Prepper Footwear

Prepper Footwear: The Definitive Guide

by LM


When it comes to survival, it all comes down to your footwear. Great footwear allows you to move at speed, and with ease, over rough terrain. It protects your feet against damage. It keeps them warm and dry. And it sometimes has the capacity to protect us against other, more dangerous threats, such as when we’re under attack or when we encounter dangerous chemical agents. Put simply, footwear is a prepper’s best friend. But how do we know what kind of footwear is right for us?

Choosing the Right Footwear

Your choice of footwear should be dependent upon three factors.

  • The environment in which you live.
  • The disaster scenario you are expecting will occur.
  • Your activity levels and anticipated movements.

By taking all three of these points into account, you will be able to more accurately determine what kind of footwear would best serve your needs.

For example, if you live in a mountainous area, are quite active, and expect to encounter hostile human agents when the SHTF, you should opt for footwear which is light, tough, durable and has both ankle protection and steel toecaps.

Finding Footwear to Suit Your Needs

There are many different types of footwear available which can be safely and effectively utilised by preppers after the SHTF. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, a good place to start is with a military surplus company like Nightgear. Military boots are usually designed to deal with any number of extreme situations, and to stand up in the face of both harsh weather conditions and combat scenarios.

Looking After Your Prepper Footwear

When disaster strikes, the last thing you want to find is that your footwear isn’t up to the challenge of seeing you safely out of danger. Therefore, it’s incredibly important that you take good care of your footwear before the SHTF. This means knowing the right way to clean, care for and store your footwear, as well as the proper way to break in a pair of stiff boots.

Breaking in your footwear should always be done before a disaster scenario occurs. This is because blisters can be incapacitating, and if they get infected they can pose a serious threat to your health. So always break in your footwear, and make sure that everyone else in your prepper team does the same. After all, you’re only as strong as your weakest member.

Give Yourself Options

As a prepper, it’s crucial to be prepared for any type of situation. So, as with all of your other prepping activities, when purchasing footwear it’s a good idea to give yourself more than one option. This will allow you to adapt your footwear to suit your needs at any given time. Keep a pair in your trunk, at least two in the house, and make sure you have always have a pair close to hand – just in case.

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4 thoughts on “Prepper Footwear”

  1. A Cobbler who I have known since we were kids gave me some advice.

    He suggested/insisted I buy two of any pair of shoes/boots I liked at minimum.

    He explained Shoe/Boot companies change designs and a lot of money is spent/wasted on buying shoes and boots that don’t work out. Following his advice provides economy and Prepper values combined.

    The suggestion that your selection should be based upon the terrain and environment is of course wise. Take in consideration your possible destinations and objectives as well.


    For all our footwear. breaking them in now “might” help us avoid unwanted problems.

    Just for grins I added a few pairs of lightweight Rafting Shoes to my collection.


    In the house before TEOTWAWKI.. Home invasions, Fires etc happen.. Those Fuzzy Bunny Slippers? definitely a fashion faux pas…

    Thou some fella did bring a burglar into custody recently at Shotgun point. The Police arrived to find the Home owner Shotgun in hand standing Stark Naked on the front lawn covering the bad guy. Something to consider when putting together your evening ensemble.

    Our feet need air and care… off with the boots and socks walking around barefoot ahh…or Ow Ow Ow!!! your choice..

    While some Studs might look forward to doing the “Die Hard” walk across glass in their bare feet..

    I’ll pass.. so I keep a pair of light weight River Rafting Shoes in my Ruck. Actually wear a pair around the house.

    Consider adding a pair of medium weight overalls to your BOB.

    On the Rafting Shoes…depending upon your environment consider sleeping in them..

    Waking up in the dark to the sound of a couple of armed fellows who are not your friends within 30 feet moving in on your position… Bare feet are not a happy addition to that party.

    As always “One is none and two is one”.

    Lots of Lucks.


  2. One of the problems these days with shoes is the soles. They are just not wearing as they used to. By the time they are three years old the soles just start to fall apart regardless of how much wear they have had. It used to be that a well kept pair of shoes could last ten years with good polishing and moderate wear. I’ve bought shoes and boots that must have been a year or so old by the time I got them as within months the soles disintegrated with limited wear. This is a real problem here where months of high summer heat is hard on synthetic rubber anyway.

  3. ” synthetic rubber “, That is the Problem right there ! Harriet !

    Try looking into Tactical Boots or Rock Clibming Boots as both have actual hard rubber soles not that synthetic rubber Garbage that you find on Sneakers or your typical High heels !

    The Longest Lasting soles I ever had were on a pair of Buckel on Sandels that looked like Burkenstocks they had soles made out of old recycled tire rubber they were going strong as the Leather of the sandels pulled away from the tread of the sole. & if I had any sence back then I would’ve saved them & found a Cobbler to rework them into a new pair of boots or shoes because the replica’s sold now a days aren’t like they were back in the 80’s.
    & the pair I had were made from what appeared to be Nobbie Motocross tire tread.

    But if synthetic rubber is all you can afford to buy then do your homework carefully before buying shoes, You want what is going to last the longest, For the cheapest $$$$ ! check into Big-5 sporting goods or even as they deal with low cost @ Med. Quiality too High Co$t @ Excellent Quiality & all for Security & Tactical Law Enforcement at resonible prices. I’ve bought all my boots from Quater Master Uniform supply over the last 25 yrs. & have only taken 1 pair back for an Exchange under their life time Warranty !

    Enough Said on this matter !


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