Re-post: Stag Arms AR-15 .223/5.56 Carbine


About 1 year ago I purchased this Stag AR-15 along with an assortment  high capacity magazines. Planned as one of my main defensive weapons – I am very pleased with the fit and quality. I have taken it to the range on several occasions and found it to be accurate and very reliable with all magazines used.

I actually started buying AR magazines before I had the weapon. I did this for a couple of reasons. First – prices had started climbing due to the fear of a potential Democrat Congress/Democrat President combo. Second – my own fear that the weapons/magazine ban that occurred years ago would be reinstated at some point after the Presidential election should Obama win. So – I was bought several Magpul, Brownell’s, C-Product, and a few others. I also purchased and am maintaining approx 1,000 rounds of ammo.

I choose the flat top receiver as I intended to add a red-dot sight. So far – just open sights for me – red dot is planned. You may notice that it is a left-handed version, another reason I choose the Stag.

Upcoming I will be stocking up on additional .223 Rem ammo – attending several gun shows hoping to find some good deals. Prior to buying the Stag I gave it some serious thought as to the next firearm I wanted to add to my survival battery. Looked hard at some larger caliber weapons, but finally decided on the AR. Why you might ask?

  • Lightweight
  • Availability of magazines
  • Availability of accessories
  • Ammunition is common and relatively inexpensive (although prices have increased over the last couple of years)
  • It is a proven design (the modern AR)
  • It’s effective range is within any distances I feel I would need it in
  • and….to be honest the damn thing is just flat out sexy!

Maybe an AK will be next – but for now I have many other survival purchases that must take precedent before the Shumer hits the fan.

Take care all –


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  1. A little heretical, but for a larger caliber (AKA ‘Virginia redneck deer rifle”), consider an SKS – the Chinese “AK Knockoff”, now built all over the former “Eastern Bloc”. Semi-auto 6.62×39 . Same basic AK action. Mine was $250 with a fiberglass stock that takes 30 rd. banana mags, and a decent scope already mounted. Mags are $10-$20 each. Ammo is cheap in bulk. Yes, I’d like an AK47. Yes, I’d like a Saiga in 12ga. Then again, cheap is good, too.

  2. Love my AR used one from 88-01 in the military never failed me. Bought one when I got out. Not sure if it would be a wise buy right now with ammo getting hard to find for it. A AK or a SKS would probably be a better choice. I have seen more 7.62×39 than .223/5.56 on the shelves.

  3. after 6 years in the military, and seeing countless m16’s and ar’s, this is the first one I’ve seen that ejects on the left side! is this a picture from looking in a mirror?

    • Douglas –

      You are correct – it ejects on the let side. I am left handed and although I have always shot semi-auto’s that eject close to my face I saw the Stag LH model and bought it.


  4. I have been reserching for some time now, and I have decided on the AR-15 myself. Like you said Rourke, it is light weight, almost no kick and very easy to use. I grew up on 30/30’s, 12 gauge, 22’s, standard bow & compound bow, but I no longer have the hand strength to hold/fire anything with a big kick, or that has a stiff pull (pump, bolt, or bow string). Arthritis sugeries (hands) have made that decision for me. I plan to have a “T-Pull” added to my Walther P-22 so that I can pull the slide. The AR-15 already has a pull similar to a “T-Pull” that makes it perfect for me. For those folks with hand issues, I highly recommend checking weapons out in person to see if they will be able to use it. If possible, I also recommend going to the nearest Cabela’s store (or one like it) because most (if not all) have an indoor test range where you can try out different weapons yourself. Cabella’s also sells (less $$ than new) used weapons that they have gone through, so they are as good as new. We drove 3 hours to the nearest Cabella’s and did not leave empty handed. My husband bought a (used) Cammoflauged Remington 22 Tacticle with 3 bananas, a cleaning-maintainance kit, & some sort of battery powered window-site that I have never seen before…all for $249. Don’t know what the prices would be elsewhere in the US, but we are on the west coast in Oregon. Oh, and Rourke…When we get the siting, scope, & monitor (had to order it from back east) I will send you pics of my husband and his setup. He is in a wheelchair, paralyzed from shoulders down, and this will be his 1st year back hunting since 1977 (injured in the military at the age of 18…now 54). 35 years ago. Or you can go to the site They specialize in gun mounts for the disabled. I will let you know when setup is complete.

  5. Perhaps a lame, non-TEOWAKI reason for my personal pick, but in my home state, it is illegal to shoot a non-varmint critter bigger than a squirrel for dinner with a 5.56/.223 caliber firearm – .23 cal, or larger specified. Unless I go “Beowulf”, at ridiculous expense, the AR platform becomes a varmint-gun/intruder-shooter
    “Alton-Brown-style-unitasker” while rule of law can still get you fined/jailed, and i don’t want to deal with either consequence. I can legally knock down a deer, or a “zombie” with the AK/SKS platform, or a .303 Lee-Enfield, for that matter, and get a 3:1 advantage on the guns and ammo. I guess I’m a cheap ol’ SOB. Just food for thought.

  6. @Judy,
    After helping out an old friend w/spina bifida (in a chair basically since birth and living in a crime-ridden city area), if your husband wants to fire a 12ga. shotgun, do so across the axis of the armrests, not straight ahead. My buddy laughed ihs butt off on the ‘ride’ at the range, but the brake on the chair is worthless. Just a heads-up.

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