Q&A with Rourke…..Part One

I get asked questions now and then via email, comments, as well as when I meet people in person. Figured I would throw share some of these with everyone and make a post out of it.

Here we go –

  •  Are you a Republican or Democrat?

I am an American…..period. I absolutely am a Conservative and would align myself with the beliefs and convictions of the Tea Party. I believe in small government, States Rights, and allowing me and my fellow American’s to make decisions for ourselves – even if those decisions are wrong! If I want a 32 ounce soda full of sugar – so be it. If I want to go buy 4000 rounds of 5.56mm – that is my business. I also believe in Truth. Many believe that Truth is just a matter of perspective. Well – I believe my perspective is Right – just as much as those with the opposite opinion as I believe theirs is right. Guess what? Their wrong.  🙂


  • Why do you advertise on your website?

Initially I sought advertising to help pay the hosting fee’s as well as other services I use to maintain the site. After several months of posing daily and the sites popularity grew – I started getting contacted by potential advertisers and like any other red-blooded capitalist – I welcomed  the opportunity to make a little side money for my efforts.


  • What is your favorite gun?

I have several Ruger 10/22’s in different configurations. Those are some of my favorite guns to shoot. My Smith and Wesson M&P15-22 .22LR carbine is also one of my favorites. It is extremely accurate and reliable. Very fun to shoot. My M&P9 9mm pistol – I feel very comfortable shooting it. So – no single gun is my favorite – I have several.


  • Why do you do Guest Post Contests?

I consider myself an expert at nothing. I know a little about a lot. I also have a life outside of MSO and need a break once in a awhile. Guest Post Contests allow readers to share their thoughts, opinions, knowledge and expertise with other readers. That benefits everyone – including me. Hey – folks also get a chance to win some cool stuff as well.


  • Do you have any hobbies?

 Probably by biggest hobby is related to creating and maintaining websites – such as ModernSurvivalOnline. Preparedness is of course a major activity in my life. I love watching movies and getting into TV shows – especially on Netflix. I am currently watching old episodes of Nikita. I have been involved in martial arts in one form or another for years. For the last 9 years – Filipino Stickfighting has been a weekly activity for me.


  • What are the most important components to have in a survival kit?

This is one of those questions that everyone wants an answer that is just overwhelming brilliant. Sorry to disappoint. y answer can really depend on the definition of what the person asking the questions defines a “survival kit”. With that in mind – food, water, method for self defense, and shelter are certainly important. This might be a few energy bars or several MRE’s. It depends. This might entail a couple of bottles of spring water or a canteen – as well as a LifeStraw Water Filter. It depends. For self-defense there may be a knife, a pistol, or possibly a long gun. It depends. Shelter may be a tarp and some rope, a small pup tent, or maybe just a military poncho. Yup – it depends.


Part Two coming soon. Any questions you would like me to answer?

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