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To all,

As you should know by now, the B.A.T.F. is in the process of outlawing the green tipped, metal core, 5.56mm round of ammo for civilian purchase.

Today, I attended a Gun Show here is southeast Louisiana.

To my surprise, I found only one dealer that had the green tipped 5.56mm rounds for sale. The price was $1.00 per round, with a minimum purchase of 420 rounds in an ammo can. The dealer refused to sell anything less than the 420 round ammo cans at $420.00. per ammo can.

This dealer told me that he only had 2,520 rounds, six ammo cans, left of the green tipped 5.56mm ammo. He stated that his supplier has told him that no more would be shipped because of the pending B.A.T.F. ban.

Can you still find 5.56mm, green tipped ammo in your area of the country?

Also, what prices are the dealers in your area asking for green tipped 5.56mm ammo?

The Coach



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  1. Coach –

    Here in South Carolina I found some at my local gun shop for $10.99 for a box of 20.

    Local Gander Mountain had tons of it – I mean TONS of it for around $70 for I believe 150 rounds.

    To be honest I could care less about having some in my ammo storage, rather it is the premise of the act.

    I have gotten in a lot of discussion with Progressives telling me that I am nuts for believing that the government – or especially Obama – wants to take guns out of our hands. I can’t argue too far as the gun control changes in the last 6 years has been pretty limited even with the mass shootings fueling the anti-gunners.

    Regardless I do believe that it is just a matter of time when restrictions on guns and ammo get worse and worse – so I put back more and more.

  2. LAX Ammunition is selling the green tipped on the website for $250.00 for 500 rounds. I just got their add via email today

  3. The left would remove from the civilian population every last firearm and amend the constitution, erasing any trace of the 2nd amendment… if only they could. They would gleefully leave us with barely a pointy stick with which to hunt or defend ourselves. Their one true motivation, hiding behind all the talking points and hand-wringing about “civilized societies” and “safety” is to -disarm the slaves-.

  4. If that’s the game they want to play, fine. Load an M855 every 5 or 6 rounds, and the rest with JSP for maximum expansion and damage. I don’t feel obliged to hew to some FMJ rule negotiated between this government and that when it comes to the shooting I do privately.

  5. I live in Los Angeles and know LAX. They started out many years ago as a n indoor Range and i visit annually. As far as greentips are concerned and other steel core ammo, you can’t shoot it here in Calif. anyway. Most if not all outdoor Ranges ban the stuff because of the fear of the Steel core making a spark, starting a brush fire. Range master always looking at ammo and testing with a magnet. So my ammo buildup is with none steelcore surplus.

  6. Locally, we have a store that is still has American Eagle 20 round boxes on sale for $7.54 per box.

    Not much of a run until Saturday, they still had plenty (as defined by the store) on hand.

    The “local” gun show didn’t really have any, as no dealers of commercial ammo were present (small show). The “commercial reloaader” that was there had some with him, 250 rounds for $100.

    Guess this part of Montana got it right after the last batch of “stuff” went South. Although 22 LR is still “spotty” in stores.

  7. Have not bought any. Already have levels where I am comfortable with on M855. I do plan on continuing on buying XM193 each time I stop by the gun store, no rush though!!!

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