Prepper Seminar in Edgefield, SC May 28th

Hello all –

I am pleased to announce that another Survival & Preparedness Seminar is being hosted by EastCoastPatriot (check out his YouTube Channel HERE). I am also honored that I have been asked to be a speaker.


Here is the message from EastCoastPatriot on YouTube about the seminar:

“Hey Youtube . if you are not busy please come May 28th to Edgefield Tech College from 12:30 to 4:30 in Edgefield¬†South¬†Carolina. We will have great guest speakers there, Southernprepper1,themimechef,Rourke from and maybe Sootch00. There is a cost to get in and that is a donation of at least one food or clothing item to be given to those victims that have been devastated from the recent storm. also we have a door prize that will be raffled off….a slightly used S&W 9mm with a holster and 100 rounds of ammo. THIS FIREARM WILL NOT BE ON SCHOOL GROUNDS. The cost of the ticket is $5 with a maximum of two tickets. All proceeds will go to help the victims of the recent storm. I ALSO WILL BE GIVING THIS OUT PERSONALLY AND IT WILL BE FILMED SO YOU CAN BE 100% SURE THAT YOUR GIVINGS WILL GO TO HELP THOSE IN NEED. Contact me and let me know you are coming. please dont miss this event and the chance to network! Efoodsglobal and rytaconline will be set up as vendors !”

Edgefield Technical college
506 main street
edgefield sc 29824

Looks like it will be a great event.

Hope to see you there.


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  1. Nice, congrats. Thats cool you will be a speaker there. I wish I could come but being out here in the west maes it a bit expensive to come out there. Good luck and keep us updated on how it all goes.

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