Q&A with Rourke…..Part Two


Here are a few more questions that I frequently get asked. Figured I would share with everyone.

Here we go…….


  • What are you preparing for?

I am concerned about our economy. The shear mass of our national debt is almost beyond comprehension. I believe that it is factual to say that the debt clock will never, EVER turn backwards. This means that our debt will continue to grow until eventually government spending and taxes have grown to a point of no return. Although many believe we are already there – our current economic system continues to exist and for some – thrive. The US dollar will become devalued, those on the government dole will become a vastly larger majority, and inflation will increase exponentially. It’s going to get bad folks.


  • When will this economic collapse happen?

Unfortunately my crystal ball takes a rare battery type only found in regional outskirts of Transylvania – and I am fresh out. I have no idea. It may be 5 years, it may be 40 years. There could be events that accelerate forward – we’ll just have to wait and see.


  • Aren’t you concerned with OPSEC putting yourself out with this website?

 I should have been – but it is too late now.


  • Any chance of “A Survival Story” starting again?

That is a tough one. I really would like to but I just do nt have the time. For a span there I would write each night to be published the next day. For Part 1 it worked pretty well. However, Part 2 I felt like the quality really wasn’t there. I considered finding someone to take it over but nothing yet.


  • What do you do for a living?

I work at a polymer extrusion facility as a Production Manager.


  • Were you ever in the military?

One of my biggest regrets – no. I wish I had at least joined the National Guard when I was younger. I considered law enforcement but after having kids I gave up on that.


  • Do you have a favorite survival knife?

I have several. My all time favorite is the Gerber BMF Survival Knife. Not made anymore (wish it was) – I sold mine years ago. BMF supposedly stood for Basic Multi-Function. I was always told it stood for “Big MF’er”.

Gerber BMF

I also have a Gutmann Explorer II Survival Knife. This is a cool knife developed during the Rambo: First Blood craze. Hollow handle, serrations along the back, big blade – mean looking thing. Useful? Sure but the hollow handle certainly provides a weak point.

Gutmann Explorer II

Lastly – I have a Buck Hoodlum  – actually two of them. Great knife!


  • What is your favorite “apocalyptic” movie?

Oh – hard to pick just one. The TV series Jericho is certainly on the Top 5 list. Red Dawn – the original – certainly is there. The remake has grown on e as I have watched it 6-7 times.


  • Should I cash in my 401k/IRA to get supplies because “its” getting ready to hit the fan?

 The short answer is no. It is certainly a personal decision. I have stopped contributing to mine – for the time being – and moved those funds towards preps. We’ll have to see what happens as to whether or not I restart my contributions.

  • Do you have a favorite gun?

I love .22’s. My Ruger 10/22’s as well as the Smith &  Wesson M&P15-22 are fun to shoot.


  • How old are you?



  • Where do you live?

South Carolina


  • What is your opinion of the current administration in the White House?

It sucks.



  • What’s your opinion on alternative energy? Solar or generators?

Solar is great for charging batteries – and running minimal equipment for short periods of time (unless you have a HUGE, expensive system). Generators can power high-drain equipment such as fans and drills-and help keep a refrigerator cold through a long power outage. The question is often which one to choose. I choose both! I have a small solar system for charging a few deep cycle batteries as well as a large 5500 watt genny and a small 1000 watt generator. Short answer for what can b a complicated topic.

 Any more questions?

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  1. Hey Rourke,
    You’re a young guy, I’m 65, and actually quite sad you and the rest of us have to be concerned with all this. But we are so couple of questions for you –

    1. Have you converted paper dollars either held by you or in an account somewhere into anything tangible such as silver coins, etc ? Gold is obviously on a scary ride right now so not looking too good.

    2. Also being in SC, we fortunately live in a very conservative state. Not being too nosy, but will you “bug out” here or heading out of state ?

  2. All good answeres to the questions. Being on Social Security I put any extra money into my stockpiling. My knife of choice is a Robert Parrish wich is no longer made as I believe Robert passed on sometime back, it also has a hollow handle, but Soldier of Fortune magazine did an article sometime in the 80’s and found to seperate the handle from the blade would destroy the knife. At the time I ordered it I was in the Army Reserves that was part of Regean’s 200,000 first call units, after talking to Robert, he stated making the knife and had his wife make the left handed case I wanted, though not quarenting the case would be done at the same time as knife, my pleasant surprise on opening the package that both knife and case were there. Robert was a true Southern Gentleman. John

  3. I have yet to purchase a multi use knife ~ I get overwhelmed when I go into our survival supply store. I have a switch blade camping knife but know I should invest in actual good survival knife. Maybe I’ll ck em’ out again this wknd. (note small hands, palm to end of middle finger,less than 6in, palm 3 1/2) Do I need one that fits the palm of my hand? Smaller knife? or does that matter?

    • AniOre –

      Check out the Gerber Suspension multi-pliers. On Amazon check HERE. I love mine.

      When it comes to knives – there are a lot of things a big knife can do that a small knife can’t – but not too many things a small knife can that a big knife can’t. Just a thought.

      The muti-pliers can serve a lot of purposes but are not a replacement for a good knife – or twelve! 🙂

      Thanks – Rourke

  4. Appreciate the share of info, gives me an idea of ” the method behind the madness” !
    Does make me feel better, thank you.

  5. Well good to know that I am in good company. The wife and I with our fuzzy kids just moved from Pensacola,Florida to Columbia,SC actually just outside that for work. Definitely fill like it was a good move for us also on the prepping front.

    My favorite survival knife is the Buck Master. One serious knife.


    • dmnhunter –

      Check out Palmetto State Armory in Columbia. Nice place.

      Buckmaster – have not seen one of them in years.


  6. Oh! you brought up multi-pliers. I suffer with a multi-pliers fetish that is almost as controlling as my flashlight fetish. I’ve carried multi-pliers on my hip for the better part of the last 13 years. Being a machinist, I tend to be rather anal when it comes to things made of metal, a quality multi-plier is an easy thing to love. I’ve carried mostly Gerber, they have a well deserved reputation for quality. I don’t just carry them, I use them and wear them out. I am currently abusing an Appalachian Trail multi-tool and it’s a quality piece similar in style to a Ganzo (I suspect they are made by Ganzo) which I have heard are high quality pieces. My daughter just sent me a Leatherman Wingman, I’ve never been all that impressed with Leatherman multi-tools but these appear to be of exceptional quality and ruggedness…. they are now in my tactical vest till I get a Ganzo G202B in black, then they’ll go in my plate carrier. Don’t ever let a cheap multi-plier turn you off, a quality piece is one of the most useful tools you could have.

  7. Rourke, yeah have been by there for more 556. Still can’t find 22. Been spending time at sportsman warehouse also.

  8. Rourke, when I saw your job it reminded me of my college days. I was an undergrad research assistant on a project involving melt-blown polymer fibers used to make oil filters, breathing masks, wipes, etc. I think it was funded mostly by Exxon, but a lot of my grad school buddies went to work for Kimberly Clark, PPG, etc. doing polymer work.

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