Re: Emergency Food Supplies and Young People

Mr. Rourke,


I really enjoyed the article Emergency Food Supplies and Young People, but it left out one VERY important item that will affect many people right away, and then subside.  People have food stores, but they don’t eat the type of food in them very often.  When I was growing up, my parents bought a few thousand dollars of freeze dried food, so we would be prepared.  When the expiration dates started to approach we started trying to utilize this food in our daily meals.  Needless to say we threw a lot of it away since it was just awful food.  I am sure if I were starving I would have eaten it, but it was not good at all.


Many people will find that when they change their Current daily eating habits to what they have in their food storage it will cause them some gastric distress.  We saw this a lot when doing longer term survival training with Marine’s and Navy SEAL’s.  Even when they have things like MRE’s, it is a change from their daily dietary regimen.  For kid’s who do not have the best diet habits this will be exacerbated.


For example let’s look at some kids current diet and then what it may change to:


Breakfast:  Some Sugary Cereal (at least a couple of bowls) with 2% milk, and MAYBE a piece of fruit.


Lunch:   Processed food provided courtesy of the local school, with a sugar filled chocolate milk, a fruit cup in heavy syrup, and a desert item of some sort.

(When I attended school with my son for a day I ate what he ate for lunch…well I tried to anyway.  It’s just that I have never had pizza that tasted that bad before so I skipped it)


Dinner:  Pasta, with bottled marinara (A LOT of sugar, and the vegetables have lost much of their nutrients), with Garlic Bread (made from a French loaf they got at the store).


Okay to say that this diet is high in Simple Carbohydrates and very processed is an understatement.  That wonderful Garlic Bread made on the French loaf…well that bread is basically white bread and will turn to glucose in their blood as fast as if they drank a sugary soda.


That all being said let’s look at what some people I know have for emergencies and think they are prepared for a disaster with.


Breakfast:  8 Grain hot cereal.  Non-fat dehydrated milk reconstituted with water.  Dehydrated or freeze dried fruit.


Lunch:  Dehydrated cup of soup, or some type of Asian noodle dish that you add hot water too.


Dinner:  Bean and Rice dish cooked to make a complete protein.


Breakfast:  That yummy whole grain cereal they bought is great nutrition, but if your body isn’t used to dealing with whole grains then you may want to stay away from any open flames as you will be ‘off-gassing’ as your GI tract gets used to it.  Not to mention that if they have never had reconstituted milk, they may be in for a slight flavor change.  I would recommend trying different types, since there is a difference in flavors.  Also in an emergency Non-Fat is not always what you need.


Lunch:  While not unusual even for non-emergency times, is high in salt and not very filling as those calories are pretty empty.  Also will you even have hot water for lunch?  If not, you could make it with cold water, but would they eat it cold?


Dinner:  I could eat beans and rice any time, but then again I like it, and eat it all the time.  I know what to add to the beans and rice to make it yummy as well, and have those items in my food storage.   If I had to cook beans and rice with only salt and pepper, I don’t know if even I could eat that all the time.  And yes it does make a complete protein, but then again you get the issue with gastric distension.  You could try a freeze dried meal made from a can they purchased from, but those have a slightly different flavor as well some times.


I guess my point is that I am a believer that if you want to reduce the stress you will already be feeling during an emergency situation, then incorporate your food storage into your daily life so that you are not dealing with another big change.  Have fun trying different things so that when you NEED to eat those things, they are not as foreign to your diet as they would be otherwise.  Not to mention your body will have an easier time adapting to the change in food if it is somewhat used to it.


As a last note, DON’T FORGET TO STORE SEASONINGS.  You will thank me for it later.


Thank you,



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  1. I grow, preserve and can a lot of my own food …. however I also wanted to supplement with some MREs … which brand do you recommend (or company) … I have been reading some terrible stories of people buy them only to receive packs that are either very near or past the expiration date.

  2. I cannot agree with you anti-sugar, anti-carb statements. Your body runs on sugar. It turns 100% of carbs into sugar. If it doesn’t get the sugar it must have to function it can turn fat and protein into sugar. Unless you have diabetes eating sugar and carbs won’t harm you. Even now while you are thinking of a rebuttle your mind is burning sugar to think. Flour and rice won’t hurt you neither will sugar. It doesn’t cause diabetes because diabetes is genetic, you get if from your parents not your food. Sugar is a excellent food storage item, it won’t go bad and it is pure energy.

    • GWTW – There is tremendous evidence that that today’s high carb/high sugar eating is terrible for the human body. There is a reason why most of AMerica is overweight and it isn’t just gluten – it’s sugar.

      Type-1 diabetes is genetic – while Type-2 often is diet related.


  3. GWTW, i’m diabetic and don’t believe it’s hereditary for all. I ate and drank my way to diabetes. High caloric foods and drink caused my pancreas to overwork to produce insulin. Once they had enough of producing huge quantities, they burned out and stopped. I am losing weight and eating better choices. Hopefully i will be around long enough to test my Prepper skills.

  4. If diabetes were caused by your diet then the rate would go up as our diet went downhill. But the rate is the same today as it was 50 or 100 years ago. It is different for different races which also contradicts the belief that diet cause it. In fact in all cases it is genetic. You can eat all the sugar and carbs you want to and if you do not have genetically caused diabetes it won’t give you diabetes and it won’t overwork your pancreas. It might appear to you that you don’t have diabetes when you are young because it often takes years before the symptoms become obvious. Thus when you get older, usually 20’s and 30’s and your diabetes symptoms become serious enough that you seek medical help it does indeed appear that you “caught” diabetes and since our MSM reinforces this belief that our diet is bad you jump to the conclusion that a bad diet gave you diabetes. Of course to make this leap of faith you must also ignore the fact that 70-80% of Americans don’t have diabetes.

    We all pretty much eat the same stuff. And yet 20% or so of us are obese. 28% of African Americans, a similar percentage for hispanics and Indians and about 15% for those with European heritage. Again, why would sugar hit the minorities so bad and leave the Europeans thinner? But think about this, if 20% of Americans are obese then 80% of Americans are not! Yet we all eat the same crap. If sugar caused obesity or diabetes we would all be obese with diabetes. Both are genetic just as thinness is genetic. If you want to see a country (an entire continent) that is obese go to Africa. And yet they don’t eat a lot of sugar or refined foods.

    You cannot survive without sugar. You can get it from carbs or if you eat a (fad) paleodiet you can get it from protein and fat but you must have it.

    I have no problem with someone choosing to reduce the sugar (or gluten, red meat, all meat, processed foods, white flour, fat, carbs, dairy, etc.) in their diet. But be aware it is a fad as in makes no scientific sense unless you have a disease that requires a specific diet, it just pleases your biases. To then suggest that everyone should eliminate sugar (or gluten, red meat, all meat, processed foods, white flour, fat, carbs, dairy, etc.) because they will magically be healthy is silly. If you have a disease or allergy and a specific diet helps treat it or reduce the symptoms then by all means follow your doctors advice. If you don’t have a disease or allergy requiring a special diet it is meaningless.

    • GWTW –

      I appreciate your comments but this is getting out of hand. Diabetes is a global pandemic and he rate per capita has more than doubled in the past 3 decades. Right now – today – nearly 1 in 10 people IN THE WORLD have diabetes. The rate in the United States is skyrocketing. Does genetics play role? Certainly. There are chain smokers that live to be 85 years old and then there are those that never smoke and die of a heart attack at 35. Those are abnormalities and should not be looked at to base decisions nor opinions on a population as a rule. High sugar diets are bad for you….period. For anyone to suggest anything different? I don’t know what to say.

      By the way – Paleo is not a fad. Yours and my ancestors ate Paleo for hundreds of years – if not longer.

      Comments closed.


  5. And yet here we go again with GWTW I’m telling you guys this person is a troll or works for the goverment. I have/had diabetes. I lived 35 years with no diabetes all of a sudden at a doctors visit I have it. Took pills for it my dad was taking shots. We started our homestead I lost 100 pounds dad lost 50. I go back to the doctors and I don’t have diabetes, dad goes to doctor and his blood sugar is normal. He still checks it every now and then still normal. The doctor plainly told me my diabetes was brought on by obesity. If you lose the weight you will lose the diabetes shore enough it worked. Now GWTW I have to ask do you have diabetes if so Quit blaming your genetics and lose weight it works trust me I did it. And OBTW try drinking raw milk it’s healthy for you.

  6. What you are experiencing is the symptoms not “the diabetes”. Id you have diabetes then a correct diet and excercise will hekp your symptoms and will also mitigate some of the unseen health problems associated with diabetes.

    I do not have diabetes. I am 70 years old and drink soda, have sugar in my coffee eat snacks every night which is either chocolate or chips but I prefer fresh chocolate chip cookies. I went to the movie today and ate an entire extra large popcorn as my lunch washed down with a extra large soda. I don’t always eat junkfood but I do whan I want to. I don’t need to lose weight I am a BMI of 26. When I was younger I was a perfect 27.5. I have never been overweight just lucky I guess. I sympathize with people who have weight problems which is why I think the truth is better then the myths and old wives tales.

    Still trying to bait me with the raw milk?

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