any more than you are, but I have to commend you for handling things the way you did. Maybe Mrs. Rourke is like Mrs. Rob (a non-believer in the high possibility of our world going topsy-turvy overnight), but despite all the raised eyebrows of the masses and, yes, sometimes even our own families, we must continue in a thoughtful and systematic manner to persevere and prepare for as many negative contingencies as possible. We owe that much to the ones we love. Good job.

    “Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

  7. it would also be good if you had one other adult, you could trust to pickup your children if you or the spouse could not. (a grand parent, aunt or uncle, that the children know well) “they” say you should also have a “secret password” worked out beforehand with the children. (we did, but in retrospect i’m not so sure it was a good idea)(they should never go anywhere, with anyone, they weren’t expecting in advance, probably including the police)

    there should also be a meetup spot where they know to wait for you. (only to be used if the house is on fire)

    whatever you and the wife agree to do, the procedures should be written down in a family emergency manual, kept in a safe place. (every business should have a written emergency manual too)

  8. My husband is on board. He’s very supportive of me storing extra food, water, etc. and the gear to go with it. Our problem is that he doesn’t know what we have, where I’ve stashed it (although he’d probably eventually find what he was looking for), or how to use it all. The family would be in trouble if dad were in charge of figuring out how to cook the food in the storage room. Which is why I have also stocked a bunch of easy cook meals like canned chili and soups and freeze dried meals–to give him time to figure out how to use the wheat, beans, rice, and other basics. 🙂 Good luck with your wife–hope it goes well for you and your family.

  9. I’m in the unusual position of being more gung-ho about prepping than my husband. We just started our lifestyle change though, so hopefully he’ll get on board more as time goes on. When your wife does get on board (and I think she will) I’m sure she’ll really appreciate all you’ve done.

  10. I totally know what you mean. I have done most if not all the prepping by myself and as long as she follows my directions, things should be fine. My wife is so dependent on fast food and instant service I don’t know what she will do if TSHTF. The other day, while home with the kids on her day off from work I found she took the kids to McD’s for breakfast and I was thinking, “I have 30 pounds of pancake mix, five bottles of syrup and 25 pounds of peanut butter and you had to go to McD’s for breakfast???”. I remember on 9/11 here in mid-Missouri I got a call from her that evening when she was driving home from work all worried and concerned because there was long lines at the gas stations. I calmly told her not to worry and just get home. My wife is a worrier, so I just let her do all the worrying for us.

  11. Rourke,
    Maybe the airliners were redirected from Miami?
    The fighters…. maybe they had something to do with the Libyan OP…
    I know that the B2s used over there were flying out of Missouri.
    They may have been an escort.

    Good luck with the wife…
    My wife’s eyes glaze over when we discuss what’s going on around the world but
    she absolutely understands the big picture.

    BTW… the fire in Miami put us on edge up here as well. It is very suspicious, they still
    haven’t come up with a plausible reason for it. OSHA, FAA, DOT and NEC regs have pretty much
    eliminated fires like this. IMO, if it were a code violation they would have announced it by now.

    • Justus –

      Thanks for the comments. Pretty strange stuff with the fuel fire in Miami.

      As far as the wife – it is going to take some work…….a lot of work.


  12. I sure hope you get your wife to see that this is not an ‘over-the-top’ reaction on your part. I am a 59 year old woman who is prepping with my grown kids. Canning meat/poultry, dehydrating, storing water and canned goods etc. We live in Canada, but the sense of urgency is a global one now and when one topples the other follows.

    As one site stated ‘better to be a year early, than one day late’….wise advice.

    Good luck to you and your family, I think you’re on the right track.

  13. Having grown up on a farm for the most part I was blessed to marry a lady who Ive known since I was 6 and she was 3.
    She gives me zero grief about being prepared for anything…although I will say here as I tell others, I am not a prepper as they call themselves, I am prepared…its a lifestyle not a fad or a trend,Ive lived like this for over 40 years,farming,canning cooking building ect,I have no plans to change how I live this side the divide.
    I suspect people who are new to this way of thinking are sometimes a bit overwhelmed by the idea…maybe feeling deep down inside that if they dont aknowledge the problem it wont really matter,or it isnt really real,persuasion takes time and alot of patience from wathing other couples work this issue out to each others satisfaction,regardless I wish you the best in your quest!

  14. Wow! Judging by what I read, I reckon I am a lucky man! My wife is COMPLETELY on board with me in regards to prepping. As we used to say in the Army. “Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance”, aka, the 6 P’s! Rourke, that was a smart move! Here in small town Kentucky, we are pretty lucky, we are fairly isolated yet close enough to be aware.
    Thunder 7

  15. You might look into a better source of “news”. If you are going to Fox for the latest and greatest you’ll be a day late and a bullet short!

  16. LOL I’ve just had the same talk with my wife. I think she may think I’m a little crazy but he trust me so at this point that’s all I can ask for. Thanks for posting this now I know I’m not alone

  17. I don’t think you can ever be too prepared. You and your wifes survival is always paramount, thats why we all have jobs. Some people just don’t understand that getting life necessities in order first may make things less stressful even if we are a bit paranoid.


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