Questions of redundancy…..

My wife and I used to have three cars until my 91 Ford Ranger P.O.S. bit the dust. Three cars for two working adults. It was not an uncommon event to ask me why was owned three cars. My answer was simple – “Just in case – you never know.” Now I am down to two and I feel nervous as it will be a serious pain if something happens to one of them. Oh well – will look for a cheap one.


It just kinda clicked this morning that cars are not the only thing I try to have at least two of. To keep this website going I have at least two computers. I have multiple chargers fr my cell phone. We have a spare set of keys for each car and of course the house.When it comes to preparedness the old saying – “One is none and two is one” just flat out makes sense. Redundancy is one of the most basic aspects of preparedness. 

Just something to keep in mind when looking at preps:

How many ways do you have to provide drinkable water?

How many ways to cook without electricity?

How many ways to communicate if phones go out?

How many ways to heat in the winter if the power goes out?

How many methods of transportation do you have?

Someone new to prepping would do well to look at their gas grill as their back up cooking source, but what if the propane runs out? How about a Deadwood Stove? How about a few extra propane tanks rather than the ONE that most people have?

Looking at all aspects of my preps I see deep redundancies in some areas – and improvements needed in others. I need more back up heating, and improvement in the “shelter” department. Firearms and back up cooking – check. Medical and first aid – not bad.

How about you? Any plans for improvement in the coming year?



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  1. LoL…Redundancy has always been a key in our planning, all be it hard at times because of expense. We are always looking to layer our preps and in 2014 we continue as best we can.
    This year the focus from a redundancy view point is as follows:
    – communications adding of Ham Radios
    – security is layering of monitoring sources
    – water additional treatment methods
    – community creation of working group
    Just a few of the many listed items we are looking at. To us prepping is a living/evolving process that always changes as needs arise.

    Stay Safe

  2. Buy a larger propane tank. But remember, too, that you have to buy an adapter hose kit to get from the big tank to connect to the stove or heater that use the smaller tanks. So, get a hose that can reach from outside – where your tank should be – to the inside where you will be.

    Remember, too, to have a way to ‘fix the tank to the wall’. You don’t want someone to knock it over, or a earthquake to bounce it around.

  3. Guns&ammo…no problem. I notice you didn’t include this as a catagory…I guess you know your readers!

    Comms…cells, internet, FRS/GMRS, VHF marine, CB, HAM, and worse case pony express.

    Transport…Cars, boat, ATVs, foot, and access to general aviation. I don’t have a plane but I am friends with some who do. And lets not forget fuel enough to get to and from were I want to go twice.

    Heating/cooking…wood, 1000lbs propane,

    Water… 7000 gallons

    Food…a year for two people, 6 months for my group (not counting what they provide).

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