PRI-G Fuel treatment giveaway………

PRI-G_medGreat response to my Putting Back Some Extra Fuel post. I have a couple of bottles of the  PRI-G (gasoline) as well as PRI-D (diesel).


Figured I would pass them on to someone who could use them.


Interested? Well – just leave a comment and tell me whether you would want the gasoline version or diesel  Comment on what? Whatever you want.


I will accept comments for a couple days, then use a random number generator to choose the winners.


Thanks – Rourke


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33 thoughts on “PRI-G Fuel treatment giveaway………”

  1. Having a wife that is a handicap due to a accident with a horse and has left her in a wheel chair, I’m the one that has to take care of the generator when the power goes out and the “gas” saver would come in real handy here in Pa. where at times it can get bitter cold like now, it is only 11 degrees and wind chill is about -15, back in “93, it went down to -30 and power went out for four days, that is when I switched over to a generator and have power at all times, but the gas saver would keep the gen. from gumming up, thank you

  2. Thank you for standing strong and being the voice of reason. Best wishes. Please enter me for the gasoline version.

  3. I have learned much from your blog and enjoy coming here each day. Thanks.

    I could really use some Pri-G for gasoline if my number comes up. 🙂

  4. First off, your site is a wealth of information. I spread the news to those in my family that aren’t even on the fence, as well as those still on it.
    We are planning for different events. However, should an EMP happen, we have a ’69 Chevy gas guzzler. It was my Great Grandmothers. Now ours. Runs nice and fits many a person, or items needed. However, with the older vehicles, things like this definitely help out in keeping it running.
    Note: Should I not be picked, may I put in a choice for someone? That would be Mr. Reidthaler, mainly because of his location, secondly his situation.
    However, I also note that on here, no one can tell if the truth is being told. No disrespect intended toward Mr. Reidthaler.

  5. I get enough gas from Washington DC, I’ll take diesel.
    Thanks for your steadfast dedication to freedom and liberty

    • Green+Eyed,

      Thanks – as far as A Survival Story – not sure what I am going to do with that. Time is still a BIG issue. Honestly – I had about the same 6 people visiting and reading every day. I have to decide if it is worth it and if I can pull in more readers.


  6. I look forward to your newsletter, but miss your fiction! I would like a gasoline Pri-G. Looking for it locally as well.

  7. This stuff is Great ,Have been using it for several years to preserve gasoline for fuel sources such as Generators and the like. Try to keep at least 100 gallons fresh for ,ice storms, hurricanes, and nuts that knock down poles that care electrical power. I am on a well, for water so it’s a great relief to know I gave at least several weeks of fuel available. Case in point was Hurricane Hugo, where we sat without power for 13 days.

  8. I could really use the diesel. I am currently trying to store somw for our old truck that will be hauling us and our gear when the changes happen

  9. I would take either if I were chosen. Beggers can’t be choosers……lol. Anyway, great site and keep up the great work. I have only been following for a couple of months now but I am sure glad I found this through Backdoor Survival’s blog.

  10. I have used PRI-G for the last 2-3 years, and am pleased with the product. So yes, I hope that I get the lucky number for the bottle of PRI-G. Thanks Rourke!

  11. OK, I’ll bite, first -“random number generator to choose the winners.” COME ON! Stop shaving your BALLS and pick the winners yourself….. candy ass… geez. To me it’s -Don Riedthaler- and -KDS9601- but I don’t have a vote…… and clearly neither do you! ….. I just had to chase a pack of coyotes out of the yard! Chased them down to the shooting range but never got a shot off! Did you hear? Fedgov is now going to tackle “CLIMATE CHANGE”….. this should be good…. and costly….. If they fix “global warming” like they fix anything else they attempt it won’t be long before the Earth is nothing but a smoldering, charred ash heap. Of course that will be after our own blood has boiled away and whats left of us has evaporated into a puff of steam……. so….. hows your day going?

  12. Mr. Rouke,
    I just got 4 great metal 5 gallon gas cans and I have been looking all over locally for some PRI-G. Maybe I could get a bottle of yours!

    Love the site – keep up the great work.


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