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Ready Made Resources was one of my very first sponsors. As a longtime leader in the preparedness market these folks don’t just preach preparedness – they practice it.

Owner Robert Griswold lives on a 25 acre homestead in the heart of the Smokey Mountain. Whether it is a complete off-grid solar system or preparing for any conceivable disaster they can help.

The website has recently been redesigned and is absolutely beautiful. It is user friendly and easy to navigate to find what you are looking for. Selection of emergency preparedness products is massive with great prices.

A few other things to know:

  • 15 pre-1965 dimes included with every $100 in Mountain House food ordered
  • Most items sold are shipped free
  • A Failure of Civility – this is a book sold out across the Internet. Ready Made Resources has it in stock and I highly recommend it.

Pictures from Robert Griswold’s homestead…..

Of particular note – right now there is a special promotion for every purchase of an ITT Upgraded PVS-14 Gen 3+ Night Vision Device the buyer will receive FREE – 30 Mountain House food pouches, 20 infrared Chemical lights, and an Autogated Weapons Mount. Price: $2945 (reg. $3495) – 10 Year Warranty!

AR-15 with PVS-14 Night Vision plus Aimpoint

These are 100% USA made ITT parts.  These are premium units, they come with Spec Sheets and have a 2300 Photo sensitivity and a 23:1 Signal to noise. Includes a 64LP ITT Pinnacle Tube. Much Higher than Mil-Spec units.



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  1. Off topic but related – A friend recently joined the volunteer police which is supposed to help out with large events .This is somehow connected to Homeland Sec also. She recently retired (age 65) She needs to get a pistol permit. Sounds like the urban police dept is training folks for something…hmmm. Has anyone else experienced this ? I will keep you posted as she progresses in training etc. Arlene

  2. I was looking at the deadwood stove and I was wondering if there was free shipping on this item if it is I will order one as soon as I get your reply thanks


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