Project: 10/22 Tactical Part 2

Ready for installation

A small update on my latest Ruger 10/22 project. I have decided and acquired my selected stock – a Choate pistol grip polymer stock.

Ready for installation

I chose the Choate for a few reasons. I am familiar with it as I have a very similar stock on my M1 Carbine. It is extremely lightweight and very durable. The ergonomics are good. The one-piece design lends itself to fewer failures compared to some of the more complex folding types.

There are a few other accessories which I plan to get to complete this project. I think once I am done this will make a great tactical trainer.

For more information on the stock – visit






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  1. I just bought the same one as this but I opted for the collapsable stock insted of the solid as it will work better for my daughter
    Robert W

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