Ramblings from John Gault’s Homestead

If you are a long time reader you may remember frequent commenter and sometime contributor John Gault. He comes around now and then but over the past couple years has written some fantastic stuff – and I thought I would share with those that maybe failed to read his work the first time around.

John Gault lives in Georgia on 40+ acres of country land. He left a good paying job and relocated to this small piece of paradise. John has been working his land and moving step-by-step towards building something he can not only call his own but provide a sanctuary from the busyness of city life. Another important benefit is this land offers up an avenue to preparing for what may await us in the future – specifically an economic collapse.

working the garden
John Gault working his land with his grandkids.

So, let’s get this started. Mr. Gault is no doubt Conservative in his beliefs and his concern for the future of this country is great. He just flat out has a way with words and speaking to an issue often in a way I wish I could.

In the following except taken from a post he wrote back in November of 2012 he discusses the threats that we all face:

The world as we know it may well end, but not because of any of these mystical, stupid or superstitious reasons. Eliminating those, we still have a multitude of reasons to prepare. Natural catastrophes from hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts and pandemics to polar shifts and the ever possible life-obliterating solar flare are all causes for hand wringing. Man made events can be even more worrying. Chemical spills, nuclear accidents, bio and nuclear terrorism and economic collapse are but a few.


My own family survived relatively intact a direct hit, and the aftermath of hurricane Hugo. Oh, seven days with no power, empty grocery store shelves, and our water needs met by draining the water heater were challenges we were ill prepared for, but compared to some of the possible scenarios listed above… it was a hay ride in a wagon full of cotton candy and pleasant dreams.


Should any of these events come to pass, there will be dangers everywhere, and none more able to do you harm than man himself. The Occupy Wall Street mentality is more wide spread than one might expect. Bad enough having skill-less, brain dead losers around in number when times are OK… never mind in a post Armageddon world, where they’d be coming at you, endlessly, like the zombies they are, hands outstretched, determined to take whatever you have.


The following is excerpted from a post published back in December of 2012. In it he discusses “economic collapse” and…well…you can read it for yourself:

As our government continues to bulldoze what’s left of our collective future I believe it’s time, past time really, to at least broach the subject of -Economic Collapse- and look at why so many are so worried about the ever increasing likelihood that our beloved country’s economy will eventually crumble to dust.


Today the “War on Poverty” is in full bloom, with a myriad of frontal assaults and flanking maneuvers, some going on for nearly 80 years, shouldn’t our elected officials occasionally give us the score, show us a chart or graph of their progress,  perhaps a tally of the body count –the decline each year in the number of the needy–.  But no, no charts, no graphs, no dwindling numbers and no victory speeches. Each year the need grows greater and the underclass grows larger. Although they resist all attempts to reconcile the books, we can take our own measured accounting.


Not including Social Security and Medicare:

*In 1991 41 million people lived in a household receiving aid. In 2011 that number had risen to 107 million. An increase of 161% while the population had increased just 24%.


*In 1991 23 million people received food stamps. Today it approaches 50 million.


*In 1992 3.45 million people were on disability, today 8.8 million are receiving disability checks and 1000 people are added daily.


*The long existing trend of falling wages continues, over the past four years, median income has dropped by over $4000.


So profound is the growth of the underclass, , it can no longer be attributed to FedGov’s incompetence. This is clearly by design, and all done behind the threadbare cloak of compassion.


In 2009 those receiving some form of welfare numbered 50.1 million, today it is 66.1 million. Public sector workers total 21.6 million. Combined that’s 87 million people who receive from some to all of their livelihood  from the private sector taxpayers, who number just 109 million. The imbalance is already severe, and expanding unabated. Since 1933 $15 trillion has been spent on the “War on Poverty”. Helping the helpless, the deserving with a hand up is admirable, caring for the feckless , the lazy and the irresponsible is proving to be economic suicide. One of the basic rules of life -if you reward bad behavior, you get more of it-, we are awash in it now. To this cautionary tale must be added the costs of SS, Medicare and Medicaid, which conveniently are all excluded from FedGov’s  annual operating budget.


Here Mr. Gault provides a few words on Gun Control…….

Gun control activists are taking a tall dive into a blue pool, not realizing the rocks are only a few inches below the surface. AR-15 platform guns are the de facto home defense and sporting arm, yet they argue a return to another era. They’ve been told times have passed them by but they continue to weld themselves to the past, not even knowing bolt-action hunting rifles were originally state of the art weapons of war. It’s understandable. They live in a chat-cocoon and say things like, “clips that hold twenty bullets”, which to knowledgeable ears sounds like, “them thar fancy shootin irons what reloads their own selves right out of a little box.” Yet somehow they’re qualified to tell others what they “need.” What’s next, gas lights? Vacuum tube computers?

Moonshiners make whiskey every day, with no help from industrial distillers. Prohibitions don’t work, won’t work and never have worked. But just to be sure, let’s see how the War on Drugs is doing. It’s going on eighty years now, we must be down to our very last Reefer Madman by now, and if not, a redoubling of effort is indicated.

They’ve been told and told, yet they chose to take this swan dive. So far they’re having a great time. You may want to avert your eyes when they smack against reality.


John Gault discusses how things used to be……

I’m old!
A staple of American self-esteem is that we are brave, free, independent, self-reliant, ruggedly individual, and disinclined to accept abuse from anyone. People lived, a great many of them, on farms where they planted their own crops, built their own barns, repaired their own trucks, and protected their own property.

If they wanted to swim buck nekkid in the creek, they swam buck nekkid. If whistle pigs were eating the corn, the family teenager would get his rifle and solve the problem. Government left them alone.

I say the following not as an old codger painting his youth in roseate hues that never were, but as serious sociology: We kids could get up on a summer morning, grab the .22 or .410, put it over our shoulder and go into the country store for ammunition, and no one looked twice. We could go by night to the dump to target-shoot rats, and no one cared. We could get our fishing poles and fish anywhere we pleased.

Call it “freedom.” We were free, and so were the country folk on their farms. Because we were free, we felt free. Things then changed. We became ever more a nation of employees of our government. Employees are not free. They fear the boss, fear dismissal, and become prisoners.

Self-reliance went. Few any longer can fix a car or the plumbing, grow food, hunt, bait a hook or install a new roof. Or defend themselves. To overstate barely, everyone depends on someone else, often the government, for everything.

Government came like a dust storm of fine choking powder, making its way into everything. You could no longer build a shed without a half-dozen permits and inspections. You couldn’t swim without a lifeguard, couldn’t use your canoe without Coast-Guard approved flotation devices and a card saying that you had taken an approved course in how to canoe. Cops proliferated with speed traps. The government began spying on email, requiring licenses and permits for everything, and deciding what could and could not be taught to one’s children, who one had to associate with, and what one could think about what or, more usually, whom.

We were told to value feelings over learning anything. Dodge ball and freeze tag became violence and heartless competition, giving way to cooperative group activities led by a caring adult. Security over freedom set in like a hard frost. We became afraid of second-hand smoke and swimming pools with a deep end. We began to outlaw large soft drinks and any word or expression that might offend anyone.

The echoes of the former America linger where I live, but for how long I’m unsure. Around here the terror of guns, of everything, makes no sense. If a fight breaks out, a robber shows up or the sky falls, the cops might be called… but only as an afterthought and well after the dust has settled. Here, we are still left mostly alone but I now know it won’t last forever. There will come a time, and soon I think, when nobody in America, ever again, is going to be left alone. Not ever.


Here Mr. Gault discusses some recent unemployment numbers (September 2013)…….

Willful stupidity….. nothing else can explain what is going on around here.

I ask, how can 1 million new claims for jobless benefits in August, coupled with only 180 thousand new jobs created (70% being part time, under 29 hours a week) result in the unemployment rate ticking down a notch? We’re 5 years into “Hope & Change” and I don’t see much change and hope seems to be all we’re left with and it’s getting harder to come by.. Oh I know, it’s all Dubbya’s fault.

No raise is coming this year and our healthcare coverage is in question, a 40% increase in cost ‘question’. Being the good solder I have taken it upon myself to see if
“THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT” could save us. 2 Months into research and phone calls and talking to 2 different navigators (who know less than I do) has yielded some answers and they aren’t promising. Some, a small minority will benefit, at the expense of the rest it would seem. I would think that we could have helped that small minority without screwing everything up…. guess not.

The facts and figures tell the real story but they are boring so better ignore them for now.. though we won’t be able to ignore them for much longer. For the foreseeable future our economy will continue to lie face down in a pool of red tape and debt.

I suspect that in a few years we will see a sea change come to this country. Our people are too great to be contained by a stagnant prosperity, little dreams, and big government, they need the freedom that comes from small government, booming prosperity, and huge dreams. We aren’t built for anything less…… so perhaps we will decide collectively to fix our willful stupidity.


John Gault’s take on Unions and Hostess:

The day came last week, that I never would have dreamed would come about. Hostess (founded in 1930) went Galt and shut down laying off 18,500. Hostess had been going through severe financial challenges, so renegotiation’s with the unions was no surprise. They had already been through bankruptcy and restructuring twice before, I believe. They were dealing with twelve unions and had even brokered a deal with the Teamsters. They offered the unions a 25% stake in the company, seats on their Board of Directors and 100 million in debt. All they asked for was an 8% cut in wages. The Baker’s Union would have none of it, so now they get a 100% cut in wages.

Labor leaders (who will be keeping their $200,000 a year positions) are of course blaming the EVIL capitalists, while slyly insinuating Bain Capital greed is at work, conveniently ignoring the fact it was the “greedy capitalist bastards” who have been investing their own capital and resources into the Hostess brands since 2001, trying to save the company.

So a beleaguered Hostess, after years of struggling under the yoke of a the union mindset and manipulation, despite the investment of millions by “evil greedy capitalist bastards” trying to keep it alive, has finally said, “you may take what I’ve built, but you don’t own me.” That’s the essence of going Galt.
The creative, productive, inventive minds behind what used to be Hostess will take their talent elsewhere. And what prize do the BLOOD SUCKING UNIONS win? Why, they get the carcass of the goose, the goose whose golden eggs used to feed 18,500 families.


Here is a comment that Mr. Gault left regarding our current administration and the last 5 years:

This is kinda pointless. It can’t possibly be made any clearer to any of us that the majority does not care about any of this. It’s to late to point a finger at Obama and yell MARXIST, SOCIALIST, BORN IN KENYA! It’s to late to explain to those who vote for Democrats who George Soros is and what he does with his riches, their far to busy wringing their hands over the Koch brothers, who employ over 50,000 of us and who provide 401k and healthcare benefits for their employees…. but they are the problem…. Ask any of these voters who Bill Ayers is, or who Obama’s self admitted (in his book) childhood mentor, Frank Marshall is, they haven’t a clue and don’t care and will never believe you. Do they know that Van Jones is a “truther” and was relieved of his czarship after he was accused, he denied and then video proof finally did him in…. no, they have no clue.. Do you really think that these voters understand that their votes support ‘late term’, ‘partial birth’ and ‘on demand’ abortion? That their votes support eliminating ‘school choice’ and now promote ‘common core’ in our schools. Sorry, but they can’t be bothered to understand any of it. But apparently they can understand when they are made customers to a marketplace they can’t say no to. They can understand when their health insurance premiums rise drastically. When their deductibles and out of pocket cost skyrocket…. We will see if they can still tell when they are repeatedly told an undeniable, bold-faced, flat-out, highlighted and underlined lie, or not. We will know in less than a year, when these people will have been losing coverage or have lost it already, forced to shop for new, lesser and more costly policies suffering sticker shock over higher premiums and deductibles and when the employer mandate kicks in and 45% of employees are pushed into the exchanges. And when everyone sees what the 2015 premium increases look like. Yes, in less than a year we’ll see just how far down the slippery slope we’ve fallen…..


Here John Gault mentions his recovery from Liberalism and the current state of affairs in government:

I was once a staunch Democrat and I have always been politically active. I remember lying in bed the night Reagan won against Carter and thinking it was the end. I was 20, married with 2 small children and the political side I believed in and volunteered for had been warning the nation of what would come if Reagan were to win. He would restart the draft, he would start WW3, he would kick the crutches out from under an already crippled economy… on and on were the warnings and I believed them all. Of course like most of america I realized it was all a lie and we witnessed one of the most complete and profound recoveries in our history and foreign policy victories that are as stunning today as way back when. Fast forward to today and it’s like stepping back in time. Credibility is in high demand but in short supply. Accountability is an abstract and truth is just nuance. I won’t offer a play by play of Obama’s shortcomings and deceit, at this point it’s pointless. Those who believed the most in him, who had the most invested in him are more disappointed and heartbroken then the rest of us who barely believed at all…. though they may not admit it…. and who can blame them, his actions have been that huge a contradiction from his promise. EVERYTHING, every objective undertaken by this administration is now viewed with suspicion, every goal viewed with distrust… considering all the promises of hope & change…. it’s all almost unbelievable…


 That is all for now. I am sure Mr. Gault will show back up now and then  – as well as many other places all over the Internet. One of his favorite pastimes is tearing apart Liberals on other websites using logic, facts, and common sense. Something those on the wrong side just can’t handle/

Take care all – 





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5 thoughts on “Ramblings from John Gault’s Homestead”

  1. Although your effort is sincerely appreciated Rourke, you clearly pulled a couple of posts from my facebook that I posted but didn’t write. I sent you an e-mail to check with me first on these but alas… I was to late. One can be attributed to Ol’ Remus & another to Fred Reed….. sorry for the mix-up.

    John Gault

  2. I’m a truck driver here in Georgia and see John Gault about 2 times a month, he turned me on to this site sense I’m starting to prep. We e-mail each other often arguing about politics. He’s Tea Party and I’m anything but. Here’s a resent exchange between us, kind of funny.

    From Gault- I’ll share a story. Some years ago a couple of adventurers traveled to Alaska as tourists with the hopes of experiencing a slice of true wilderness. The 2 young men rented a boat in Galena (a tiny hamlet sitting on the edge of the Yukon) and traveled down stream a few miles and went ashore at a beach like section in the shadow of Pilot Mountain. They exited the boat and entered the bush on what appeared to be a well traveled portage. The pair had hiked maybe 1 mile into the interior and were on a wooded trail when they came face to face with a large wolf traveling in the opposite direction on the very same trail. This was a rare and unexpected happening. Wolves are the ghosts of nature, they usually vanish long before man happens along.

    The hikers, unsure of what to do, first waved their arms in the air and whooped and yelled in an attempt to scare the wolf off. The wolf didn’t run away but instead showed signs of aggression, baring it’s teeth and growling at the hikers. The hikers quickly decided a retreat was their best option and they began to slowly backup. This too proved unsuccessful, for every step back the hikers took, the wolf now took 2 steps forward. With each step of the hikers retreat the wolf drew closer and the danger more ominous. The wolf now a mere 10 yards away and growing more aggressive the 2 now terrified hikers stopped, hoping to end the steady shrinking of distance between themselves and the wolf…. the wolf took 4 or so more steps forward and then stopped and glared at the 2 hikers with a piercing stare.

    The hikers, desperate to end the standoff peaceably could think of no way out. The wolf was to powerful and to fast, if they ran he would surely overtake them. The wolf has keen senses, it’s sense of smell and it’s hearing are among the best in the animal kingdom, it would easily track them down if they tried to hide. Negotiation was impossible. To please the wolf would mean giving up to much, possibly their lives, how could they ever willingly surrender that? As the wolf assumed a crouched position, tail down, shoulders up, hair bristling, it’s ears pinned back, it’s upper lip curled in a vicious snarl the hikers desperation to end this standoff peaceably gave way to the reality that this was now a matter of life and death.

    Now left with no other choice the 2 hikers searched the ground around them for anything they could use to defend themselves and drive the wolf away. One selected a thick section of branch that could be used to club the wolf, the other a long, strong, pointy stick they could use to jab the animal, a heavy rock that could be used to bash the wof in the head.

    Might I leave this story briefly for a question or 2. Do you see any parallels between us today (well…yes, just some of us) and the hikers then? What might the wolf be? An ever present and increasingly oppressive force, controlling, limiting, restrictive… what else could it be but Fedgov. Don’t many of us hold the same feelings that the hikers held, the fear, the trepidation, the helplessness, the regret over so stupidly walking ourselves into this. I bet if time had permitted… self loathing would have seeped in do to the hikers own foolish actions, but there was no time. Back to the story.

    The wolf coiled and sprang at the hiker on the right………………………

    My reply the next day- What happened to the story? How does it end?

    Gaults reply- The wolf got me, how it ends is up to you. Will you help me or run away?

    My rely- Maybe I’ll stand here and watch the wolf eat, haha

    Gaults reply- When he finishes with me he may still be hungery.

  3. I get the feeling D. Burke hasn’t had much experience in the woods. Just saying. No matter who wrote the sections of articles the message is still powerful.

    I agree bloggers and those who post are for the most part preaching to the choir. We know if you don’t see the writing on the wall by now you never will until it is too late (and some may not see it then trying to blame anyone but the one responsible-ourselves for letting it happen.

    I have tried to post the following in my replies on various sites hoping to get more people to be aware of the true danger facing us and motivate people into action. Please read and let me know if your findings match mine.

    The constitution set up a system of checks and balances to keep all three branches equal in power. Past presidents started using Executive Orders (EOs) to bypass congress and the safeguards set up to keep them from bypassing congressing.

    Many EOs have been on the books for decades. The only thing keeping presidents from becoming a dictator in all but name, have been their descent character. With everything happening today the fear of government take over is growing. The following are the EOs that are the most dangerous to our freedoms:

    10990, 10995, 10997,10998, 11000, 11002-11005, 11049, *11051*, *11490* 11310, 11615, 11921, 12148, 12656, *4074*

    The Eos that are * * are the most dangerous of the list. I am asking that any and all Americans who read this check this out for themselves. Tell me if I am wrong. If I am not, the please help pass the word so we can get these laws declared illegal, which they are. If the president declares an emergency before these are revoked, he will become a dictator and we will become a socialist nation. I ask as a fellow American to help me stop this. Thank you, let freedom ring.

  4. It’s my pen name Irish-7. Though the inspiration for it did come from Atlas Shrugged there is a John Galt over at http://johngaltfla.com/wordpress/. Changing the spelling seemed a reasonable way to avoid confusion since we both travel around the same areas of the net. And yes, you and I share much…

  5. Timeless wisdom from a great American, John Gault! I am confident that we share many of the same beliefs and allegiances. The first time I read his input on ModernSurvivalOnline, I assumed that was his real name. A few months later, while discussing one of his positions with my wife, she told me the “Who Is John Galt?” mystery from Atlas Shrugged. Then, I figured this was a pen name. I just noticed they spell their names differently, so I am back to the “real name” theory. Which is it?


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