A Rant about Political Correctness

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by Derrick Krane

The following is all my opinion so I could be wrong about some things

Opening thoughts:

Here we are::

  • Radical Islamic terrorists driving trucks or vans into crowds, or stabbing people. If you say anything negative about the religious-political system of Islam, you are a racist, bigot, xenophobe, and Islamaphobe.
  • Christians being mocked and persecuted and Islam being venerated as a Religion of Peace. No, I am not a racist. If the Methodists, Lutherans, and Baptists start flying planes into skyscrapers, plowing trucks into crowds, and blowing shit up, then I will have a big problem with them. Right now, Radical Muslim terrorists are the focus. BTW, racism is inapplicable here, since Islam is a religious- political system which transcends race.
  • Illegal aliens who murder American citizens. If you even use the term illegal alien, you are a racist, bigot, and xenophobe.
  • Vegetarians telling me what I can eat. If you eat meat, chicken or fish, you are a murderer.
  • Young men dressing like women. The other day, I saw a young man wearing a thigh length skirt, fishnet stockings, and a tank top. If you think this is strange or it makes you uncomfortable, or you would refuse to hire him, you are transphobic.
  • Young women who try to look like men. If you think this is strange or it makes you uncomfortable, you are transphobic and are limited by gender roles.
  • Feminists ignoring the oppression, rape and murder of women in Islamic nations because they are busy wearing vagina hats and marching and preoccupied with men who sit with their legs apart. We have testicles and it is more comfortable to sit that way.
  • LGBT advocates ignoring the oppression and execution of gay men in accordance with Sharia law.
  • Antifa thugs assaulting conservatives. If you are a conservative, you are a fascist and a Nazi.
  • Black Lives Matter ignoring the violence among young Black men. Martin Luther King would be ashamed of you.
  • Overpaid football players kneeling for the national anthem and not doing a thing to help inner city youth, or work with police departments to improve relations and dialogue.
  • Progressives who want to turn the clock back 200 years and take more immigrants into an already overcrowded and socially burdened country. We don’t need immigrants anymore; we have no vacancies.
  • Peace activists who want to cut the military to the bone and will yell in your face and threaten you if you disagree.
  • An education system focused on social justice issues instead of science, math, classical literature, our history, and general life and career prep.
  • Spoiled students who want safe spaces, instead of intellectual arenas where they can vigorously debate ideas and expand their knowledge and question their beliefs.
  • A mental health system focused on social justice issues instead of healing the mentally ill, addicted, and emotionally overburdened.
  • Hollywood pushing social justice issues instead of providing entertainment and a few hours escape from an often unpleasant reality.
  • Celebrities who make idiot statements like I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. Madonna, you used to be so sexy and you produced such great music. Now I can’t stand the sight of you or the sound of your voice.
  • People who want to disarm me so I can’t defend myself and think only the police should have guns yet they hate the police. How confusing.
  • Cops getting shot by scumbags who should not have been on the street.
  • Inmates suing correctional facilities for trivial matters.
  • White males being marginalized. No I am not in the KKK but neither am I ashamed to be White. I am proud of my white heritage. Strong Black men should be proud of theirs, and whatever race you are, if you have contributed something, own it and be proud of it, and who you are. Celebrate the best of your culture, while acknowledging and changing the worst aspects. The racial divide in this nation is yet another product of the Eight Years of Disaster aka the Obama Administration.
  • Children being told they can choose their gender and becoming confused about whom they are.
  • ISIS and their beheadings and slavery. They are all but defeated. Good riddance and fuck you all.
  • Boko Haram and their kidnappings of young black girls (BLM, do you even know or care about this?) and murder of Christians.
  • Hamas and their burning kites. Environmentalists, why aren’t you over their protesting about the fires burning down farmland?
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center putting pretty much anyone who has a different world view from them on a Hate-group list, and their approximately 280 million dollars of assets and approximately 47 million dollar annual income. They don’t sound too impoverished to me.
  • The free fall decline of Western Civilization

I am Deplorable

Hello everybody.

According to some people I should be executed. Specifically, I should be hung or beheaded.

According to some, by voting as I saw fit, I have committed an act of terrorism.

I am deplorable.

What makes me so heinous?

I am a white male.

I eat meat, and especially love bacon, though rotisserie chicken and beef brisket are also among my favorites.

I love women, particularly redheads.

I own guns.

I love red-haired women who own guns.

I believe in freedom of speech, and the right to bear arms, and our other cherished, time tested rights in the Constitution.

I am a republican.

I am a capitalist.

I voted for Donald Trump.

I am a patriotic American, who believes America and Americans should come first.

I recognize the achievements of Western Civilization.

I believe America should have the most powerful military in the world, that we should defend ourselves and our national interests, be loyal friends and partners to our allies, protector of weaker nations, and stay the hands of our enemies by filling their hearts with fear, hesitation and doubt.

I believe those who have served our nation deserve our respect and gratitude.

I believe that police officers, along with firefighters and EMS who work to keep the peace and save lives on our streets and cities and deserve our recognition, respect, and gratitude.

I don’t forget Corrections officers away from the public eye, inside facilities surrounded by convicted and often violent criminals, and Parole/Probation officers who manage offenders in the community, and ER doctors, nurses, and staff who clean up the damage done by criminals to their victims.

I believe in a Being that created all of Heaven and Earth and Time and Space and has authority over all.

These views make me a minority in my social justice infiltrated and contaminated professions of academia and behavioral health care. I find it very ironic and hypocritical that those on the far end of the political spectrum from me and those like me are so hateful, intolerant, violent, and cruel. They preach compassion and tolerance for all, yet are quick to launch into self-righteousness outrage over the slightest challenge to their beliefs. A dissenting opinion is reflexively shut down and silenced as hate speech, or met with threats, or silenced by the volume of a childish display of rage. Screaming at the sky has become an accepted behavior among the whack-jobs on the left.

If anyone on the left is reading this, I do not expect any of you to agree with my opinions, arguments, or point of view. Nor did you have to. Nor will I agree with most of yours, though I am willing to hear you and consider your point of view. My belief system is frequently examined and changing as I learn new things and integrates some, and discards others. This is called dialectical thinking, and it is an integral part of being a mature functioning adult.

You are free not only to disagree, but to mock and ridicule my beliefs, and I will certainly disagree with you, and mock and ridicule your more extreme points of view. This is called freedom of speech. This means:

  • You are not free to suppress my point of view.
  • You are not free to censor my speech or writing.
  • You do not get to choose my words for me, though I may say things that offend someone’s delicate sensitivities
  • You may not tell me how to express myself, though you may launch into moral outrage over my choice of words.
  • And you are absolutely not ever, ever, justified to try and bring violence because we have differing points of view.

I do urge you to reconsider and question your assumptions and beliefs, and to entertain the possibility that you could be wrong. Ask yourself if you are behaving like a sheep or a lemming, if you have drank the Kool-Aid, and if the opinions you hold are truly your own, or if you have just abdicated your free will and allowed your head to be filled with whatever is popular and trendy? Which thoughts are yours vs. which thoughts have you allowed others to plant in your head?

My personal introduction to political correctness

I was an undergraduate sitting in a psychology course, and the discussion somehow turned to political correctness. I expressed the opinion that it was the worst idea ever conceived. A young lady in the class threw an air punch at me and said POW. Wait a minute: Isn’t part political correctness being respectful to other people? You want to do violence to me because I disagree with you. Isn’t that in itself politically incorrect? The contradictory hypocrisy was immediately evident among the PC crowd.

Human services and academia have been so infiltrated by the cancer of political correctness. I have heard much less about political correctness in BHC (Behavioral Health Care0. I never realize how much it affected BHC until my first time working in the field, as a monitor at a halfway house for the severely and chronically mentally ill. The place oozed of PC.

We were told never say that drives me crazy when frustrated, say that drives me to distraction. How idiotic. Stop trying to control thinking and behavior by controlling language. Stop trying to micromanage words. The patients in the house referred to themselves as crazy. I also found you are not supposed to use the word patient you are supposed to use the word consumer; I have said this to my peers and colleagues why don’t we just call them patients like the medical and dental professions, and all other types of health care? Well they are consumers soft psychiatric services one brainwashed social worker replied when I brought this up.

Why justify and buy into this insanity? This is a social fascism which wants to regulate free speech under the guide of showing respect and not giving offense. Political correctness is all consuming, like a virus or a cancer. It is a hungry monster that can never be filled up. The more you feed it the stronger it gets, it can never be satisfied.

The origins of Political Correctness

Where did this come from? PC is rooted in Marxism. To be politically correct in the Soviet Union was to follow the party line, or predominant doctrines of the government. It was about obedience, groupthink, marching in lockstep, and not questioning what you are told.

This is intended to prevent dissension, and maximize efficiency, and keep the ruling political party firmly entrenched in power. This type of thinking has infiltrated Western nations, first as a social trend, though of late, aspects of it are being codified into law.

The impact of political correctness

Twisted priorities

Early in my career, I worked with the severely and chronically mentally ill. We supervised about 8 to 12 people there with severe mentally illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder. They were frequently suicidal; some could not maintain even minimal personal hygiene. They were largely disabled and 24 hour. staffing was required. They are a vulnerable population very prone to criminal victimization.

A patient was being targeted and groomed by a convicted rapist. We were having a meeting to discuss the best way to deal with this situation. He was a sexual predator who saw her as an easy target. I referred to him as a scumbag. A supervisor barked at me, and told me that my words were offensive. I was told that I needed to learn to value all. I was written up about it, it was mentioned again in a review a few months later.

If you are an adult your emotions are your responsibility so if my words offend you I really don’t give a shit. Value all? I will not value a convicted rapist, a violent sexual predator that victimizes the weakest members of our society, and contributes nothing to society but only takes. The supervisor who was so outraged by my words was a woman. Shouldn’t she be outraged over this rapist and work to protect women?

I thought I was protecting this woman and sticking up for her. He was a predator and scavenger. That makes you a scumbag. This girl had no judgment, was desperate for affection and attention, naïve, weak, and helpless. I thought it was my job to keep her safe. But this supervisor was more worried about my use of the word scumbag rather than protecting someone weak.

Besides, she had the right to choose who she had a relationship with, and people change, even rapists, and he deserved another chance. Rapists need love too. This is a departure from reality. This supervisor needed the full contents of the med cabinet to bring her back to reality.

Libs defend criminals and indulge criminals. They excuse the most heinous behaviors, forget their victims, and make criminals into these poor victims of the criminal justice system, and are so outraged if they are held accountable for their actions. This is referred to as permission to proceed. When law enforcement and or society do not stop an offender early in their criminal career, they tend to continue and escalate their criminal behavior.

Many of the offenders I have spoken to who are older, a little wiser, and getting out of the criminal life have said I wish someone had stopped me when I was 15. I would have a very different life right now. I would have a good job and be a good father. They are filled with regret.

You cannot give offenders permission to proceed, both for their own good and for the protection of their victims. We have a severely fucked up legal system. Right is wrong, wrong is right. Too many Americans have lost their way, and their moral compass is spinning.

The Impact of Political Correctness: The Feminization of Men

American men are being turned into pussies. American men have become effeminized due to PC’ness and the extreme liberalism of America. Effeminized men are discouraged from acting like men. It is bad to refer to yourself as a man if you are an adult male. You are supposed to refer to yourself as a person. You are no longer supposed to say sex or gender. If you are not a transsexual you are referred to as cis-gendered.

Men are villianified. There is something wrong with traditional male values, and heterosexuality. I have heard terms like heteronormative- that to promote heterosexuality, love between a man and woman, and procreation of the species is inherently wrong and narrow minded.

To call someone homophobic because they find homosexual behavior revolting is to label them as hateful or fearful of homosexuals. This term prevents dissension and argument by making a broad sweeping generalization and assumption. I prefer to drive a Toyota. I would not consider owning another type of vehicle. That is my preference. That does not mean I hate or fear other cars.

Beta-boys and Girly men

Basically these are men who do not embrace stereotypical male characteristics of competition, dominance and strength, or projecting authority confidence and courage. They are weak mentally and physically, whiny, sniveling, and entitled. They don’t even dress or look like men.

They have no motivation, initiative or ambition; they wear pink and other pastel colors, and skinny jeans. The ideal traditional male values include finding humor in that which is crude and graphic, acting decisive, forceful, assertive, confrontational, competitive, insistent, and strong, but protective of the weak, and compassionate toward all.

Toxic masculinity

When the left talks about toxic masculinity, they are referring to the very worst male behaviors. There is another word for this. It is called immaturity, which by definition typically fades over time, or at it’s very worst, sociopathy, which only gets worse. These bad behaviors are found in both genders and all races.

Some people hurt others, in whatever way they can, with a casual indifference, or sadistic pleasure. Most people grow up, grow out of these behaviors, learn to treat people better, and feel a good amount of shame and remorse when they recall their past behaviors. What about toxic femininity? There is such a thing. In my town I saw an ad for a discussion on toxic whiteness. Imagine the outrage if there had been a discussion on toxic blackness. Bad behavior is human and transcends race and gender.

Male privilege

Male privilege is another catchphrase. I am all for it. Where do I go to get mine? How do I sign up for this? I am not trying to be the victim or feel sorry for myself but I do not feel too privileged. Life is hard; life is a struggle at times. It is not easy making an honest living. I am in debt with student loans, and I have to work very hard every day to maintain my life; there are so many obstacles and barriers to success.

I am heavily taxed for being self-employed; I don’t have health insurance because I can’t justify $800 a month off the ObamaCare disaster Health Exchange. I work with the unwanted of society (addicts and criminals) and get very little thanks for it, and don’t get paid enough for it. I am much more predisposed to heart disease than women, and have a shorter lifespan, and there is fucking hair growing everywhere on me except my head. So if there is a place where I can get my Male Privilege, some government office where I need to fill out some forms, please tell me.

Male privilege is a real thing, but not the way the hand wringing whiners on the left say. It is a privilege to be a man, and I am proud to be a man. There is also Female privilege. If you are a man or a woman, embrace it and all of the advantages it entails. Delight in who you are.

If you feel confused about who you are there is psychotherapy (find a good psychotherapist who listens, not a social justice warrior with an agenda to push) and medication that can be used before things are taken to an extreme. The epidemic proportions of transgenderism is a psychosocial trend which many youth, trying to find their identity, are embracing. It is sick. Gender re-assignment surgery aka mutilation is also irreversible. Choose carefully.

There are two genders’ men and women. Those who have gender dysphoric disorder suffer terribly. To look in the mirror and not recognize the most fundamental aspect of one’s identity must be torturous. The answer is not to dress in the clothing of the opposite sex. The answer is not to have yourself surgically mutilated. The answer is psychotherapy, medication, and working on acceptance of oneself.

One last point on masculinity and the diminishment thereof:

Here is a little thing which drives me crazy. Creamy aftershaves. It rubs the lotion all over; it does this when it’s told. Oh no, it stings and burns my sensitive face. I want something creamy that will soothe and moisturize my face.

Don’t be a pussy. Try traditional Men’s aftershaves, loaded with alcohol which will sting when you slap it on. Good classic aftershaves are Brut, Old Spice, or Aqua Velva Or try Midnight Stag by Chiseled face aftershave, which is a newcomer to the market. How can you not get behind an aftershave with a name like that?

It is disgusting what men have become, and it is not over yet. Men, act like men. Eat bacon and a steak, wrap the steak in bacon and serve it with ketchup. Drink black coffee. Go to the gym, and do bench presses, squats, and deadlifts. Go to a range and fire a gun. Use alcohol –based aftershaves. We have become pussified and weakened. Let’s put a stop to the weakening of American men.

The impact of political correctness: Personal responsibility vs victimhood

I was taking a Social Problems course, a survey course of various problems in the US, including drugs, crime, poverty, domestic violence and child abuse. Various theories as to the root of social problems were explored, such as labeling theory, learning theory, sociocultural theory, differential association theory, and positivism theory.

The Common denominator in all of these theories was that every human behavior was attributed to some external cause, which reduced or negated personal responsibility. I asked the professor is anything anyone’s fault anymore, he answered, yeah, that is Classical theory; we were not really get into that.

Why not? Because is it a counterpoint to all of the social Marxism poison that student’s minds are being injected with? I found this thinking to become very prominent in academia: because we understand the cause of a behavior, it excuses the behavior. we understand the behavior, so it absolves responsibility.

Years later I am teaching college students. I teach classical theory to my students along with the other theories that I don’t even agree with, so they can choose.

The premises of classical theory are, according to Cesare Beccaria, author of On Crimes and Punishments (1763) stated:

1) People have free will to choose how to act, including choices that are harmful to oneself or others.

2) Deterrence is based upon the human being as a hedonist who seeks pleasure and avoids pain, and a rational calculator weighing up the costs/benefits of the consequences of each action. Is the juice worth the squeeze?

3) Punishment can deter people from crime, as the costs outweigh benefits.

4) The more swift and certain the punishment, the more effective it is in deterring criminal behavior.

5) Therefore, one chooses criminal and other bad behavior

In a rational human being, our intellect operates over our emotions. We are ultimately responsible for our behavior. We make choices. When we make bad choices; we have to assume the consequences. This theory emphasizes the role of free will, and the power inherent within the act of free will.

We are constantly weighing our options, we are asking ourselves is the juice worth the squeeze? Will there be a reward or consequences I don’t want to deal with. This is how we go about our decision making process.

Many factors influence our behavior but we still have free will, including genetics and environment, and socio-cultural factors influence out behavior. There is a big leap from understand a behavior to excusing the behavior.

There is a predominant lack of responsibility among too many Americans. We have become such a wonderfully tolerant society. Our tolerance has been broadly expanded and is sadly misguided. The consequence is a no-fault society. We tolerate terrorists and pedophiles. I find it so ironic that so many people on the left are so tolerant, but are so intolerant of white straight male republicans.

It seem like there is an assumed right to not be offended? You can sue someone if they hurt your feelings. Where do I sign up for this? I am going to crank up my sensitivity level to maximize my profits. I am offended 20 times a day.

I was having a discussion with a colleague in the break room. Someone walking by in the hallway thought I was speaking “too graphically”. They reported me to the head of the Gestapo; excuse me, the corporate compliance officer. I get them and the Gestapo mixed up so often. They went to the Thought Police, oops, I mean HR, who went to my supervisor. I was called in for a corrective interview. I am surprised they didn’t send me to room 101. (Read Orwell’s 1984 for clarification).

Another place where victimhood is manifested and embraces is the workplace. Too many workplaces are full of people who have no loyalty to their coworkers. They betray and backstab over slights, consulting a third party, e.g., management or HR over the most minor conflicts. Those in charge indulge their whining.

This promotes an atmosphere of paranoia, lack of trust, poor morale, lowered productivity, and high turnover. People do not learn how to communicate compromise, negotiate, or resolve interpersonal conflict. These are all basic business and life skills. Crying to a supervisor is a behavior that should have been discarded by third grade.

The Impact of Political Correctness: Cultural & Moral Relativism

This is the idea that all cultures are of equal value. The hypocrisy and contradictions of the left are at work again. Part of culture is the historical time period. If all cultures are of equal value, why do leftists have such a big problem with American history?

Are there things we could be doing better in the US? Yes, absolutely. Don’t struggle to re-invent the wheel. If someone, somewhere in the world is already doing something that works well, let’s learn from it, and adapt it. For example, we should be consulting more with our Israeli friends on matters of counter terrorism and school security.

Moral relativism goes hand in hand with cultural relativism. Anything goes. Anything goes thinking and action is dangerous. Limits and boundaries are good things. They keep you from falling off the edge of the cliff. I will not value cultural practices such as honor killings.

Conclusion: Political Correctness is the greatest Threat to Western Civilization

The greatest threat to western civilization is not ISIS, al-Qaeda, fascists, communists, or illegal aliens, or interstellar aliens, killer cyborgs or psychotic clones. It is out of control political correctness.

Hypersensitivity leading to suppression of free speech

The capital of the state of Vermont is called Montpelier. People around New England refer to the city as Mt. Peculiar. It is meant to reflect some of the quirkiness of the city. Quirky is the word to describe it, it is intended as a compliment. Even the local liberal newspaper calls it Mt. Peculiar. I had someone come up to me and say that you shouldn’t say that, someone from Montpelier might be offended. Give me a break. Are you serious? I think it time to dial down the sensitivity levels a little bit if you find that offensive.

Is there anything you can say these days that does not offend someone? I am meta-offended; I am offended by those who are offended. Social fascism is here. Anything you say can get you in trouble. Some group or some individual will find it offensive. You will be accused of inflicting of a microaggression in someone. Where do people come up with this shit?

I think this another clear example how liberal politically thought is a mental illness. It just progresses and spreads out. Political correctness is s cancer, a virus, a poison. It removes all joy from life, renders us all emotionally sterile, where we will focus on one thing only, not offending anyone. When I am offended, I do not get paid in compensation, I often do not get an apology for it or do I expect any. Suck it up and deal with it.

But the precious little snowflakes as they have come to be called, have to take offense at the most minor petty, trivial words, and with their greatly inflated sense of sensitivity have to blow things very much out of proportion. They become outraged, dramatic and hysterical. This is not healthy on multiple levels. It is stifling and weakens people. Why would you want to do things that make you weaker like being protected from all offense? That is insane.

Erosion of out cherished traditions

I had a supervisor who epitomized political correctness. We had to call Thanksgiving Fall Harvest day so we don’t offend someone’s delicate sensitivity. We received an email telling us not to say Merry Christmas as it might offend someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

This type of nonsense reached levels of insanity. This is thought control and brainwashing. PC speech makes heinous things presentable to public consumption. It takes very ugly things and makes them acceptable. It takes the mundane and trivial and makes it offensive, and re-writes the past. Thought, then behavior, anything can be made normal with sufficient exposure. Those on the right want to be righteous, but they have no idea they have no limits or boundaries.

National suicide

The first time I recall being exposed to someone who made hateful statements about our nation was about 1994. The US was victorious in Desert Storm, aka the first gulf war. Saddam Hussein had been spared, and was again threatening the US. I was discussing this with a colleague who said with awe, you gotta admire him, he just keeps comin back. I hope he kicks our asses.

I was stunned. You admire Saddam Hussein because he survived a war with his neighbor Iran, then the US led invasion when he grabbed Kuwait. He keeps coming back so you admire him. That is like admiring cancer that keeps coming back. You hope he kicks our asses.

You want to see Americans killed, and our military defeated. I don’t understand. Why do too many Americans hate America? Our government has its problems. Our history is bloody and violent. We are flawed and imperfect human beings

But the solution is to hate your nation, and wish victory to our enemies and death and defeat to our military? The solution to our bloodied past is to take down statues of slave owners or confederate generals? To refuse to stand for our national anthem? To stomp on the American flag?

There are injustices in our country, I don’t deny that. Can you show me a nation where there are not? It is a matter of degree. On the extreme end, you have Iran and North Korea. The US is on the opposite far end. We are not perfect, but we have a system of checks and balance which keeps the injustice to a minimum compared to other parts of the world.

Final Thoughts

I draw the conclusions I have based on current world and national events, trends, and patterns. I am saddened and afraid for the future of our nation. The nature of change is that it is often a gradual process; especially change which takes hold and endures. But the changes resulting from PC are toxic, are moving too fast, and have too much momentum.

Where will this end? If trends continue unchecked, it will lead to a sterile, joyless, rigid, totalitarian state where people are disarmed, freedom of speech and expression is heavily regulated, our traditions are gone, and worship is not allowed except to pay homage to the state. It will be the end of America as we know it and the end of Western civilization as we have known it.

As I review the prior sentences, I reflect on how at one time I would have thought these words the rantings of a paranoid, cynical individual who had lost perspective. But perspective changes with life experience and exposure to new ideas.

Fight back against the poison of political correctness wherever and however you can. Do not be silent.

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About Derrick Krane 28 Articles
Derrick Krane is a conservative academic who has taught psychology and criminology for over 20 years at six different colleges. He is also a licensed clinician who provides psychotherapy to criminal offenders and victims of violent crimes and sexually based offense. He is the author of over 250 scholarly articles on various topics in criminology, psychology, neuroscience, addiction and politics. He resides in New England, and when he isn’t doing therapy, teaching or writing, he enjoys working out, taking photos, and reading classical literature. He is a patriotic, bacon eating, woman loving, (prefers tall brunettes with long hair, or short redheads with long hair, or short or tall blondes with long hair) Republican who is very pissed off about the directions our nation and Western Civilization are going. He hopes to increase awareness of the issues facing America, and help people develop strength and self-sufficiency.


  1. ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔THANK YOU SIR. How very very good it is to read such decent common sense, so sadly missing in today’s society. You are a real man, a very rare species in the world at the moment. Three cheers for your article , from a middle aged woman —so I certainly appreciate all your “rant”.

  2. you have nailed it….. ps applies to this Canadian white male as well

    don’t let the first name ‘Dale’ fool you. It carries two black belts and a shooting instructor rating as well

  3. WOW! You cannot be more accurate in your rant. We gotta be related! 🙂 I had taught terrorism classes for First Responders since 1993. One of my first “slides” in my PowerPoint was “I am NOT going to be politically correct and I am going to offend someone before class is over.” We are going to talk about taboo subjects normally not allowed in a firehouse or police station, and that will be religion and politics. Then it takes off from there. My very last slide of my presentation is a picture of a dead American eagle lying on a tattered American flag with the words “Political Correctness will be the downfall of this great country if we don’t wake up and start paying attention.”

    Thank-you for laying it all out whether some are ready for the reality of this world or not.

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