Re: Spring is here – almost time to till my garden

In response to my mentioning getting ready to till up my garden  I received the following. Figured it was worth sharing:


Hi John

I would like to share the MANTIS Tiller with you and

We have had the MANTIS for several years now and it
is so easy and does what they say it will.  This
MANTIS is a small lightweight tiller that goes
through about anything.  We have used to till our
garden – lay some pipelines and dig some trenches.
This tiller is a eating machine – even goes through
plywood (that shows in their video).

The only problem that I had in the 6 years we have
owned was caused by me.  Left old gas in instead of
draining and running machine dry.  Had to take in to
have the lines blown and carburetor rebuilt.

Please check out

It in only $299 with free shipping and a lifetime
warranty.  When we bought ours they even had a ‘try
for one year and if you do not like send back for
full refund’.

We sure like ours.

Hope you share this with your readers – great machine!!!



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  1. why do you like it? what features make it better than other tillers? would the perfect tiller for me be defined by how large my growing space is or by the type of soil, or maybe by how deep I wish to till? Do tell!

  2. Rick,

    What part of the country do you live in and what is your soil constancy? The advertisement always shows it working in already worked soil. Clay soils are hard on even commercial equipment. It would be interesting to see how well it does against this.

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