Re: Are people digging in?


Digging in? Some of us never really dug out. I, like you Rourke, am a child of the Cold War. The Russian Bear and global communism were rampant. Terrorism was everywhere. 


Let’s take at step back to the early 80’s shall we?
Increasing tensions between Ukraine and Russia and Russia and the United States.
Remember when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan?  I do. Why did they do it? To help the pro-soviet government. Sort of like… pro-Russian rebels… in Crimea or eastern Ukraine. 


Illegal immigrants pouring into this country by the thousands threatening us with disease and corruption of our way of life.
Anyone else remember the great Cuban boat float in the early 80s? Last person to leave Florida please take the flag? What are the first words out of an Cuban floatilla child? “Attention Kmart shoppers…”

Potential terror threats as radical Islamism gains power and become more motivated….and capable.


Terror threats? Look ’em up (even if your forgot). Iranian Embassy siege, The Bologna Massacre (not your sandwich), the 80s Synagogue bombings,  Azbakiyah Syria bomb, Pan Am Flight 830, The Marine Barracks Bombing, 1983 US Embassy bombing, the 1983 US Senate bombing and the icing on the cake (even though it was two years before) The US Embassy in Tehran. 

Folks, outside of the Tehran Embassy all those terrorist incidents would be worldwide and shocking to the core when reported by today’s  24/7 mainstream media. I only used 36 months of the 80s, there are many many many more terrorist incidents. Pan Am 103, Rome Airport, West German Nightclub.
If we had CNN, Sky, or Fox News back then they would have been all over the place. We had 30 minutes of  John Chancellor reading the international/national news with a 5 minute “feel good story” at the end.
Notice I never said anything about Israel? I believe Israel has never had a year of peace. I wish they would, but they never will. As long as someone is pissed at Israel, Israel is going to be pissed at that person.
 Ebola is spreading AND mutating with the potential to become airborne.
Ebola IS spreading AND mutating. The potential to become airbourne? Remote, but better with the more ppl it infects. I can think of another African-bourne illness that terrorized us in the 80s…
Except we didn’t know it as HIV. AIDS was everywhere. You could get it from kissing, from a vending machine, from halloween candy. Rock Hudson dying of it only made it worse.


Race tensions are growing and progress made over decades are threatened to be reversed.

I will say this… about that. Having grown up in the (deep and dark) south I still live by this creedo. (oh and the x refers to black and white freeloaders, tweakers, crackheads, methheads and all around scum of life)
Act like an asshole(x) get treated like an asshole (x).
Good people of all races look down on bad people of their race. They shake their head and realize that this purple, brown, yellow, red, white person has just made everyone of their race look bad.
I don’t like meth head crackers. I’m white and I drive an ambulance to pick these F*&@s up.
Political division is growing as Conservatism and Liberalism grow further apart. Continued fiscal irresponsibility as the Federal Debt grows well over 17 trillion dollars with no sign of slowing. Healthcare is getting more and more expensive  and quality of care for many decreases. Rights of citizens continue to be broken as governmental stomping on our Constitutional rights happen.
I think the political party system in this country is 40% of what is wrong with this country. You are Left or right. Well I’m very far right…. but I have libaterian and tea party ideas as well. Not a good fit for the C-Span market.
 The speeches Ronald Reagan made against big government ring true, even more so now that I am older. Youtube them.
I am sure many people may say that there have been numerous times in the past when it seemed pretty dire and everything turned out OK. 
Based on this entry… would you like me to talk about 1938?
The world is a crappy place. It has been and always will be as long as one man (person) can’t get along with another.
As far as a tipping point? No.
As survivalists, ahem, preppers we should look to the past to attempt to see the future.
Terrorism? Check
Random shootings? Check
Race riot? Not probable
World War? Not Probable
Pandemic? Probable (not from Ebola), read the news
You loosing your job? SHTF and have you planned for it?
Keep the faith,


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9 thoughts on “Re: Are people digging in?”

  1. Great post – I heard on the End Times Prophecy program that there have been
    worldwide 31,000 terrorist attacks and attempts to attack worldwide within the past few years !!!
    Mike right on re the dollar.
    Now is the time to prepare as fully as possible and to pray harder than ever.-and to tell our loved ones how much we love them and to enjoy our blessings every day. Arlene

    PS With so many school children in Colorado and 9 other states getting ill makes me wonder where those germs are coming from.

  2. I remember all those things, and yes we have been in tough times before, however not with so much national debt.
    I wonder how long they can prop up the dollar. Pray hard indeed! Prep hard as well!

  3. Music to my ears! NOT THAT I WANT TO HEAR THAT SONG, THOUGH! However, I hold similar thoughts and memories. I joined the Army in 1980, largely motivated by the Iranians seizing our Embassy, taking our personnel hostage and burning our flag. I tried to sign up in 1979, but my parents refused to consent (I was still 17) because they knew my plans were Airborne Infantry. Yes, we faced powerful foes and adversity back then. Economically, we were in the dumps. The difference between then and now, Ronald Reagan was a GREAT LEADER! We stood up to evil with a “Peace Through Strength” attitude. I cannot say with confidence that we’re following those successful plans now! In my opinion, our present leadership is SELLING OUT TO OUR ENEMIES. I believe the Obama Administration is deliberately collapsing the economy in order to destroy America as a Capitalist nation. Barry has smuggled TENS OF THOUSANDS OF MOSLEM REFUGEES INTO THE UNITED STATES. HE HAS INVITED EVEN MORE ILLEGALS IMMIGRANTS HERE FROM CENTRAL AMERICA. I think we more closer to MONUMENTAL CATASTROPHE every single day…….


  5. I believe we’ve faced far greater challenges in the past than we face today. As has been hinted at already, things are different today. With a self absorbed citizenry equipped with a short attention span and questionable reasoning skills, they can’t be counted on to help set things right, or to even understand what right is.

    They, meaning those who pull the levers and grease the skids of the global (and our) economy have so grossly over-manipulated the system that all its logic has been lost. Our financial system is now a ponzi scheme pillaging the future earnings of our children, and their children, and their children’s children. Today, those parsing out the facts and figures treat them as a shell game in which no pea can be found, it’s a rigged game. Just look how last weeks jobs report was treated. Only 142k jobs created, half of those are of the low wage variety. The number of good paying manufacturing jobs created was “0”. The participation rate of working age Americans hit another high, and the average wage fell again, yet the unemployment rate dropped to 6.1%. Corks popped and the champagne flowed, and the stock market hit another high. This is not sustainable…. it’s math.

    I imagine that many must think that things are getting better everywhere else but where they are, they’re wrong. I don’t know when, but if things don’t change our economy will eventually turn to dust. What can’t be sustained …won’t be…

  6. Obama is a Manchurian President with an Agenda. The Infrastructures of society are collapsing in on it self nationally and globally. The Fiat Dollar is past the point of no return IMHO. We are in stage #1 of ROL, with WROL not far behind.


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