Prepper Product of the Week: Gerber Warrant Knife

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Gerber Warrant Knife


Less than $30.00!!!




Product Features

  • Machined aluminum handle, lightweight, all black for discreet use
  • Partially serrated tanto point tacticle blade
  • Digital camo sheath, snap sheath closure with elastic pommel retention
  • Blade length 4.5 inches, overall length 9.5 inches and weight 5.4 ounces
  • Blade steel 7CR17MoV stainless steel, rockwall hardness 58-60



The Gerber Warrant – Tanto, Black Blade & Handle, Camo Nylon Sheath is kight, thin and a digital camo sheath – the Warrant is ready for action. It features Machined Aluminum Handle – Lightweight, Partially Serrated Tanto Point Tactical Blade, Snap Sheath Closure – With elastic pommel retention, and All Black – For discreet use 




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  1. I kind of want one of these knives. Problem is, right now I have more knives than people to carry them (within my immediate family, anyway). I don’t know how I got on their mailing list, but I am highly grateful that I did. Kennesaw Cutlery / CH Kadels / BUDK have GREAT deals on all kinds of knives, machetes, axes, military surplus and survival gear. I had to spend at least a grand there (internet shopping) since last Christmas. Lately, my fixation has been with “full tang”, fixed blade knives. After watching multiple survival shows: Man Vs Wild, Dual Survival, Man/Woman Wild, Survivalman, etc, they ALL use their fixed blades as hatchets. They hold the knife over the log/tree/whatever, then pound the handle with another log/branch/rock. This has me thinking that many of the blades that I bought will split at the handle.

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