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Thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers regarding one of my martial arts instructors getting killed. Details are still coming in but it is really a shame. She was always extremely nice – always willing to help. I feel bad for all her students that will be coming to class this coming week (if the school is open) expecting to see her and finding out she is gone. Tons of kids were under her guidance – many as young as five. Thanks everyone.

  • Several customers are still awaiting their Survival & Preparedness DVDs. They are in the mail and everyone should receive theirs this week. If you do not – please email me: emergencycd (at) gmail.com. I apologize for the delay but found myself receiving quite a few more orders than I anticipated and was prepared for. lack of preparedness it would seem. Hmmm………


  • Went and saw a couple of movies this weekendCarrie and Escape Plan. Both were great and went above my expectations. Honestly I was not expecting much from Escape Plan – but Stallone and Arnold were impressive. Arnold looked like he was in pretty good shape since his govenator days. Saw Gravity last weekend and it was fantastic – especially in 3D. Sandra Bullock is as hot as ever (had to say it). 


  • I just received an Amazon order and am really impressed with the Cold Steel G.I. Tanto knife. At around $26.00 with free shipping it looks like a great deal. Future review coming.


  • Jennette sent me a link to a deal on 1,000 rounds of .223 Remington ammo for $389.00. Shipping for the month of October is only $13 and they are adding a bonus prize. Less than .40 cents around – not bad at all. 


  • SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com’s Editor-at-Large serventheart sent me a link to a news story about pews being removed from an 88 year old University of Chicago chapel to make room for Islamic prayers. Gee…..wonder why does this rub me the wrong way?


  • Getting ready to start another round of mylar-packing of food in buckets. Mostly rice, beans, and some pasta. Questions for any of you that do this as well:

What varieties of food do you mylar pack?

Do you have a system to decide what ratio’s of food types to put away?

Do you mix a variety of foods in one bucket or just one food type per bucket?


Gotta hit the sack.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday.


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  1. I really like to store the “soup” mixes when I do my mylar/oxy absorber packaging. I have wheat, beans, rice, banana slices (better than the banana chips because they are glazed with honey and taste better and they’re great for “treats”), lentils, etc. but I figure that a lot of what I’ll be cooking after “it” happens will be soups/stews and this mixture makes it so much easier to make the soups. I get it in 20 to 50 lbs. bags and also find it at my local Winco store in the bulk section.

  2. Since I have no plans on eating rice or beans myself, but am storing some to feed others in need, I do it a little differently. I put up about 5 lb Mylar bags of rice or beans, 4 to a bucket, as I figure that is about the right amount for a family for several days. My stores for us are more varied and appealing, and due to carbohydrate restrictions such starches are something we would avoid if at all possible.

  3. I haven’t reached the point of mylar/bucket storage…on a much smaller budget/scale, I have been vaccum sealing rice and beans and dang near anything else I can, including dog food, meats for the freezer, salt, sugar, etc. Got to watch my budget, I buy a lot off the ‘managers table’ at local store. Find that I need to get the roll of vacuum bags so I can seal my longer pastas too. Learning curve here…

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