Recent additions to the preparedness stash….

Over the past couple weeks I have picked up a few things to add to the stockpile – here are a few examples:
  • 500 rounds Federal XM-193F 5.56mm cartridges
  • Stanley 5 Watt LED Spotlight – This thing is impressive: rechargeable, 192 lumens, super intense beam – well worth the price
  • Food – I have ramped up my food storage program and added a decent supply of canned goods such as Beef Stew and fruits, as well as some potato flakes, etc. Getting ready to start some mylar packaging shortly.
  • ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent – I have 3 of these now and they do a decent job with the skeeters.
  • Tools – I am no mechanic but I have started picking up an assortment of tools. I have had some but they are scattered everywhere – so organizing is also part of the equation. I am shopping the clearance sections at stores and finding some decent deals.
  • Toilet Paper – SAM’s club sells these huge boxes of toilet paper for around $20.00. I try t pick up an extra box every trip to SAM’s.
  • I picked up another dutch oven – this time a Lodge Logic 5 quart pre-seasoned oven. I fund it on clearance at Target for $14.00. Good deal.

I have picked up a few other things as well – just can’t remember. I will tell you this – that Stanely 5 Watt LED spotlight – I am really impressed. It has a very concentrated beam rather than a wide floodlight. Penetrates the dark extremely well.


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  1. Oh sounds great we too have ramped up my food storage . This weekend we canned 67 pints of sweet corn and 13 pints of green beans . We are going to can some apples later today as well as make some apple butter . I found at food lion the chef Boyardee pepperoni pizza kit that has a best by date of June 2012 . We use to make these things all the time . We also bought 10 dozen pint canning jars and an extra 48 lids . Dollar general had them on sale .

  2. I was wonderring what you will be using the mylar bags for. I bought some about six months ago and haven’t used them yet. Is there anything they are particularly good for?

    • Elizabeth H –

      Mylar is good for storing dry goods. With an oxygen absorber inside the mylar bag and sealed – many foods such as rice and beans can be stored for over 20 years.

      Will be doing a post on this shortly.

      Thanks –


  3. Our extra bedroom has turned into a food bunker the past few months, lots of store bought can goods and a bit of the 25-year shelf life can food items. We have also put back flour, sugar, & rice in 5-gallon food grade buckets. We are now focused on medical supplies (over the counter stuff) toothpaste, soap, toilet paper and matches! I have major concerns regarding bullets & temporary shelter items like rope, tarps, & tools in case we have to bug out for a little while because I am sure I will forget some vital item!

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