Putting back some extra fuel……

I recently stored away some extra gas…..just in case (as usual). I choose to use several 5 gallon and 2 gallon plastic gas containers. I know, I know…..use metal. Well – I didn’t have the money to order Jerry cans online and I will rotate my fuel every 6 months or so.

I have seen testimonies that gasoline will last for a year or more no problem in a plastic can. I have also heard he opposite. Since I need to be able to depend on this fuel to use in my vehicles as well as my generator – I decided to treat it.

There are a couple of well known fuel stabilizers on the market – and I chose to treat my stored fuel with PRI-G.


The use of PRI-G fuel gas treatment allows gas to be stored for many months – even indefinitely if re-treated periodically. From the research performed PRI-G can be used on regular fill-ups as a gas treatment to prevent carbon build up and fouling as well.  Just one 16 ounce bottle can treat up to 256 gallons.

For diesel owners – there is also a PRI-D for you.

Important: Store fuel away from your residence. You just never know what will happen so I keep my fuel cans in my shed – which is at least 60 feet from my home.

For more information visit http://www.priproducts.com/preparedness.cfm.


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15 thoughts on “Putting back some extra fuel……”

  1. I too have gone six months in plastic without loss in usability or additives. This is an interesting post though; I’ve been thinking of boosting my gasoline backups and I’ll try this stuff out.

  2. I too store lots of fuel. Rotate it every 6 months and it seems to burn just fine without any additives. Use plastic as the metal cans are cost prohibitive. Texas A&M have developed an alternative dehydrated gasoline that stores well. You pour 128 ozs of gasoline into a 1 gallon container, wait 30 minutes, and voila, a full gallon of gas!

  3. I normally go 6 months without stabilizer and 2 years WITH stabilizer without any side effects I’ve noticed. The biggest thing to watch out for especially with the new CARB compliant fuel cans is that they don’t seal as well as the traditional Blitz plastic cans. I also use a device called a Mr. funnel. http://www.mrfunnel.com/Mr._Funnel/Home.html. It separates any water or debris from a fuel can. This device does not remove the ethanol from fuel. I also keep on hand several cans of octane boost in case the fuel is older than 2 years & needs a ‘boost’.

  4. I have used Sta-bil brand of fuel stabilizer with positive success. I don’t see why Scott would have any problems with it. Like the other brand mentioned, it treats a large quantity of gas. I believe it also will work with other fuels. There is no problem with using “too much” for times such as adding it to a fuel tank on something like a generator. Just remember to run the engine for a few mintes after adding to make sure that the treated fuel has replaced the untreated fuel in the carburetor.

  5. I have used two year old fuel treated with Stabil out of plastic Blitz cans with no problems noted in two 2006 Chevy vehicles. Am I missing something about plastic cans? I don’t like the idea of metal cans corroding over time.

  6. I suggest that if you store fuel, then also store black-fuel-hose and a syphon. Those gas jugs are heavy when full – especially for us of the more delicate sex or those with injuries. Trying to lift the tank into position to transfer fuel is uncomfortable and you don’t want to risk spilling a drop of this valueable commodity. Hubby got me a 6′ length of hose with a black squeeze ball – like the ones they use on boat motors. That way I can put the 5-gal gas jug on the ground, put one end of the hose into the jug and the other end into the transferring tank. Just squeeze the ball a few times to start a syphon. If you don’t need the whole 5 gallons, just pinch off the fuel hose to stop the syphin. Works great. No strong muscles required.

  7. I have kept 70-100 gallons of gasoline in my barn building for last 3 years and have no problem w/combustion when I utilize it in my 3 riding lawn mowers.Ialso use sta-bil fuel conditioner.The gasoline has always been in wal-mart plastic 5-6 gallon containers.I will randomly at summer test a jug in mowers and my pickup.Just make sure you keep air circulation and you won’t have a problem (dampness is what destroys it’s combustion .

  8. I have race cars and have had performance boats that sometimes sit for months. I use Sta-bil. Also regarding storage, look into marine fuel tanks, come in various sizes (I have a couple 12 gal) usually have a gage, vent, and fuel line outlet and easily stored. Pegasis (a racer supply house) also has heavy duty 5 gal jugs (designed with safe handling in mind) with large mouth openings, caps and spouts. You also may want to pick up a cheap after market Jeep electric fuel pump, rig it with fuel lines and large alligator clips to transfer fuel by 12V battery. I’ve had to do it many times with my boats, makes dealing with the problem easy. Regards, D.

  9. Scott, We have used Sta bil for years and havent been disapointed.Arlene
    PSHere in NYS we are FURIOUS about the NYS gun laws and Obamas
    plan. Lets all be heard -and fight this in every state while we can.

  10. I use sta-bil to store premeium as it doe’s not contain the dreaded ethanol. I rotate it every month, I put the stored fuel in our car and refill the cans. I have stored diesel up to two years with sta-bil for diesel and had zero problems.

  11. Use coleman white gas for long term gas storage 729 at wally world already in the can.10 gallons for 10 years shelf life under 75$ .for more mid term storage use premium gas with no alcohol stabilised. Gas without any alcohol is sold around a lot of lakes or river boating areas

  12. We utilize a tri-fuel 10k, 50amp generator (utilizes gasoline, LP, and natural gas.) We store over 3,000lbs of propane underground. No more need to worry about gasoline stability.


    I know there are some negative reviews… But we have had ours for over a year, used it for 2 extended power outages during hurricanes.. Have never had the first bit of issue with it. Starts right up (make sure you keep the battery on a trickle charger.) Keep it full of gas (8 gallon capacity) and run it intentionally every 3 months to run the gas out so it never goes bad. The gas is just our first line of defense. When the gasoline ran out during the power outage, just shut off the gasoline supply switch, open the propane tank valve, push the propane primer button for 3 seconds, then hit the starter. Works EXACTLY as described. VERY pleased with this purchase.
    BTW… tho not labled as such.. the power plant IS a Honda engine.

  13. Kim, PRI-G will allow you to keep the fuel for much longer than that – you just need to treat it annually and it will remain fresh and usable for many years.


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