Prepper Press new book releases

ModernSurvivalOnline sponsor Prepper Press has recently released a couple of new books. They continue to amaze me with their growing list of quality publications  including the following:



Brushfire Plague: Reckoning  

bpThis book begins as the Brushfire Plague that has crippled the globe slowly loses its lethality, only to be replaced by the harsh reality of its origin and what this will mean for civilization.

Driven by his obligation to honesty at all costs, Cooper Adams has made himself a wanted man by exposing the truth he has learned about the plague. After being rejected by those who once viewed Cooper as a hero, he is forced to go on the run with his 11-year old son and his few remaining allies. As he tries to escape to the safety of his friend’s rural hideout, Cooper is faced with the challenge of doing what it takes to survive, while trying to preserve his son’s slowly disappearing childhood innocence.  

                The Oregon that Cooper witnesses along this journey only resembles fragments of the state he calls home. Death and despair are unavoidable and lawlessness is slowly taking over. When he reaches his final destination where he can go into hiding and protect his son while digging more deeply into the truth behind the Plague, Cooper finds himself in the middle of a town’s political and social battle for dominance. When his son is taken as a hostage by a power-hungry local, a guilt-ridden Cooper must use his increasing bravery and leadership skills to gain the trust and support of doubtful residents in order to save him.


“Indivisible”, by Troy Grice  

new-bookFollows the lives of a soldier, a diplomat, a sheriff, and a father during an economic collapse and civil war in contemporary America. 
The book opens with Maiden Lane, an assistant Treasury secretary, being rebuffed and humiliated by officials from the Bank of China. She returns home to discover that the government, fearing an imminent run on the dollar, is preparing for economic and civil chaos. From there, the setting has the country spiraling out of control with hyperinflation, mass shortages and nationwide riots.
Grice’s collapse scenario is detailed and very believable as he takes the reader into the abyss. His characters are gritty, deeply flawed, occasionally psychotic, but never boring. Grice’s characters find themselves in a constant struggle to obtain gasoline and food, and to steer clear of the horrific violence sweeping over the nation. “Indivisible” contains no romanticized portrayals and no allusions to a collapse being anything other than a total disaster.

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