Preppers on TV?

I was recently contacted by a TV producer asking if I would be interested in being featured on a preparedness-related TV show. Not for me but figured I would pass it on.


 – Rourke



Raw TV, the makers of the hit Discovery show Gold Rush, are searching for individuals to take part in an exciting new project.


Do you think you embody the spirit of the American pioneer? Are you fed up with the world you live in today and envisage another – better – way to live? Could you see yourself creating and leading a new community, outside the borders of society, built with the frontier grit of your forefathers? If you are passionate about your beliefs and want to share them, not only with those who join you, but also with a TV audience, I would love to talk to you.


Whether this sounds like something you are planning immediately or is a long term dream, please email your contact details and a brief description of your plans to [email protected]

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5 thoughts on “Preppers on TV?”

  1. The real problem with participating in a show like this will be how they portray you and your family. The NatGeo Doomsday Preppers made almost all of those people look like Loons despite the persons best intensions. Without having a say in the editing I would almost guarantee a very poor representation of you and your activities. Then your boss, family and friends will see you on tv making a complete @ss of yourself. I wonder how many folks who went on a show wish they didn’t – I bet most regret it.

  2. If you are true and real then you wouldnt do this anyway as it would break one of the main rules.Many of those 5 minute famers broke the rule and have paid for it.
    I dont blame just the producers fpr mking the lasy batches of folks look bad though there was some of that as they forced several into positions but again you broke OPSEC rules so you had it coming.
    I blame the so called “preppers”. Some way overestimated their abilities to even know what side of a backpack faced you, some outweighed the limits of norm and knew nothing about tactics, some were fooling themselves about their locations not wanting to give up the comforts, many were so new to the lifestyle that they didnt even know it was one and I can go on and on.
    It boils down to people who are not qualified to teach or preach but are out there anyway and those that are will be forced into situations.
    I’d rather not watch a show than watch what I have so far.

  3. Why would you go on TV and show everyone what you have done to prep and what your plans would be if the SHTF. It would just be another reason for big brother and the locals to come and lock you up.

  4. There is no way I would allow television to show what I have or have not done, much less talk about what my plans are. I wouldn’t put my family or fellow preppers in that much danger. I’ll keep my plans and fellow preppers plans quiet.

  5. In defense of the TV representation, the primary purpose of any program is either to entertain or inform & in so doing sell advertising & make money. In doing so it has the abilty to reach an untold number of the population. How any individual presents themselves is ultimately their own personal resposibility. Though I certainly respect anyone who would elect to remain unexposed I must congratulate & thank all those who risked. Were it not for their participation I would never have been informed, driven to go online & discover this web site, have had the ability to learn, evolve, prepare, adopt & implement an entire new way of life that has proven to be more economical & healthy with added benefit of security regardless of the simplicity. Everyone is not an extreme Prepper. But for all you untold that are, you will be the ones that hopefully lead & defend & from my 65 year old SWF vantage point if the SHTF I guarentee that you will be ever so grateful for all the modestly prepared individulas out there that will be out of you way while you go about the extreme business of saving the world & putting it back together.


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